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I'll Love You Forever

Guest CharlieandBrax4Ever

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Story Title: I'll Love You Forever

Type of story: One-shot

Main Characters: Brax, Ruby, Casey, Leah and others

BTTB rating: T/A

Genre: Romance and Drama

Does story include spoilers: UK spoilers

Any warnings: (V/D)

Summary: Brax says his final goodbye to Charlie...

As I sat at Angelo's taking another sulk of my bourbon I could just feel my world shattering around me especially my heart. I had just lost the woman I loved, the only woman I had ever loved, the lonely woman I will ever love. As I sat knowing I would never see that beautiful seducing smile, those gorgeous glistening blue eyes and worst of all never again taste her incredibly soft lips. Closing his eyes to stop the tears that wanted to fall as he relieved the special but short memories he shared with her in his head. The first time he ever laid eyes on her, their first kiss and the first time they said I love you.

He knew that right now he should be there saying his last goodbyes, but he couldn't, he couldn't bring himself to face the truth, the truth that she was gone. Yesterday was supposed to be the happiest days of there lives as they were going to be free, free to begin the rest of their lives together. But now it had all been taken away from him all to quickly and the beginning had already come to an end. He struggled so hard to let her go. He just couldn't bring himself to say goodbye forever. Forever was to long because forever was supposed to be how long they spent together not how long they spent apart. He had held onto her until she went cold and listened to the sound of her heart and until it faded away.

He knew he was being selfish he should be there now to say goodbye but the pain it brought him to realise that today would be their last goodbye. But he knew he had to do this because Charlie deserved it she deserved this special goodbye and to know how much he loved her and that if he could he would swap places with her in a heartbeat. So he decided to face the pain and reality. Placing down the class he made he way down to his car before driving to church. He knew that he would have missed some of the ceremony but he had to say goodbye to the woman he loved and made sure everyone knew how much he did love her.

Pulling into the car-park he saw it filled with many cars and knew he was doing the right thing. Stepping out of the car he made his way over to the closed doors and pulled himself together wiping away the tears that were heavy in his eyes. He opened the door just as Leah finished eulogy. The many hundred guests that had turned to honour and remember Charlie had astounded him. Some her fellow colleagues, family and friends from Summer Bay and other who he had no idea were and neither did he. As he made his way to front and took a seat next to Ruby he felt all eyes on him. He looked to Elijah was running the ceremony indicating that he wanted to go through with making his speech.

"Now I would like to invite Charlie's boyfriend Brax to say a few words" Elijah said as Brax stood and made his way slowly to the microphone standing up there with all eyes on him he knew that he was doing the right thing giving Charlie the special goodbye she deserved......

"Charlie was the most amazing, bright, beautiful, gorgeous, funny, bubbly person I have ever met in my entire life... and I loved her" Brax said already beginning to get chocked up

"From the very first time I laid eyes on you in that single's night. I just knew that you were one amazing person. We have been through so much to together the good the bad and we still managed to survive it. Looking into your beautiful eyes, seeing that gorgeous perfect smile that always brightened everyone's day that laugh you had it was contagious" Brax smiled

"But the worst thing is knowing that I will never get to see those beautiful eyes, that amazing smile or hear the gorgeous laugh; wait that's not even the worst part" Brax said as he felt the tears sliding down his face

"But knowing that I won't wake but next to you, hold you or feel your lips on my lips again it just breaks my heart" Brax said crying even more at the prospect of not being able to do these things. Casey and Ruby got up and stood beside him for moral support taking Ruby's hand in his.

"The love that me and Charlie shared was nothing compared to love she had for her daughter Ruby" Brax smiled looking down at Ruby

"I've seen these to and the love they have for each other is incredible. Charlie saw that me and Ruby and formed a special relationship over the last couple of months and I am going to make a promise to you and to Charlie that I will always be here for Rubes whenever you need me" Brax smiled placing a kiss on the top of her head

"Charlie my world has fallen apart as I'm sure everyone else's has too. You were one of the most strongest, determined and stubborn person I have met" Brax smiled

"You were and amazing officer too. For those of you that don't know Charlie gave up her career for me she believed in me so much she chose a future with me over her job as an officer. Charlie you weren't one who had faith in me when no-one else did; saw the good in me when no-one else would and you are the one who loved me when everyone else saw a disappointment" Brax said still crying

"Thank you for being my friend, soulmate, the love of my life and my everything" Brax smiled

"You are the reason I am the man I am today and I am going to make sure that I continue to make you proud and be the man that you only could see in me" Brax said

"So Charlie I want you to know that I will remember you for the rest of my life and I will treasure every moment I spent with you, from our first kiss to our last because every moment with you was heaven and where I will see you next one day and this forever will be worth while because I know my life will be hell without you here with me" Brax cried

"Charlie Buckton, I"ll you forever and until we meet again one day this is goodbye but I promise you not forever.....I love you Charlie, rest in peace baby" Brax smiled

Hope it was good guys please everyone who reads this review!! This is what should happen tonight but won't! R.I.P Charlie Buckton....

Please nobody copy this and try to make it their own. Thank you xo :)


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