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Fan Video Competition 2009

Guest Dotti

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Welcome to the Fan Video Competition 2009!


- You can add as many effects as you like

- Voice over is desirable

- You can only sumbit one entry!

- You can use more than one piece of music in your video

- You can have captions/text in the video

- You can use close up shots or full shots of the scenes.

- You need to have at least one song playing in the background

- Time limit: 2/3 minutes.

- It must be a new video made recently! (Dates starting from the 8th ,9th,10th and onwards is acceptable)

Deadlines: The competition will begin from the 9th of October and end on the 21th of October. On the 21st the closing time will be 10:30am for Australia, 1:30pm for New Zealand (Auckland) and in the UK it will be 1:30am.

Any late entries will not be accepted. Please send your video link to me via PM.

If you have any queries, do not hesitate to ask!

Theme: You need to depict Belle and Aden’s romance. Use techniques that will convey their love and journey they have experienced together. Edit the video in a way that it highlights the momentous points of their relationship. Remember the video only needs to be 2/3 minutes. If you go over the limit by a few seconds, do not stress!

The winner will be able to choose the next theme, So get creative, have fun and good luck! :P

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