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Mobile Internet Dongle help

Guest SIRUD90

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Hi i need a bit of help please, iam going to australia and new zealand in october.

iam wondering if you can get a pay as you go mobile internet dongle for my laptop that i will use out there.

how much are they in australia? and where about can i get one? if i brought one in australia would i then be able to use it in new zealand?

many thanks for any help!! Si xx

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I use a pre paid Next G USB plug in with my laptop. This works anywhere there is next G mobile phone coverage. I'm with Telstra, our largest carrier, and they have service in more places than any of the other carriers. I can top up the credit on it anywhere you can buy prepaid mobile phone vouchers or using a credit card on line. Vouchers can be bought in a range of values.

These USB plug ins are also available on a range of monthly plans. They can be purchased from most mobile phone shops.

The plug in cost me $145 Australian.

I don't know about New Zealand.

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I live in country Victoria about 150km from Melbourne. I have used my dongle in Brisbane. They work anywhere there is next G coverage which is in most towns.

My exchange rate is not too good but I think $145 Australian is about 84 pounds sterling.

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