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Watchtowersing's Artwork (Mostly icons)


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Wow. You really are on a roll. As per usual, they are amazing.

Perfect colouring ... the cropping is fantastic.

& you made some avs of Aden :wub:

Well done, fantastic artwork.

Love Carina xxx :wub:

Thank you!!!!!

As for Aden, I just got another request for more of him, so expect to see more

Really? Oh wow! Eeeek.

In that case, do you mind if I request some avs? If you have the time to make them for me ...

Love Carina xxx :wub:

Of course!!! Feel free to request away :)

Aww, thanks. In that case, please may you make some Adelle icons?

Thank you.

Love Carina xxxx

OF course!!! Added to my list! (Any eps you really like? )

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