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A Big Mistake!

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Title-A Big Mistake!

Type of story-One-shot.

Characters-Heath,April,Casey and Bianca



Any Warnings:No!

Any spoilers?-it's set after the episode 5435.

Summary-When two people spend the night together there is big consequences that should bring them closer....But something else happens instead!

April watched in disgust as Heath leaves her bedroom through the window.She just wasted a whole night that could of been spent studying with him.April got dressed and headed for the kitchen.

"What was that noise coming from your room?" April froze. How was she supposed to explain what had happened last night.

"I didn't hear any noise!" April hated lying but it had to be done!

"I must be hearing things then!" April smiled at Irene. She hoped for the best that Heath didn't bother her again.

3 Weeks Later!

April felt sick as she knocked on the Braxton's door. She hated herself she had made the biggest mistake ever!

"Hello"Casey Braxton answered the door. April smiled politely.

"Hi! Can I please speak to Heath?" Casey sighed.

"HEATH!" Heath walked up to Casey.

"What you pain in the butt?" Heath sees and frowns."Why are you here?"

"Case I need to talk to Heath in private" Casey nods and leaves."Come out here!"


"I'm pregnant..."

Heath felt sick! It was a one night thing! Which has turned out horrible!

"Are kidding me?" April shakes her head.

"Nope!I'm not!I wish I was! But I'm not!"

"When is your first ultra sound?"

"Tomorrow..."Heath nods.

"Right! I'll pick you up at 2!" Heath walks back into his house to see a smiling Casey."What?"

"I heard everything!"


"You better treat her right! Because some other people like myself actually like her!" Heath looks back at the door he could just see a part of Aprils hair in the window.

"You like me Case?"

Casey gulped the girl he liked heard everything he said!


"I like you too!"

"Yuck!" Casey and April glared at Heath.

"Lets go for a walk!" April and Casey leave the Braxton household.

"So...You and Heath!" April sniggered.

"It was a mistake!" Casey nodded.

"Yeah! We all make mistakes!" April nods.

"I know! I hope me and you being together wont be!" Casey was shocked.


"We told each other that we like each other so..."

"It''s cool! I don't mind!"

I will be braking this one-shot into parts because I won't have time to finish it in one big post! Enjoy!

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two months later

Casey walked into his girlfriend's house to find her crying.

"Hey! Whats wrong?" April looked up at with her eyes wet and her nose running.

"The..Movie! It's...So sad!" Casey had to bite his tongue to stop himself laughing.

"It's just a movie! It's not real!" April sniffs.

"I know! I was wondering...Wont it be hard to explain to my baby the situation!"

"It might be! But Heath said I could pretend to be the father until the time is right!'

"Thats great!" Casey smiled. April was really happy even though the past two months for involved being kicked out,getting fat and morning sickness.

"Has the crib came yet?" April points to a huge box leaning against the wall.

"Yep! I looked at the instructions... Good luck setting it up!" Casey rolls his eyes."I have to get to work! See ya!"April grabs her bag and literally skips out of the house.

Three Months Later.

April struggled to bend down to pick up a notebook. Brax laughs.

"Here!" Brax hands April the notebook.

"Thanks! And it's not funny! You try being five month pregnant seventeen year old who's baby is her boyfriends older brother!"

"Oh.....K!" April rolls her eyes and goes to the table that Heath and the riverboys were sitting at.

"What can I get you?"

"What about you lose that bump!" April sighs and counts to ten.

"We all know I can't!"

"Whatever! A large Hawaiian pizza extra pineapple." April writes the order down and walks off trying to hold back tears,but as soon as she saw Casey she couldn't help it.

"Hey! What happened?"

"Your brother is a jerk!" Casey's eyes widened in anger and he storms off to the table.

"What did you say to April?" Casey bellows.


"Liar! What did you say!"

"I said she should lose the bump!"

"Maybe you should get a clue! She's five months pregnant! She has more mood swings then I have hot dinners! Do you understand?"


four months later.

Casey rushed his pregnant girlfriend to the hospital. She was screaming in pain.

"She's in labor! Casey basically yelled at the poor nurse at the desk.

"Take her in that room there and I'll page a doctor!"

12 hours later.

"Almost there!One more push!" April pushed as hard as she could.Suddenly the room fills the room with the sound of crying.

"Congratulations! It's a boy!" April takes the newborn in her arms.

"He's beautiful! Little Jackson Riley Braxton."

"Braxton? Unlucky..." The nurse whispered that last part but April still heard it.

"Mind your own business!"

Thats the end! Thanks Pembie!


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