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A Not-So-Romantic Evening?

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Story Title: A Not So Romantic Evening

Type of Story: One Shot

Main Characters: Aden Jefferies and Belle Taylor

BttB Rating:T/A

Genre: Romance

Does the Story Include Spoilers? None

Any Warnings: Sexual Content

Summary: Belle, Aden & a romantic evening.

A Not So Romantic Evening

The wind howled as the rain battered the windows, causing them to shake and rattle. The storm was getting worse. Dark clouds hovered dangerously in the sky as the trees swayed angrily. Belle shivered and closed her eyes, wondering when this was going to end and how they were going to come out of it alive.

“So much for a romantic evening, huh?” Aden murmured. Taking a sip of beer from the bottle he held in his hand, he leant back into the sofa, the shape of his muscular body moulding perfectly into it.

Turning on the spot to face her husband, Belle sighed, wrapping her arms securely around her petite frame. Dragging her feet along the floor, the heel of her yellow pumps clinking as she walked, Belle slumped onto the sofa next to Aden. Her eyes averted around the room, the interior design and decor to her taste. Only Aden Jefferies could arrange for them to have a romantic evening in the diner and decorate it tastefully. The atmosphere had changed since the beginning of the evening, candles having been lit after the power cut affected Summer Bay.

“How much longer is this going to last?” Belle groaned, the rain smashing against the window panes with great force.

“I don't know babe, but at least we’re indoors, right?”

Belle tutted. “I kind of hoped to be snuggled up in bed. It’s eleven o’clock, Aden! But no, instead, we’re stuck in here until all of this stops” she moaned, the weather now signalling how she felt. “I mean, seriously, talk about pathetic fallacy!”

“Pathetic what?” Aden asked, his expression confused.

“Pathetic fallacy” Belle repeated. “It’s basically a description of the weather which reflects your mood” she explained simply.

Aden shook his head, putting his bottom lip. “Never heard of it.”

“We make such a perfect married couple. I have the brains and you have the hotness” Belle smiled, taking her glass of wine in her hand and curling up comfortably in the corner of the sofa.

“Well ... obviously” Aden grinned, joking, as he placed his beer bottle on the table and unbuttoned his white shirt, although leaving it covered over his muscular arms, his bare chest and tanned stomach showing.

“Very hot Mr Jefferies” Belle giggled as she placed her glass on the table next to the bottle, the rain pattering against the window being the last distraction on her mind. “Very, very hot” she murmured quietly to herself as she sat upright, her feet curled underneath her body. She gazed intently at her husband’s perfectly toned abdomen, his breathing soft as his plush lips allowed oxygen to pass through them.

A sudden crash brought them both back to reality, Aden pulling his mind away from noticing just how beautiful his wife really was, just how perfect her features were. Belle’s body suddenly jumped at the noise, both of them standing up.

“Jesus” Aden muttered, slowly standing up and heading towards the window to see the commotion the storm was corrupting outside.

Belle followed closely behind him, wrapping her arms around his torso, her fingertips trailing up and down his body, from his abdomen to his chest, sending tingles and electric impulses through him. He groaned in pleasure as Belle giggled, pressing her lips to his shoulder appreciatively.

“What’s going on?” she asked worriedly as Aden emitted a slight gasp.

“The oak tree has fallen down” he murmured, not amazed at the event, his face so close to the window that his breath caused it to steam against the raindrops that trickled down the window pane, hailstones crashing against the glass, instantly turning to water vapour. “But we’re safe in here, babe” he added just as quickly as he had spoken his original words as his wife made no attempt to prevent the slight whimper that escaped her lips.

Turning around to face her, Aden pressed a kiss to her forehead, one hand resting on the back of her head, the others placed on her shoulder. Closing her eyes, Belle placed a hand over his arm. When Aden pulled his lips away from his wife’s, she spoke.

“Make me feel safe, Aden” she whispered seductively, wanting what was supposed to be the romantic evening worthwhile.

Pulling away further, Aden observed his wife’s features, a variety of adjectives swimming into his mind in which he was proud to say could describe his wife. Sexy, beautiful, gorgeous, intelligent, irresistible, the list continued. She was the woman he loved, the woman he wanted to protect and love and make love to. He wanted her to make her feel special and unique. But she had requested that she felt safe; an item, a couple who couldn’t be separated and come to no harm, to merge into one body. His lips instantly came crashing down onto hers like the sea on the sand, their tongues meeting each other’s and deepening the already intense kiss. A groan of pleasure emitted from Belle’s fine lips as she pulled at Aden’s unbuttoned shirt. Seductively removing it from his muscular arms, she allowed it to fall carelessly onto the floor of the diner behind him. Aden’s hands worked their way up Belle’s body, running softly up towards the top button of her perfectly fitted white dress, slowly beginning to unbutton it as Belle reached for Aden’s belt. Holding it, she tugged at it gently, pulling his body closer to her own as she moved backwards towards the sofa in an attempt to make themselves more comfortable.

With their lips still in contact with each other, Belle had finally removed the leather belt from the loops in Aden’s jeans as he attempted to wriggle out of the bottom half of his clothing, revealed now only in his boxer shorts. A few moments later, Aden had managed to remove the designer branded dress from his wife’s slender body, who was now stood in his arms, wearing red, lacy underwear, finally collapsing on top of her on the sofa as she lowered her body underneath her husband’s.

“You are so beautiful Belle” he murmured into his wife’s lips before pulling away from her body and straddling her waist, observing her dress which was now on the floor.

Looking back and forth between the dress and Belle’s body, Aden twitched a smile and emitted a breathy laugh.

“Definitely better off” he spoke confidently, more convincingly to himself rather than Belle as she giggled, before their lips finally met once again, the pair of them taking turns to communicate their pleasure through breathy moans.

Slowly removing his boxers to reveal his body, he progressed to admiring Belle, lowering his head to press soft kisses to her thin and flat stomach, before exposing her body too. Their lips interlocked once more as Aden entered, his body thrusting against Belle’s as he drove into her, his love passionate, both continuing to groan into each other’s lips as their sexual activity excited them more so. After both of them reached climax, Aden rolled off his wife and perched himself on the edge of the sofa, as Belle raised herself onto her elbow. They allowed their erratic breathing to slow down before either of them spoke, Aden being the first one.

“Irene won’t be too happy if she ever found out” he laughed tirelessly and breathlessly.

“You’re thinking about Irene? Now? As in right now?” Belle asked him, raising an eyebrow, giggling as Aden held his breath out of shock.

He instantly shook his head.

“Good” she whispered, “otherwise I have gone severely wrong somewhere” she joked, sitting up and pressing a kiss to her husband’s lips. “Thank you” she added genuinely, “for all this” she gestured. “It’s been a lovely evening.”

“I hope you mean all this and not the weather” Aden joked. “You’re welcome” he told her seriously. “It’s no more than you deserve.

After a long pause, falling into a comfortable silence, Belle spoke again. “I suppose Irene would be angry if she found out but what about Roman? And could you imagine Colleen.”

“Okay, babe, seriously. Now who’s the one thinking about both Colleen and Roman as they’re sat there naked?” Aden laughed, taking his turn to raise an eyebrow as Belle giggled before pressing another kiss to Aden’s lips, losing themselves for a moment, the only noise in the background being the rain smashing violently against the windows.

“Ready for round two?” she asked seductively, running a hand up his chest in an attempt to seduce him. No words were needed as their lips locked and the kiss intensified, both of them easing into it as it deepened, Aden making Belle feel safe as their bodies merged into one, once again.


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