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Love in a Strange Place and Love Happens

Guest Apex Forever

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Title- Love in a Strange Place and Love Happens

Rated- G :D

Genre- Romance/drama

Characters-Sasha,Dex,Indi,Xav,Romeo and others

warnings- not at the moment!

Type- long

Does the story contain spoilers- No!

summary: Xav is in love with Sasha,Sasha's dating Stu and Indi just found out some big news

Chapter 1

Xav watches as Sasha and Stu fight over something. Xav knows this is terrible...but he's actually happy about it! He always knew they wouldn't last long!

"Xav! What are you doing?"

"Oh! Hey Ruby...Whats up?" Xav asks still not taking his eyes away Sasha and Stu.

"Charlie is ignoring me... like you are!"

"Sorry I have to go!" Walks down to the beach.

Indi is in shock! She can't believe it!

"What does it say"

"Its positive..."

Indi starts to cry as she sees the look on her boyfriend Romeos face.

"whats wrong?" He asks.

"You don't want this baby do you?"

"it's a shock that's all!"

Indi wants to believe her boyfriend but some how she doesn't, as she sits down she suddenly remembers that she left test on the sink in the bathroom, where everyone would see it.

"Go get the test off sink please..."

Romeo leaves the room too get the test and Indi bursts into tears.Just as her dad Sid walks in.

"whats the matter Indi?"

"Sit down please dad' Indi Asks as she wipes away her tears

Sid hesitates but finally sits down

"Romeo come here!"

Romeo walks in a sits down next to his girlfriend

"whats up you too?"

"Dad listen I don't want you to go all crazy on me OK?" Indi tells Sid knowing that he will anyway.

"I won't, now tell me!"

"Dad... I'm pregnant..."

Sasha is aware that people are watching as she and her boyfriend argue over something that isn't even important.

"why are we arguing over this? it's not important!"

"you were making googly eyes at that Xavier guy!"

At that moment Xavier walked past. Sasha knows that what Stu said is true, but she wasn't about to admit it!

"Look Stu your obliviously jealous and I can't handle that so Stu we're over!"

Just after she said that the crowd that had gathered around started to cheer and clap at their performance!

'Alright nothing to see here moving along"

"Thanks Xav!"

"are you alright? that must have been embarrassing...'

'Yeah it was..."

Suddenly Xav kisses Sasha right on the lips.

This was my first ever Fan fiction please tell me what you think!

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Here is the the next chapter! :rolleyes:

Chapter 2 :P

Sasha couldn't sleep. She'd been up for hours. something in the back of her mind was keeping her awake. Why did Xav kiss me? Why didn't I stop him? Sasha had a thousand questions stuck in her head, but for the first time that night her eyes drifted shut, the next thing she knew it was eight o'clock in the morning.

"Sash wake up you'll be late for school"

"OK! I'm coming!"

"Indi said she had something to tell us, so hurry up!" Sasha gets out of bed as Dex leaves the room.

As Sasha enters the lounge room she sees a nervous Indi and Romeo,something must be going on!


"Sash sit down please we have something to tell you."

Sasha sits down on the chair next to Dex.

"yesterday afternoon I took a test..."

"what kind of test?" Sasha thought it was a bit weird that Indi's big news was the result of a test she took!

"A pregnancy test... It came back positive"

"Cool Uncle Dex... Awesome! congrats"

"Wow! Congrats guys! I have to get ready for school."

Sasha knew she sounded unsupportive, but she had her own problems to deal with. She was dreading facing Xav today...

"Charlie whats going on?" Ruby was getting sick of Charlies silence against her.


"Charlie you've ignoring me for days now! What the problem?"

"You wanna know? Fine! I'm stressed I don't wanna know whats going on in Ruby's world all the time! Sorry if that upsets you!"

Ruby was upset and angry and all the other emotions one would feel when their mother just told her she doesn't care whats going on in her life which of course the feeling of sad over took Ruby and she burst into tears and uttered these words "Your the worst mother in the world!" Ruby shocked herself more then anyone! She ran out of the door before Charlie could reply. on her little run she bumped into Dex who was muttering something to himself!

"Hey Ruby whats up?"

"My own mother hates me! whats up in the Walker family?"

"Ok..... Indi's pregnant!"

"Wow tell her I said congrats!"

Xav's walking down the beach when he spots Sasha. He has been successfully avoiding her all day.... Well time to face the music!

"Sasha we need to talk..."

"Xav I have to get to class..."

"Sash class starts in half an hour please we need to talk..." Xav knew him nagging her would put her in a bad mood!

"Fine! What do you want to talk bout?"

Xav knew sash was playing dumb "The kiss yesterday...I'm sorry I don't kn-" Sasha cuts him off

"Xav I didn't pull away did I?"

"oh I guess not..." Xav was more then surprised by this comment.

"Are you coming?"

"To school... with you?" Sasha had surprised Xav even more

"Yes! Are you coming?"

"Yeah sure!' Xav starts walking with Sasha when she grabs hold of his hand and steps a little closer to him.

Sid was talking to one of his friends Miles about Indi current situation.

"I think I want to be called Pop... What do you think?" He saw the look on Miles face... Well it wasn't a good one...

"Sid I don't think your a pop guy maybe... you could be.... Grandad"

"Your right that does sound better!" Sid really did think that Miles was right. He still hasn't got his head around the fact that Indi is going to be a mother... he is happy in some ways and disappointed in other ways.

"I shouldn't be a grandad yet!"

"Well...suck it up because you are!"

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Hope you are enjoying my fan fiction :)

Chapter 3! :D

Xav was happier then he ever thought he would be, he had Sasha all to himself, and the best thing about it is Dex doesn't mind. Xav and Sasha were taking a romantic walk along the beach at the end Xav had a romantic Dinner planned! Just as they were about to reach the end Stu turned up!

"I knew it!"

"Stu please just leave as alone?" Sasha sounded sweet and kind, Xav knew Sasha was faking which made him love her more!

"Fine!" as Stu walked off Sasha kissed Xav. When they finally reached the picnic that Xav had set up Sasha couldn't of been happier!

Charlie had been trying to contact Ruby for two days now, just as Charlie was about to report a missing persons report ruby walked in!

"Mother I'm back!" As soon as Ruby walked through the door all Charlie could smell was alcohol.

"Ruby where have you been I've been worried sick?"

"here there everywhere!"

"Ruby go take a shower and then go to bed!' Charlie could not and would not put up with Ruby's bad behavior today she had enough on her mind.

April was sitting on her boyfriends couch trying to get his attention.


Heath still focused on his video game. April went to desperate lengths,she turned off the television.

"why did you that?"

"because you weren't listening to me!" She really couldn't believe her boyfriends stupidnes.

"Sorry babe, whats wrong?"

"Well... I think Bianca starting to figure us out..."

"Oh well! she wont do anything about it will she?"

"your right thanks!" April kissed her boyfriend as a reward for helping her!

Brax was trying to calm his little brother down.

"Are you sure that's what you saw?

"Yes Brax, she was lying down drunkenly on the beach!"

Brax really couldn't understand what the big deal was!

"does it really matter to you that much to you?"

"I guess not!"

Hope you enjoyed this chapter!

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Before I start I want say a big thank you to everyone who's posting great things about my fan fiction :wub:

Chapter 4 :blink:

Indi was in the doctors waiting room squeezing Romeos hand so hard she was she was leaving bruises.

"Indigo Walker" as Indi made her way to the small white room she noticed a lot of twenty year olds and thirty years olds, she was the youngest one there.

"how many weeks?" the doctors voice snapped Indi away from her feeling of embarrassment.

"um... 3 weeks I think..."

"OK, this is going to be cold OK!" Indi had stop herself from laughing, it was really cold to the point that it tickled!

"There's the feet and there's the hand" Indi came to realize that she had someone growing inside of her,she was going to be a mum.

"Thats amazing!" Indi knew she was ready for this... But was Romeo?

Ruby had a massive head-ace, but it was about to get worse!

"Ruby, we need to talk!" Ruby's anger took over her.

"so now you want talk!" Ruby yelled angrily!

"I know what I said hurt you bu-" Ruby's anger showed it's ugly head once more!

"But what charlie? Come on think of an excuse!"

"There is no excuses for why I said that... I'm sorry!"

"Little to late!" Ruby decided she'd had enough! She walked out of the house PJ's and all!

"nice jammas!' yelled one really stupid guy.

"There better then what you've got on!"

April showed up late for school again! Dex was getting worried, it's not like April to show up late.... for anything let alone school! After class Dex decided he had to find out what was wrong.

"April whats going on?"

"None of your business!" April stormed off while Ruby, another one who's not being so good lately arrives at school... in her Jammas!

"Um... that's not school uniform..." Dex was only trying to be funny but he made Ruby burst into tears!

"You don't think I know that!"

Dex gives Ruby a hug."Sorry I didn't mean to upset you... I was only joking..."

"That's OK... It's not you that's making me upset it's Charlie!"

"Do you wanna talk about it?" Dex was trying to be a good friend... But Ruby must've gotten other ideas. She kissed him!

Xav couldn't find Sasha, he looked everywhere and asked everyone! Then he got a text... from Sasha it said "don't worry about me I'm sick" Xav being a good boyfriend decided to go see her. After he had knocked a pale,runny nose,blood shot eyed Sasha opened the door.

"Xav what are you doing here?"

"I came to see you.... You look terrible!"

"Thanks! You didn't have to come!"

"Yeah I know... I wanted to!"

"Thanks sit down I'm watching a movie!" something wasn't right.

"Sash,your not not sick are you?"

Sasha burst into tears, not for the first time today Xav thought "Two years ago my mother died on this exact day, It's been two since I've seen my mum!" Xav gave Sasha a big hug and said "I'm here for whatever you need"

Thats the end of this Chapter hope you enjoyed it!

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Here's the next chapter :P

Chapter 5 :lol:

Sasha couldn't believe Xav had told her dad she wasn't sick! so she was giving Xav the silent treatment.

"Sash I'm sorry!" Sasha was doing a great job until Xav leaned over and kissed her.

"Xav you shouldn't of told dad!" By the look on her boyfriends face this wasn't over!

"Sash he needed to know." Sasha couldn't believe it, she was actually getting angry at her boyfriend for the first time ever!

"NO! HE DIDN'T!" Sasha yelled as loud as she could,Xav didn't look to impressed though.

"I'll leave you alone then!" As Xav shut the front door Sasha grabbed her pillow and screamed as loud as she could into it.

"Sash I could hear you from down the street! whats wrong?" Sasha could always count on Indi to help her through her problems!

"Xav and I had our first fight!"

"Oh! Those are never good!" Sasha was wondering why Indi sounded surprised...

"You seem surprised why's that?"

"I don't know... You and Xav are perfect for each other! It's just surprising!" Indi help Sasha understand where Xav was coming from without her knowing she helped.

"Thanks Indi" Sasha jumped off you the couch hoping to catch up to Xav.

Dex couldn't face Ruby today not after what happened yesterday no way! But he had to anyway as Ruby came up to him and gave him a hug...

"Hey!" Dex really didn't know what to do...

"Hey... Whats going on?" Ruby seemed confused by the question.

"Don't you remember yesterday?"

"Yeah I do I asked you if you wanted to talk about your mum and then you kissed me!" Now Dex was the confused one!

"Oh! I guess I didn't ask then... Will you go out with me?" Dex was shocked he didn't answer for a while then she spoke one word that changed Ruby's mood.

"Yes." He wasn't sure if it was the right thing to do, but by the look on Ruby's face it was!

"Awesome! see ya later!" then she leaned over and gave Dex another kiss.

April sitting on her bed on the phone to her boyfriend.

"I don't care that's not the answer!" They arguing over a TV show!

"April I'm older I would know!" April laughed at this comment he was older but she was smarter!

"Come on you may be older but I'm smarter!"

'Alright! You win!"

"I have to go, talk to you later!" As April was putting down her phone Bianca walked in!

"who are you smarter then?"

"You wouldn't know them..." April knew Bianca was catching on her and Heath.

"Please April I'm sick and tired of this! I know your dating Heath and I don't care! why wouldn't you tell me?"

"Heath didn't tell you did he?"

"Liam told me he saw you guys talking in heaths car while ago, why didn't you tell me?"

"because I was scared you would kick me out or something..."

"I would never do that to you!"

Hope you enjoyed it!

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Chapter 6 :D

Ruby decided that the problems with Charlie had gone on long enough they needed to be sorted out!

"Charlie I want to talk!" Ruby makes a promise to herself that she will stay calm.

"Ok! Look Ruby when I said that to you I had another arrest at work and I was tired and I apologize."

"Apology excepted and I'm sorry for what I said... You aren't the worst mother in the world!" This was actually going well to Ruby surprise!

"Whats going on at school?"

"I've got a huge maths test coming up!" Ruby was dreading telling Charlie this but it had to be done "I'm going out with Dex..."

"Wow! Didn't see that coming!"

"I don't think Dex did either!" Charlie and Ruby both laughed at this comment.

Xav and Sasha were sitting on the couch Xav had put is arm around. She had forgiven him for telling Sid she wasn't sick and he had forgiven her for yelling at him.

"Your awesome Sasha Bezimal!" This made Sasha smile!

"Your sweet,kind,funny and smart Xavier Austin!" They were watching bridesmaids, Sasha had made Xav suffer through it!

"Hey love birds!" Romeo just walked in ruining the romantic atmosphere! Sasha leaned in and kissed Xav.

"Ok! I'm going! Gross!" As Romeo left the room Xav and Sasha crack up laughing!

"How did you know that would work?" Xav was still laughing about it.

"He's a big kid sometimes, he doesn't like to see other people kiss."

"Your clever!"

"I know!" Xav loved that about his girlfriend she was always kidding around you can never take her seriously!

Heath felt bad. He knew that Bianca knew that he and April were going out! So he was finding it very hard to act shocked as April tells him something he already knew!

"It was going to happen eventually." Heath hoped he sounded convincing.

"Your keeping something from me!" He wasn't convincing at all!

"Ok! I knew! Bianca wanted you to tell her what was going on so I wasn't aloud to tell you!"

"Heath Braxton.... Get out of my lounge room right now!" As Heath leaves he bumps into Bianca.

"Thanks too you April and I fighting!" Heath says stupid things when he's angry/annoyed.

"My fault is it? What did I do?" Heath hated when Bianca got like this, she acted liked a smart Alec.

"You told me to keep the fact that you knew a secret and now April is angry at me! are you happy?" with that been said he leaves the house before he could say anything else!

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Chapter 7 :ph34r:

Dex was consoling his girlfriend after she come out of class in tears!

"Ruby what happened?" He had been trying to get her to tell him for the past ten minutes

"I was bored so I was drawing pictures and they weren't very good and Casey saw one and snatched it off of me and made a big deal about it!"

"He's just a nasty person I'm sure your pictures were great!" Dex was a good boyfriend anyone could see that! Including Ruby.

"Thanks Dex."

"Ruby are you Ok?" April Scot Ruby's best friend and Heath Braxton's girlfriend.... Lets just say Dex thought April was stupid!

"I'm fine! Dex helped me." Dex knew that Ruby was trying to get April away from him.

"I have to go but I'll talk to you later!" As April walks off Dex sighs and puts his arms around Ruby once more!

Casey knew he shouldn't of done that to Ruby. She ran out class bawling her eyes out! Casey watches as Dex puts his arms around after April left. He decided he should apologize. Once Casey was over there Dex was straight on the defence!

"go away Casey!" Dex obliviously wasn't in the mood for Ruby's tears.

"I just came over here to apologize to Ruby I shouldn't of done what I did." Ruby looked up at Casey and shook her head.

NO! CASEY! You can't do that! it isn't right! Even worse you think you can apologize and it will all be OK!"

"Ruby calm down!" Dex is such a loser!

"Dex shut up!" God Casey didn't see that coming from Ruby. With that Dex left.

"I know your angry but can you please forgive me?" Casey knew that it sounded like he was begging her for forgiveness, the truth is he was!

"let me think about that....... NO!" Then Ruby runs off to find her boyfriend.

Sid didn't understand. Sasha wasn't talking to him. Had he done something wrong?

"Sasha... What wrong?" Sid was hopeful but he knew she wasn't going to answer him correctly.

"Dad,I don't understand your the one that should have a problem!" Sid was confused. Had she done something wrong?


'I lied to you! About school I wasn't sick!" Now Sid understood!

"I know but you did it for a good reason so I don't care!" Sasha smiled and gave him hug.

Brax was on the phone to Charlie trying to sort out things that went on at the high school that morning.

"She wasn't doing anything wrong!" Charlie sounded stressed!

"I know Casey is grounded but why would Casey do it?" Brax had tried to get Casey to tell him but he wouldn't spill.

"Ruby thinks it's because she's dating Dex now..." This makes sense because Casey has been in sour mood lately.

"When did she start dating Dex?"

"three days ago."

"That's why then!"

"Am I the only one that thinks we look after six year olds?" Brax and Charlie both laugh at this!

That's the end hope you enjoyed it!

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Chapter 8 :blink:

Indi was having another one of her morning sickness episodes. It's times like these that she really appreciated Romeo, He's holding back her long blond hair so vomit wont get in it.

"Are you Ok?" Sometimes Romeo could be over protective.

"I'm spewing my guts up! how do you think I am?" Indi knew she was snappy,just yesterday she turned Sasha into a quivering heap,but she can't help it!

"sorry miss moody!" Now Indi felt bad and started to cry.

"sorry...I..I can't help it!" Romeo pulls Indi in for a hug.

"That's Ok! I know what your going through...kinda..." Indi knew he didn't know, he was just trying to calm her down.

"Thanks babe..."

April was pacing around in her bedroom waiting for Heath. She had practiced what she was going to say but nothing seem right.

"Hey whats so important?"

"have a look at this!" April passes the pregnancy test you took just ten minutes ago.

"Right... it's positive... I think..."

"yes Heath! it's positive..." April was scared of what Heaths reaction would be.

"That's great! Isn't it?" When April heard this hugged Heath for ages before saying anything.

"So your happy?" April was still scared.

"I couldn't be happier!" Now April had one more problem.... Bianca!

Sasha and Ruby had grown really close over the past few days and were having a sleepover at Ruby's house.

"So tell me is Xav a good kisser?" Sasha cringed she didn't like these sort of questions.

"Yes...I guess!" Now Sasha really didn't want to know this but anyway."is Dex!"Ruby cracked up laughing

"Why would you wanna know?"

"I don't know he's a dork so you know...."

"I guess he can!"

Xav was at Dex's house eating pizza when Mr.Walker came in.

"Guys I have go into work will you be alright?"

"Yes dad we're not three!" After Sid left Dex asked a question Xav was hoping he would.

"Do you wanna see Sasha's room?" A huge smile spread across Xav's face.

"Yeah!" as the boys entered Sasha's room all Xav could smell was perfume. As Xav walked around he saw pictures of her with friends then he came across a love heart made out pictures of him and her together.

"That's sweet..."

That's the end! tell me what you think!

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Chapter 9!

Bianca sensed something wasn't right with her little sister. When Bianca came home that afternoon she was sweaty and really didn't look well.

"April whats going on?"

"Bianca I have something I need to tell you please sit." Bianca knew that something had gone between April and Heath....But what? She was about to find out.

"What is April?" Bianca was impatient and couldn't wait any longer. Just she was about to yell April told her.

"I took a pregnancy test yesterday and it came back positive..." A lot of thoughts ran through Bianca's head the only won she could mange to say was

"congratulations" April smiled widely and hugged Bianca.

"That means a lot that your supporting me!" That comment made Bianca think something she doesn't want to think about.

"I Heath supporting you?"

"Of course he is!"

Ruby was trying to to get Dex to forgive her after her little bit of nastiness the other day.

"Baby I'm sorry!" she was pulling out all the stops.

"Don't bother!" just as Ruby was going to reply she heard a beep beep on the other end. She walked into the lounge room and rested her head on Charlies shoulder.

"Whats the matter ruby?"

"Dex hung up on me!" A few tears roll down Ruby's cheek, Charlie wiped them away.

"You hurt his feelings honey,he has the right to be angry..." Charlie was right and Ruby knew that but what was she to do?

thats the end sorry it's so short!

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Chapter 10

Dex was avoiding his own girlfriend... He knows it sounds terrible, but he can't deal with her at the moment. suddenly Dex feels a tap on his shoulder.

"Dex please talk to me" Dex had to make up an excuse.... and fast!

"I have to go..." Dex was about to leave when he heard Ruby crying.

"I'm listening."

"I'm sorry I told you to shut up... I know you hate that..." This made Dex even more annoyed.

"The why did you do it?"

"I don't know..."

"don't do it again...come here!" Dex gives Ruby a hug then goes to class.

Heath was sitting next to his pregnant girlfriend waiting for the doctor to call Aprils last name.

"I wonder what it is? What do you think it is?" Heat really hadn't thought about that.

"I don't know... What do you want?

"A girl... I like the name Bridget what do you want?" Heath thought about this alot.

"A boy.... Luke seems like a good name."

"Miss Scott the doctor will see you now!"

Xav was at Angelos eating dinner with his parents and Sasha, Sasha excused herself for second.

"I better see whats wrong." Xav makes his way over to Sasha who was ordering herself a drink.

"hey... What's wrong?"

"I'm tired and bloated I really want to go home...sorry..." Xav knew she wasn't doing anything wrong, thats why he went over to his parents and got Sasha away from dinner.

"Sasha's had a really big day she's tired and would like to go home is that Ok?"

"We were about to call it a night as well!"

"Ok I'll go tell Sasha." When Xav reached Sasha she had finished drink she was ordering.

'sash... You are aloud to leave!" Xav and Sasha kiss then the Palmers/Austin family left Sasha waiting for Sid.

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