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I'm All Alone

Guest rocknroll

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Story title: I'm all alone

Type of story: One shot

Main characters: Nicole and Geoff

BTTB rating: A

Genre: Angst

Does this story include spoilers: Yes, the Belle storyline

Any warning: Language (this is my first fic so the spelling could be a bit wrong)

Summary: Her mother doesn't care, her dad's in jail, her best friends dead, her foster brother think his the one that died and her boyfriend embrassed her in front of the whole town. Life can't get any worse, she thinks she's all alone in the world. she thinks wrong.

She could be seen as a huddle figure on the beach just daydreaming but she is a grieving best friend.

someone who's mother didn't care,

her dad was in jail,

her best friend dead,

and her foster brother acts like he's the one that died.

She feels like the mosy loneiest person in the whole world.

To the people she talks to, it seems like she's coping terrifically. But she's not.

She's also in love with a boy who doesn't love her back. or so she thinks.

Geoff could see that Nicole wasn't coping as well as everyone thought. In fact she was coping at all - she was self destructing and it was

breaking his heart.

He found her sitting curled up in a ball on the beach, it looked as though she had been crying but she wouldn't let anyone see her at

her most vunerable. Only Geoff.

" hey you, you okay? " Geoff asked softly, tryin not to breach the subject that he and Nicole were still terrible sad about. She atomatically started to sob into his shoulder as soon as he sat down. He put his arms around her and held her close, hoping to make her somehow feel better. He held her for what seemed like hours.

Suddenly the sobs fell silent, the shaking stopped and all was still.

" I'm sorry Geoff " Nicole said suddenly, taking Geoff by surpise.

" Hey, what are you sorry about? "

"for being such a ***** to everyone when they were only trying to help and for just breaking down on you " she snifled. She sounded as though she was going to cry again, Geoff lifted her chin up with his finger.

" Now you listen to me, you don't have to apologise I know what you're going through and as for breaking down, I'm glad you did 'cos you've been bottling it up, and thats not good for you, I'd prefer for you to let it out and I'll be here as long as you need me " Geoff replied. This left Nicole speechless.

" Not to mention I still love you " Geoff added on.

Nicole started crying again, this time in happiness and not saddness. The boy she's in love with, loves her back. She put her arms round him full of love.

" I love you too "


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