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Home and Away stars back a CPR campaign

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Home and Away star Axle Whitehead, Samara Weaving and Lisa Gormley back our CPR campaign

* by: Brittney Kleyn

* From: The Daily Telegraph

* January 26, 2012 12:00AM


THE shores of Summer Bay are never far from a little beachside drama - but when it comes to water safety, the stars of Home and Away aren't taking any chances.

The cast of the popular Australian show have thrown their support behind The Daily Telegraph's campaign to bring compulsory certified CPR training into high schools.

When Axle Whitehead, who plays Liam Murphy on the show, found himself having to rescue a tourist at Bondi Beach, he was thankful for the basic training he had received as a kid.

"I've witnessed it first hand and learning the old CPR, I think it's absolutely imperative for that one time when you need it," he said.

"It's like learning how to draw or spell and as Australians we spend so much time in the water. It is so important."

His on-screen girlfriend Bianca Scott, played by Lisa Gormley, emphasised the necessity of knowing the basics before heading out into the water.

"I just think it's vital. It's a good confidence thing for yourself as well - knowing if something happens you have some knowledge of how to deal with it," she said.

Home and Away's Samara Weaving said it was important for CPR training to start young.

"Even if kids are just aware and learning the basics, things happen and they need to know these vital skills." she said.

With lifeguards always on the set, Weaving said it put the cast at ease knowing someone experienced had their back.

"CPR skills aren't too hard to teach. Not when you compare it to how useful they are should that situation ever come up," she said.

Now in its 24th season, the stars of the Channel 7 series said there was lots of drama in store for the residents of Summer Bay.

"We've pulled the trigger. It's a really exciting first half of the year for all our characters. A lot of juicy stuff to come," Whitehead said.

"Our characters are in a good place, for now that is. I guess it's a case of stayed tuned."

Gormley said it was a privilege to be part of such a successful, long-running program.

"It's absolutely amazing. They are such a well-oiled machine and they've been going so well for so long," she said.

To sign The Daily Telegraph's petition for certified CPR training in NSW schools, click http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/telegra...d-cpr-training/.


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