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What Would Me Life Be Without You

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Story Title: What Would Me Life Be Without You

Type of story: Oneshot

Main Characters: Jack and Martha

BTTB rating: T

Genre: Romance,

Does story include spoilers: no

Any warnings: no

Summary: The night after Jack and Martha first get together.

Enjoy :D :

Jack woke up that morning knowing that his life would never be the same again. But he was glad, he didn’t want it to go back to the way it was, he was happy now, happier than he could ever remember being. He looked over to his left hand side to see his beautiful new girlfriend sleeping next to him. He laid back on his back with his head resting on his hands. Few, he thought, it wasn’t just a dream. He had dreamt about being with Martha since the first he set eyes on her and now she was his, the most beautiful girl in summer bay was his. He looked back at Martha; she was beginning to wake up. Jack leant over and removed a bit of her dark brown hair away from her face. He saw her turn around to face him and saw her eyes open.

‘Hey,’ Jack smiled at her

‘Hey,’ Martha replied in nearly a whisper.

‘How are you this morning?’

‘Fine, you?’

‘Yeah, I’m good,’ that’s an understatement, Jack thought to himself. He wasn’t just good, he was feeling fantastic, the happiest he had ever been.

‘That’s good,’ Martha smiled as she laid on her back. She was so happy; there were no words that could explain the way she was feeling. As soon as Jack had arrived in the bay, Martha knew he was the one for her. All she knew was that Jack made her feel different to what anyone else could make her feel. All she had to do was look in his eyes and she could tell that what she felt for him was more than just friendship, it was love, and she could tell he felt the same. She tried to deny it for so long, not because she didn’t want to be with him, but because she was scared. Every boyfriend that she had ever had, ended up badly, and she felt that it would happen again if she got with Jack, but now she didn’t care, she realised that as she loved Jack, it was worth giving it a go. She still wasn’t sure how it would end, or as she hope, wouldn’t end, well, at least not with Jack that is but she was happy at the moment and that’s all she could hope for.

‘Do you want to get dressed and go for a walk on the beach?’ Martha looked back at Jack as he asked it.

‘Yeah, as long as you don’t have to work,’

‘No don’t worry; I don’t work until lunch,’

‘Good,’ Martha smiled at Jack.

‘Come on, lets get ready,’ and with that he jumped up from the bed quickly followed by Martha.

After their walk Martha went to see her best friend, Tasha. She had promised to meet her. At first Martha had decided to be alone this but now she was glad that her best friend had made her meet up with her. She was so desperate to tell some one about Jack, and Tasha was the perfect person. She walked into Tasha’s house and saw her in the kitchen. As soon as she saw Martha, Tasha smiled. ‘Hey,’ Tasha smiled at her friend as Martha walked up to her.

‘Hey Tash,’ Tasha didn’t fail to see the huge smile plastered Martha’s face. Tasha looked at her friend with wide eyes, clearly looking for a reason why her friend was so happy,

‘Come on, spill, why are you so happy?’

‘Well, something really good happened to me last night,’

‘What was it Mac?’

‘I got together with Jack,’ Martha said jumping up and down squealing.

‘Oh, my, God, what a surprise, Martha Jane Mackenzie and Jack Anthony Holden are together, who would have guessed it?’

‘Well you obviously could,’

‘Yeah, and so could the rest of summer bay,’ Tasha laughed at her friend.

‘Was it that obvious?’ Martha looked at her friend with a confused expression,

‘Yes, Mac, it was that obvious,’ Tasha carried on laughing but she turned serious, ‘Mac, are you sure that you’re ready for another relationship? I mean after everything that happened with Jesse, are you sure you’re ready?’

‘Strange that you ask that, Jesse was all I could think about, wondering whether it’s worth giving it a go because I love Jack or just ignore my feelings because I was scared, I still am, I’m scared that that things will end badly with Jack like it did with Jesse, but I thought about it and I think I’m ready,’

‘That’s good, but if you’re still scared you have to tell Jack, even if you don’t show that you’re scared,’

‘Yeah, I know, I’m going to tell him later, I’m not going to go into details about Jesse, but I will tell him the basic reason to why I never got with him before.’

‘Ok then, let’s get a drink, sit down and talk about stuff, especially you and Jack,’

‘Oh, so I’m a hot topic now am I?’ Martha laughed.

‘Oh yes Mackenzie, you so are,’ and they carried on laughing all morning.

Once it had come to lunch time Martha and Tasha had decided to walk to the surf club and get a juice. It also gave chance for Martha to tell her grand-dad about her and Jack. They walked through the doors of the surf club and saw Alf behind the bar serving a group of girls.

‘Hey Grand-dad,’ Martha said as she walked up to him and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

‘Hey love,’ He replied as he turned around to face them,

‘Hey Alf,’

‘Hey Tash, what are you girls up to?’

‘Nothing much, can we have two pineapple juices please?’

‘Yeah, sure love,’ as Alf turned around to make their juices Tasha smiled at Martha with piercing eyes, Martha knew what Tasha wanted, she wanted Martha to just shout out that her and Jack were together and that they had spent the night together, but Martha wasn’t going to just shout it out.

‘Hey Alf, Martha has something she wants to tell you,’ Tasha shouted out, Martha looked at her with eyes that anyone could tell wanted to kill.

‘Really? What would that be?’

‘Well, me and Jack got together last night,’

‘Really? That’s fantastic love,’

‘Yeah, I know, I’m really happy,’

‘That’s good to see, you deserve to be happy, especially after everything that happened with Jesse,’

‘Yeah, I know,’ Martha smiled at Alf as he passed over their juices to them.

‘Well I better get back to the other customers,’

‘Yeah, I’ve got to go and met Jack anyway, so I will see you when I come for my shift later,’

‘Yeah, bye love,’

‘Bye grand-dad, bye Tash,’

‘Yeah, bye Mac,’ and with that Martha left to go down to the beach where she was due to meet Jack. As Martha walked nearer the beach, she saw Jack standing at the edge of the water, looking out into the horizon. Martha quietly walked over to Jack and put her hands over his eyes, making Jack jump slightly.

‘Guess who?’ Martha whispered into his ear,

‘Easy. It’s the most beautiful and amazing girl in summer bay, probably even the whole world,’

‘Oh, really? And who’s that?’ Jack turned around and looked deep into Martha’s beautiful blue eyes,

‘The only person I love and that’s you Martha Mackenzie,’ Martha smiled shyly at Jack,

‘Thanks,’ Martha whispered,

‘I’m only telling the truth,’ Jack said still looking deep into Martha’s eyes.

‘Jack, there’s something I need to tell you,’

‘Yeah, and what’s that?’

‘Well, the truth is, I would have got with you sooner, but…’ Martha paused for a moment, searching deep inside her for the strength to tell Jack the truth,

‘But what?’

‘But, I was scared,’ Jack looked at Martha, with clearly a confused look on his face,

‘Why?’ Martha squeezed her eyes tightly shut and then opened them again,

‘Because without going into to much detail, I was in a relationship before you came to the bay and it sort of ended really badly.’ Jack looked at Martha with a soothing and comforting smile on his face,

‘It’s ok, I get it now, and I promise I will never hurt you,’ Jack sat down on the sand and brought Martha down with him, who sat on his lap with her head barred in Jack’s chest. Martha slowly lifted up her head so she could whisper in Jack’s ear and said ‘What would my life be without you,’ she then cuddled back into Jack’s chest.

please feel free to comment, :D


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