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OK! Magazine - Winter wonderland

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Winter wonderland

OK! Magazine | Date posted: April-28-2011 14:44

Home and Away's on-screen sisters, Lisa Gormley and Rhiannon Fish, show us how to wear winter's top four trends.

As winter hits and new styles start to drop in store, OK! teamed up with the Scott sisters from Home and Away to chat about the latest trends for the new season.

"This is so much fun! It's always summer in Summer Bay, so we never get to wear capes or coats", says Rhiannon Fish, who plays April.

Screen sibling Lisa Gormley (Bianca) admits, "I love winter! You can be comfortable and mix and match and just layer it all up."

As the day progresses, we discover what trends the girls will be snapping up for their own winter wardrobes. For Lisa, it's all about camel shades. "There's something really classy and old-Hollywood about camel, and I loved the wide-leg pants, they felt so warm and comfy."’Rhiannon, however, prefers the more edgy utility look. "Military is my favourite trend. It gives you a cool vibe and you feel so sexy and tough."

So what pieces in particular are going straight on the shopping list? "Those ankle boots with the fur trim!" Lisa exclaims, pointing to the military-inspired Wittner beauties. Rhiannon, on the other hand, can't make up her mind. "I wasn't looking forward to winter at all, and then today I got to play with all these amazing clothes and now I can't wait!"

We know exactly where she's coming from.

Check out all the must-have new season goodies in this week's OK! magazine, on sale now!



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