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Listen to Your Heart

Guest callyha

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Story Title: Listen to your heart

Type of story: Short/Medium fic

Main Characters: Charlie, Angelo, Ruby, Joey and others mentioned

BTTB rating: G

Genre: Drama

Does story include spoilers: not really

Any warnings: pregnancy, old flame

Summary: A choice has to be made.

As she sat at her desk she wondered how her life ended up down the toilet. Charlie had a good relationship with Roman, but that ended. She had a good relationship with Joey, but that ended when she slept with Hugo. And her relationship with Angelo, well, she trusted him, loved him and told him about Ruby, but that too, ended. Charlie was beginning to wonder if it was something she was doing. Out of all the relationships she had, had Angelo was the one person she let in the most, she really did love him. She saw a future with him.

Charlie stood up and got rid of the thoughts in her head.

‘Can you sign these for me please’ Asked Georgina as she came into Charlie’s office.

‘Yea course, have you had any break trough’s yet?’ Charlie asked as she signed the papers

‘No, not yet’. Georgina replied as she took the papers off Charlie and headed back out of the room.

Ruby walked into the station and in to Charlie’s office, shutting the door behind her.

‘Hey Rubes, what can I do for you?’ Charlie asked as she walked over to Ruby.

‘You haven’t spent anytime outside of work! What’s with that? Charlie, you and Angelo broke up three weeks ago, shutting yourself out isn’t going to help’

‘No I know it doesn’t help but it’s easier than having to go home’.

‘But you see him here everyday!’

‘Not anymore. we had his base moved’ Charlie said. ’Now if you don’t mind I have to get back to work’.

Ruby left the room and Charlie broke down into tears. She opened the drawer to her desk and took out a picture of her and Angelo, they looked so happy. She put the picture back in the drawer and shut it.

‘Senior Constable Buckton, what can I get you?’ Colleen asked

‘Short black please Colleen’ Charlie asked, forcing a smile on her face.

Charlie turned around and saw Angelo. She ignored him and walked straight out of the door, Angelo sighed and looked at the floor.

Ruby stood up and walked to the counter.

Charlie got into her car and opened her bag. In it was a pregnancy test, already used. She let out a sigh and cried.

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‘Ruby, hey, how’s Charlie?’ Angelo asked as he walked over to Ruby

‘She’s a mess, I can’t talk to her properly, she’s depressed and it’s all your fault. I hope your happy with yourself’ Ruby got up and stormed out of the diner.

Ruby was walking along the beach and she saw Charlie sitting down looking out to sea.

‘Hey, how are you?’ Ruby asked

Charlie wiped her tears away, ‘I’m ok. I guess. I just miss him and don’t understand why he broke up with me’

‘Well if it makes you feel any better, he looks as miserable as you’ Ruby said as she comforted Charlie.

‘How do you know that?’ Charlie asked

‘I saw him in the diner, he asked me how you are’

‘Charlie?’ Came a voice from behind.

‘What do you want Angelo?’ Charlie said.

‘I want to talk’

‘Well talk then’ Charlie said, keeping her distance.

‘I made a mistake. I had no reason to break up with you, I wasn’t thinking’

‘And that excuses what you did? Angelo there was no warning, one day we were happy and the next you break-up with me!’

‘I shouldn’t have. I still want to be with you,’

‘Why? So in a few more months you can do it all again?’

‘Charlie no. I don’t know why I broke up with you’

‘I know why, because all I did was mention that my cousin was getting married and that had you panicking’

‘Well wouldn’t you? I mean the person you have been going out with mentions a wedding in the family and..’

‘And what? You thought I wanted to get married?’ Charlie asked

‘Yes’ Angelo replied.

‘I mentioned the wedding because we were invited. I don’t want to get married, I’m happy the way things are at the minute, it’s you with the problem’

‘Look, I’m not one for marriage either, unless I’m sure that it is with the right person’

‘’Angelo your not doing yourself any favours here’ Charlie pointed out

‘I know. I know. Look Charlie, if you will have me, I would love it if we got back together’

‘I don’t know Angelo, let me think about it ok?’

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Charlie was sitting on the edge of the bath. She was holding the pregnancy test in her hand. Two strong blues lines were looking back at her. Charlie turned around to see Ruby there.

‘Charlie? Are you pregnant?’ Ruby asked as she saw the test.

‘Yes’ Charlie said not looking at Ruby.

‘Is it Angelo’s?’

‘What? Yes Ruby it is Angelo’s’. Charlie answered.

‘What are you going to do?’

‘Angelo wants to get back together. I asked him if I could think about it.’


‘Well, I’m having his baby, so he needs to be told about it, but I would have liked to be in a relationship’

‘So what are you going to do?’

‘I don’t know. I mean, do I get back together with him for the sake of the baby or do we stay apart and still have the baby?’

‘Do you still love him?’ Ruby asked

‘Yes, more than anything’ Charlie answered.

‘Does his still love you?’

‘He said he would love it if we got back together, I don’t know if he still loves me’

Charlie put her head in her hands. What was she going to do? See if Angelo still loved her so they could make a go of it again, or leave it and have the baby anyway?

The next day Charlie was sitting in her office. The picture of her and Angelo was in her hands, she had tears falling down her face. She wiped the tears away and put the picture back when there was a knock on the door.

‘Charlie, Angelo is outside, he wants to speak to you’ Georgina said

‘Ok, thank you’ Charlie replied and stood up. She walked out of her office and outside.

‘Charlie, thank you for coming outside to talk.’ Angelo said ‘I’ve been thinking, I know I said I’d love to get back together with you, but I didn’t tell you how I feel’

‘And how do you feel?’ Charlie asked

‘I am still in love with you, I cant stop thinking about you. I look at what we used to have and wish we were back there’ Angelo said as he took Charlie’s hand. ‘If you’d have me back, I’ll make sure that you know exactly how I feel every day’

Charlie was about to speak when she felt herself about to be sick ‘Hold that thought’ She said before she threw up. Charlie ran into the station and into the toilet.

‘Are you ok Charlie?’ Georgina asked as Charlie walked out of the bathroom

‘Yea, I’m fine. Thank you’ Charlie smiled, then went back outside. Charlie stopped in her tracks when she saw a face from the past. Someone who she loved, but broke their heart. Someone she couldn’t get closure from.

Charlie walked back to Angelo when she was sure that the person she saw had gone.

‘What were you saying sorry?’ Charlie said all flustered

‘That I am still in love with you, and that I want us to get back together’ Angelo said with a smile on his face.

‘Well, I’ve been thinking as well. I miss you so much, but if you can dump me as easy as you did once, you can do it again’

‘Charlie, I wont. I have been miserable for the past four weeks.’ Angelo replied hoping he hadn’t blown his chance.

‘I have been miserable too, I’ve thrown myself into work to try and hide from it all’

‘So what does this mean?’ Angelo asked hopeful

‘No more stupid fights, we talk about everything so this doesn’t happen again’

‘We will don’t worry!’ Angelo said as he picked Charlie up and swung her round.

‘I’ve got to get back to work. I’ll see you later’ Charlie said as she kissed Angelo

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Thanks for the comments guys! x

Back at the station Charlie was been grilled from Georgina.

‘Are you sure you’re alright?’ Georgina asked

‘Yes, I’m fine’ Charlie replied

‘You just came that fast, I thought something was wrong’

‘Nope, nothing is wrong’ Charlie said then walked into her office.

Charlie shut the door behind her and saw that someone was sitting in her chair.

‘Hello Charlie’

Charlie stood there, not saying a word.

‘How are you?’ Joey asked.

‘I’m ok, thanks, and you?’ Charlie asked

‘ I’m good. Been travelling around on the boat, had a few jobs, I’ve actually got my own little business set up. Everything has fallen into place for me’

‘That’s good Joey, I’m happy for you’ Charlie forced a smile on her face

Joey walked over to Charlie and went to kiss her, Charlie moved before their lips made contact.

‘What’s wrong?’ Joey asked

‘What’s wrong? You can’t come back after nearly two years and expect everything to go back to how it was before!’ Charlie shouted

‘What, the last time I checked you still love me’ Joey said.

‘I did, but you just left, what was I supposed to do?’

‘I left because you cheated on me. My feelings for you didn’t go though!’ Joey shouted.

‘I’ve moved on, things have happened since you went’

‘Like what? You’ve met another woman? Your married? I see no ring.’ Joey observed

‘No I haven’t met another woman’

‘So what? What’s different? I love you and you still love me don’t you?’

‘No, not in that way. I’m with someone else, and have been for 15 months on and off’

‘So your relationship is unstable?’

‘No, things happened’ Charlie said

‘Stop lying to me!’ Joey said as she walked closer to Charlie.

‘I’m not lying’ Charlie replied.

‘That Hugo guy? He’s with Martha and he was the reason behind us. So you can’t be in a relationship with anyone.’ Joey stood close to Charlie

‘I’m with Angelo’ Charlie said as she walked away from Joey.

Joey stopped in her tracks. The last time she checked, Charlie couldn’t stand to be near Angelo.

‘What?’ Joey demanded

‘Angelo and I started seeing each other again’ Charlie said.

‘But you hated him’ Joey said, her eyes filling up.

‘I did, but working with him closely, I saw a different side to him, and my feelings for him re-emerged.’

‘No, you still love me, I can see it in your eyes’ Joey said as she touched Charlie’s face.

‘I don’t love you anymore Joey. When you left yes I was heartbroken. But I realised that what I did what stupid and I couldn’t take it back. So after a while I came to terms with everything’

‘So Angelo jumped in when you were down?’ Joey scoffed

‘No, it was a mutual feeling. He knows about you and has accepted it. I don’t love you Joey, I love Angelo. He’s the one I want to be with’

‘You keep telling yourself that, but we both know you love me more than you could ever love Angelo’ Joey said, this time kissing Charlie on the lips.

Charlie pulled away and ran out of the station. Joey smiled.

Charlie ran to the beach and sat and cried. She was so confused. She use to love Joey, but those feelings went as quickly as they came. Angelo, Angelo was the one she was in love with, but she found herself wondering what would have happened if she hadn’t have slept with Hugo. Her thoughts soon changed when she remembered what happened that night.

‘look if you are gay then its your decision’ Hugo said

‘I’m not gay!’ Charlie replied

Look, it’s ok if you are, it’s a shame because I really like yo..’ Charlie kissed Hugo, who kissed her back, the two slowly started to lay down on the beach.

Charlie was adamant that she wasn’t gay. She liked men.

Charlie stood up and walked along the beach. She thought about how Angelo would take to the news that Joey was back and that he was going to be a father.

‘Charlie!’ Joey shouted as she ran to catch up to Charlie. ‘Well, have you come to your senses?’

‘Yes, and I’ve told you. I want to be with Angelo, I love him, I always have’ Charlie said with a smile on her face. ‘Your just going to have to deal with it Joey’

‘No, you love me, you just can’t see it’ Joey answered then walked off.

Charlie walked up the path to Angelo’s house, she knocked on the door.

‘Charlie, hi. come in’ Angelo said with a smile on his face.

‘Hey, before we get into this I need to tell you something. Remember I told you about Joey?’

‘The person you were with before you and I got back together? Yea, what about her?’

‘She’s back in the bay. I saw her yesterday after I came back out of the station’

‘What does she want?’ Angelo asked as he poured Charlie some wine

‘She’s telling me that she still loves me and that it is obvious that I love her. I’ve told her that I don’t have feelings for her anymore, I don’t love her, that I love you’

‘Doesn’t she believe you?’ Angelo asked as he drank some of his wine

‘No, she says it will take time for me to realise that I’m still in love with her. I want you Angelo.’ Charlie said as she went to Angelo.

‘I know, but Joey needs to be told.’ Angelo said as he cuddled Charlie.

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The next day Charlie and Angelo went to the diner. They ordered some lunch and went to sit down.

‘Angelo, I have something to tell you’ Charlie said, her face all lit up.

‘Charlie’ Joey said as she walked in to the diner.

‘Who are you?’ Angelo asked

‘I’m Joey, nice to meet you’

‘Joey. I think you need to get something straight. Charlie doesn’t love you anymore. She loves me, we live together and there is nothing you can do about it’ Angelo told Joey

‘Are you finished? Charlie is the one I came to speak to, so can you, you know, leave?’ Joey said cockily.

‘No, he’s not going anywhere. Joey I’ve told you. I don’t love you, I love Angelo, I want to be with him. I love Angelo!’ Charlie said

‘No you don’t. your just saying that. Stop fighting what your feeling’ Joey said as she moved closer to Charlie.

‘Joey just leave me alone, I don’t love you, I don’t want to be with you, I’m happier now then I have ever been!’ Charlie said as she stood. Charlie looked at Angelo and left the diner.

‘You’ve poisoned her mind. She doesn’t love you. She’s supposed to be with me’ Joey said then went to sit down.

Angelo stood there. He couldn’t believe what he had just heard. Joey was deluded.

For the rest of the week Joey seemed to be everywhere Charlie and Angelo were. They just ignored her.

Angelo walked over to Joey.

‘What the hell are you still doing here?’

‘The sooner Charlie realises that it’s me she loves the sooner I will go’ said Joey

‘Joey, she doesn’t love you, she loves me’

‘You keep telling yourself that Angelo’ Joey said then stood up and walked out of the diner.

‘What was that about?’ Ruby asked as she walked over to Angelo.

‘Joey thinks Charlie is still in love with her’

‘That’s stupid! She loves you, she hasn’t even though about Joey for like, two years!’

‘Joey wont take no for an answer. I think it’s running Charlie down, I’m worried about her’ Angelo said looking upset.

Ruby sat and looked at Angelo who was beside himself.

‘Hey!’ Ruby said as she saw Joey. ’What do you think you are doing?’

‘Walking. Want to join me?’

‘No, I don’t want to join you. I want you to leave Charlie and Angelo alone. They are happy together. Deal with it.’ Ruby told Joey then she walked off.

‘Ruby, I’m better for Charlie, I can make her happy’ Joey said as she walked to Ruby

‘Really? You can make her happy. You can make her smile when she is sad, listen to her when she has a problem. Accept her for who she is and everything about her?’ Ruby asked.

‘I know everything about Charlie. And yes I can make her happy when she is sad. And as for accepting everything about her, there is nothing about her that I can’t accept’ Joey replied cockily

‘So if I told you that Charlie has a daughter, what would you say about that?’ Ruby said, taking notice that Joey’s eyes told what she was thinking

‘Charlie doesn’t have any children, so that is irrelevant’ Joey said

‘Actually, she does have a daughter. So I think you should tell me what you think about that’ Ruby said smugly

‘What? Charlie never said anything to me, your lying!’ Joey said

‘Am I? go ask Charlie if you don’t believe me’

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Thanks for reading this guys!

Here's the next bit

‘Charlie? Is it true?!’ Joey asked as she went into the police station

‘Come in to my office’ Charlie said as the other officers all looked

‘NO, tell me is it true? Do you have a daughter?!’ Joey shouted

‘Yes its true’ Charlie said realising Ruby had spoken to Joey.

‘Since when? You never told me? How could you not tell me? What didn’t I mean anything to you?’

‘I’ve always had a daughter, I just never told anyone. And I didn’t think you could handle it. Obviously I was right. Angelo can handle it and he has shown me that he doesn’t care that I have a child. He loves her like she’s his own’ Charlie said. All the officers were listening but not looking

‘Who is she?’ Joey demanded

‘Why do you want to know, she’s got nothing to do with you’

‘I want to prove to you that I can handle it. That I can accept everything about you so you’ll realise that we are supposed to be tog..’

‘Joey stop!, I’m with Angelo, get over it, I will never be with you, I don’t love you!’

‘Stop saying that! It’s not true!’ Joey screamed

‘I think you should leave’ Georgina said as she saw how Charlie was reacting to everything.

Joey walked out of the station. Georgina walked over to Charlie and comforted her.

‘Colleen, you can help me’ Joey said as she walked over to the kitchen. ‘Do you know who Charlie’s daughter is?’

‘O, yes I do, in fact the whole town does, they know the whole story’

‘What whole story?’

‘Well, Charlie was hit by a car, then it was revelled she had a caesarean scar, then it came out that she was raped at 14 and got pregnant. Then the rapist came here to find his daughter, then he turned up dead, anyway, why do you want to know?’

‘Charlie was raped? What?’ Joey heard enough, she left the diner and went back to the station.

Joey tried to get back in to the station but none of the officers would let her in.

‘I think you should go. You’ve already caused enough damage’ Constable Gray said.

Joey turned around and walked off.

Travis went back into the station and went to Charlie’s office. ’She’s gone. Got to give it to her, she’s persistent’

‘ I know, but I don’t want her around’ Charlie said.

Travis walked over to Charlie and held her. She broke down in tears, something she hadn’t done before.

‘Angelo, I think Charlie isn’t coping with everything’ Travis told him

‘Why? What make you say that?’ Angelo asked

‘That girl Joey? She came to the station earlier asking about Charlie’s daughter, I didn’t know Charlie had a daughter,’ Travis added, he had only just started and didn’t know about Ruby and everything that went with it.

‘Yea, Charlie has a daughter and she used to go out with Joey. But Joey wont take no for an answer’.

‘Sounds like a real problem. I didn’t know Charlie was gay’

‘She’s not.’

‘Then why was she involved with a chick?’ Travis was very confused now

‘Look all you need to know is that Charlie and I are together, and that Joey is a problem’ Angelo said then walked away.

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this fic only has two posts left. this is one of them.


Charlie was sitting on the beach looking out to sea. She was thinking about the baby. She still hadn’t told anyone about the baby. Only Ruby knew. Angelo was clueless that he was going to be a father and all because Joey had come back.

‘Hey Charlie, are you ok?’ Leah asked as she walked over to Charlie

‘Hi Leah, no I’m not ok’ Charlie said as a tear fell down her cheek.

‘Do you want to talk about it?’ Leah said as she stroked Charlie’s back.

‘I don’t know what to do. I’m so confused. I loved Joey and when she left I was lost. And then I get back together with Angelo and I fell in love with him all over again. He was so supportive about everything, he never judged me when I told him about the rape, and Ruby. He was there every step of the way. I don’t know how I would have coped without him.’ Charlie wiped the tears away from her eyes. ’And now that Joey is back there is a part of me that is wondering if we would still have been together if I didn’t sleep with Hugo’.

‘Look Charlie, only you can decide who you want to be with, follow your heart. Not your head’ Leah told Charlie.

Charlie and Leah sat on the beach for an hour, Leah held Charlie in her arms as Charlie tried to figure out who she wanted to be with.

‘Hey, can you meet me at the docks please in 10 minutes?’ Charlie asked Joey

‘Hey, can you meet me at the docks please in 10 minutes?’ Charlie asked Angelo

‘Yes’ they both said

Ten minutes later and Angelo and Joey arrived at the same time.

‘I hope you don’t have any hard feelings, I’m sure Charlie did love you, but I told you she’d choose me’ Joey said as she saw Charlie walk along the bridge.

Charlie walked along the bridge, she had her hand on her stomach and smiled. She then looked up to see Joey. Charlie paused for a moment before continuing walking.

Charlie crossed her arms as she reached Angelo and Joey.

‘Right, just listen. Joey I’ve thought about what we could have been had I not slept with Hugo and I’m not going to lie, it could have been good. Angelo, you and I have been through so much together and we have come out the other side happier then ever. But I have to choose between both of you. The thing is, do I listen to my heart or my head?’ Charlie paused. She looked at Joey and thought about a future with her. She then looked at Angelo and saw herself and Angelo walking alone the beach with their child, looking very happy.

‘Well, who do you want to be with? Him or me?’ Joey asked as she stepped forward.

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This is the last part.

Thank you for reading my fic, i've enjoyed reading your comments.

Hope you like how i end it x

Charlie paused for a moment, she looked up and smiled ‘Angelo, I want to be with Angelo!’ Charlie said. Angelo smiled and went to kiss Charlie.

Joey looked at them, she saw how happy Charlie was. Joey knew that saying goodbye to Charlie was going to be difficult but she knew it was the right thing to do.

‘Look, I hope you two will be happy together, I do’ Joey said as she forced a smile on to her face, Charlie and Angelo looked at Joey and smiled, Joey turned around and walked away. As Joey reached the end of the bridge she looked back over her shoulder, she saw Angelo scoop Charlie in his arms. Joey smiled as she realised that Charlie would be happy.

Charlie and Angelo went to the diner to be greeted by Ruby.

‘Where the hell have you been? I thought something bad had happened!’ Ruby said as she looked in Charlie’s eyes and then down to her stomach. Charlie shook her head. Ruby smiles and she gave Charlie a hug. ’Where’s Joey?’

‘Gone’ Charlie said.

‘When did she leave?’ Ruby asked

‘Ten minutes ago’ Angelo said. ’What do want to eat?’ he asked Charlie and Ruby

‘Cheese burger and chips please’ Charlie asked

‘Yea, the same please’ Ruby asked

‘Ok, Colleen can we have three cheeseburgers and chips please. And a bottle of wine if you have one?’ Angelo said. ‘ We have things to celebrate’ Angelo said as he looked lovingly into Charlie eyes and took her hand.

‘Aww so you told him about the baby then’ Ruby said

Charlie shook her head. Ruby’s eyes widened when she realised what she had done.

‘What?’ asked Angelo

Charlie looked at Angelo and braced herself for a shouting session. ‘I’m pregnant’ Charlie said.

Leah, Irene, Colleen all stopped what they were doing and watched as Angelo didn’t say a word.

‘Angelo? Did you hear me?’ Charlie said as she leaned to Angelo, whose eyes were wide and mouth was open.

‘I’m going to be a father!’ Angelo said suddenly causing Charlie to jump out of her skin. Angelo stood and helped Charlie to her feet, he pulled her close and passionately kissed her.


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