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Fallin' For You!

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Title- Fallin' for you!


Any warnings?-Nope!


Main Characters- Sasha,Ruby,Casey and Xav! (Mainly Casey and Sasha)

Type of story- S/M Fic (two shots!)

Spoilers - No spoilers.

Summary- What happens when two people fall for each other and try to keep it a secret? Well, you're about to find out!

The title of this Fanfic comes from the song Fallin for you by Colbie Caillat! Which you can listen to

Ruby and Sasha were walking up the street laughing.

“That would so not happen!” Ruby says between a fit of giggles. Sasha nodded her as she laughs harder. Sasha places her hand over her eyes; the sun was pretty much blinding her.

“I can totally see Xav in a dress!” Ruby cracks up even more. Sasha quickly stops laughing as they go past the Braxtons place. In the front yard were a shirtless Casey Braxton and a shirtless Xavier Palmer. They were kicking a football too each other. Casey stopped and stared at the two girls walking past. Xavier kicked the football to Casey, Casey was still staring at the two girls and the wasn’t focusing on the footy. The ball came flying towards Casey and hit him in the head. Casey starts rubbing his head.

“Ow!” Casey yells at Xav. Xav was trying really hard not to laugh but he failed! Ruby smiles at Sasha as she realises that Casey’s front gate is opened, so Ruby pushes Sasha through the gate and towards Casey. Sasha turns around and glares at Ruby, who just pokes her tongue out.

“Are you alright Case?” Sasha asks, slightly laughing. Casey nods his sore head.

“Yeah! Nothing an ice pack can’t fix!” Casey says smiling. Casey and Sasha’s eyes stay on each other for felt like five minutes when it was really only five seconds.

“Well, um… We’ve gotta go! So, see ya around!” Sasha walks out of the gate and stands next to Ruby.

“Hey! We were just about to head of the beach, do you guys wanna come?” Ruby asks as she twirls her curly hair around her index finger. Xav looks over at Casey who doesn’t say anything.

“Yeah! We’d love too!” Ruby nods and takes Sasha’s hand and walks with her up the street. When Xav saw that the girls were far away he turned to Casey and said.

“You are absolutely gutless!”


When the girls got to Ruby’s house and were safely in Ruby’s bedroom where Charlie couldn’t hear Ruby shakes her head disappointedly at Sasha.

“What?” Sasha asks pretending she doesn’t know why Ruby is disappointed.

“Sweetheart! Casey is so into you!” Sasha shakes her head disbelievingly. Sasha has had a huge crush on Casey ever since Casey stuck for her when a bunch of the river boys were coming on to her.

“Why do you think he got hit in the head? He was staring at you, that’s why!” Sasha stills shakes her head.

“He might have been staring at me because of how ugly I am!” Sasha suggests. Ruby laughs.

“You are stupid Sasha Bezmel!” Sasha raises her eyebrows.

“I’m the stupid one! You’re the one who invited two boys to the beach when your best friend forgot to bring her one piece.” Sasha says pointedly.

“Never fear! You look like you would fit into one of my old bikinis, let me go get one.” Ruby runs out of the bedroom making a very loud noise as she does so. Sasha sighs to her herself. Why does her best friend have to be a complete nutter! Ruby returns to the bedroom with an arm full of colourful bikinis.

“Which one?” She asks Sasha as she lays them all out on the bed for Sasha too see. Sasha points to one with bright pink love hearts all over it.

“Nice choice Miss Bezmel!” Ruby chucks Sasha the bikini.

“Thanks Rubes!” Sasha leaves the room and heads for the bathroom to get changed.


Xav watches as his usually calm friend paces back forth across the yard. Xav chuckles to himself.

“Case, it’s gonna go fine! Trust me.” Casey stops pacing and glares and Xav.

“Why do you have to say yes?” Casey moans. Xav shakes his head as he laughs.

“It more than what you said to her.” Casey rolls his eyes.

“Took you girls long enough.” Sasha smiles, Casey looks down at the ground because he knows that if he looks up then he would be tongue tied and wouldn’t even be able to say hello.

“Ruby was making sure her hair looked good enough for you.” Sasha says jokingly. Ruby laughs.

“Come on lets go.” Xav says, taking charge of the situation. Xav and Ruby make sure that Sasha and Casey are walking next to each other.

Casey looks up and sees that Sasha is wearing a bikini; Casey quickly looks straight ahead and hopes that Sasha didn’t catch him looking.

“I didn’t know you owned a bikini?” Casey stupidly asks.

“I don’t. This is Ruby’s. I didn’t know you payed so much attention to what bathers I wear?” Casey started mentally kicking himself. What a stupid question!

“No need to be so cold Sash.” Ruby tells Sasha. Sasha rolls her eyes.

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Thanks so much guys! I'm really surprised at how popular this is!

Here is the last part! I hope you guys like it as much as you liked the first part!

The four friends keep walking until they get to the beach. When they get there Xav and Ruby decide to go for a swim, leaving Casey with Sasha. Damn him! Casey thought bitterly.

“So, Case, do you like anybody?” Sasha asks Casey. Do I tell her? Nah! Casey thought.

“Nope! Do you?” Casey says instantly feeling nervous about what her answer will be.

“Maybe I do Maybe I don’t” Sasha says playfully. Casey roles his eyes. When Sasha says stuff like that it reminds Casey why he is so in love with her! In Casey’s opinion Sasha is flawless. Casey suddenly finds himself staring at Sasha.

“Take a picture it will last longer!” Sasha says poking her tongue out. Casey rolls his eyes and looks towards Ruby and Xav who are coming out of the water.

“I’m in the mood for some ice cream!” Ruby announces to the group.

“Is anybody else?” Ruby asks. Three hands shoot up.

“Yep!” All three say at once.

“Great! Sash wanna come with me?” Sasha stands up brushing the sand of her legs and back.

“Yep!” Sasha answers. Casey stares up at her with admiration. How could someone be so perfect? Casey asked himself. The two girls walked off towards the store money in hand to buy the ice creams.

“Never leave me alone with Sasha again!” Casey yells at his friend who just laughs.

“I was helping you! So calm down mate!” Casey glares at Xav.

“I don’t need your help!”


Sasha and Ruby walk back from the store with four ice creams. Sasha plans on giving Casey his.

“Ruby, do you think I should tell Casey?” Ruby stops dead.

“YES!” Ruby yells as she gives Sasha a small shove. Sasha laughs.

“I guess you want me too then…” Ruby nods her head. Ruby and Sasha walk the rest of the way in silence. When they get to the spot Sasha drops both of the ice creams that she was in charge of onto the ground as she reads what Casey wrote on the ground.

He wrote ‘CB <3 SB’ Sasha smiles a little bit.

“Well that’s a relief!” Sasha says as she runs up to Casey and throws her arms around him.

“SB loves CB too!” Sasha says with a smile. Casey lifts Sasha off the ground and starts running towards the water. When he finally gets there he chucks Sasha into the water.

“Casey! You are dead!” Sasha runs after Casey who leaves the water.

“Who wants a hug?” Sasha asks as she runs towards Casey.

“Come here!” Casey pulls Sasha in for a hug. Surprising Sasha. Then they shared their very first kiss.


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