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eastenders last tango in walford Coinciding with the 25th Anniversary of the nation's most dramatic soap, this DVD Special focuses on Walford's original childhood sweethearts - Ricky and Bianca. Relive their story and some of the most dramatic events of EASTENDERS history in this exclusive spin-off.

As the nuptials of the square's most treasured couple, Ricky and Bianca, draws close, their two mischievous children, Tiffany and Liam set out on a quest to capture words of wisdom from the Walford residents for a video diary gift for their wedding. As Tiffany embarks on her mission, she is faced with a mystery - who is Carol Jackson, and why won't she be present for Bianca's big day? Determined to give her mum the best wedding gift ever, Tiffany resorts to find the errant Carol - her grandmother - and to learn the truth behind why the two women are estranged.

Tiffany and Liam secure Interviews with some of the most well known characters, including Pat Evans, Ian Beale, Janine Butcher and Phil Mitchell, providing a unique insight into Walford's very own Rhett Butler and Scarlet O'Hara. Cut together with archive footage from Ricky and Bianca's relationship history, LAST TANGO IN WALFORD chronicles their explosive arguments and touching love story including how they met, their first date and the dramatic events that let to their parting all up to present day.

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