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Esther Anderson to dance for charity

Guest Barbara

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I put the more interesting parts in bold.

Finch pushes for dancing benefit

February 17, 2011 12:01AM

SOME of Australia's hottest stars will pull on their dancing shoes to raise money for flood victims.

Channel 7 favourite Rachael Finch is rallying her Dancing With The Stars troops for a fundraising reunion.

Estranged footy WAG Alex Fevola will join DWTS buddies Rob Palmer, George Houvardas and Esther Anderson in the charity dance project next month.

"It's a fabulous way to contribute to the flood appeal and we are so happy to be part of it," Fevola said yesterday.

"I'm very rusty though, so I may need some refresher lessons."

Melinda Schneider, Jo Beth Taylor and David Wirrapanda are also on board for the event.

And Finch has roped in her High Road, Low Road co-star Tom Williams and fellow beauty queen Jesinta Campbell for the dance lesson extravaganza.

The Dance for Charity with the Stars event offers people the chance to buy lessons with the celebrity dancers. A $100 donation would buy four dance lessons over four weeks, with the celebrity guests turning out in week one.

Queenslander Finch and her boyfriend, DWTS partner Michael Miziner, decided to arrange the fundraiser while watching TV coverage of the floods.

"I was sitting in my nice Sydney house and feeling helpless," she said.

The lessons will be held in Miziner's Sydney dance studio.

Finch is also taking some more dance lessons. "I want to learn the basics and learn properly," she said.

Source: click here.

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Ooh this sounds like it would be great fun!! Too bad I live in the wrong country. :(

Esther Anderson is very good at dancing from what I've seen on youtube! Luke Jacobz obviously wasn't available. He was very good too (youtube again! :P) I thought. :)

Well I hope the event goes really well and everyone has a great time and loads of money is raised!!

So are the celebs gonna be teaching the members of the public who donate then? Are they gonna be doing it altogether in the dance studio? Just a couple of things I don't understand.

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