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In My Own Time

Guest MizzyBee123

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Story Title: In My Own Time

Type of story: One Shot

Main Characters: Nicole, Geoff, Aden

BTTB rating: A

Genre: Drama

Does story include spoilers: Yes for UK viewers

Any warnings: drug use, some sexual content.

Summary: Nicole’s world of destruction continues to spiral out of control. Can the love of her two best friends pull her out of her chaotic lifestyle?

There it was again, that feeling. The feeling that ached inside of her day in, day out. She hated it. She just wanted to feel normal again, before Trey, before Belle, even before Roman. She wanted to be that girl again, the one she was proud of, a worthy school captain. But now, she hated herself. All of the stupid things she was doing, it was like she wasn’t in control anymore, like she didn’t have a choice. Her life was crap, to say it bluntly, but it was the truth. She needed an escape, a way out from the wreck of a life she’d created. Her name’s Nicole Franklin and she’s a self confessed mess.

The spotlights circled the ceiling as she let herself go, the music so loud it felt like it would lead her ears to bleed, but this was good. For a moment she could let the music drown out her problems, her worries, all of the sadness and emptiness that she’d been left with over the months. Even if it was just for a short while, she felt amazing, it was the only way she could survive in this chaotic realm she called a life. It was extraordinary really, how one small pill could lift her up so high she felt nothing could hurt her at all. Soon, she became dazed as her head began to feel heavy, her arms feeling loose. Within seconds she was lying on the dance floor, her cheek hitting the cold, sticky floor.


She could hear the squeak of the wheels as she tried to see through the clouds in her vision. Blurred faces were surrounding her as she felt herself gliding through the corridors. The light was so intense, her eyes couldn’t fight it any longer, and becoming sleepier and sleepier, she fell into unconsciousness.

“This is Nicole Franklin, suspected drug use. She collapsed at the Diego Night club on Trevor Street. We checked her over but brought her in for further treatment” one man said as Nicole was ushered into the nearest room available. Sid Walker appeared as they lifted her from the trolley onto the bed. After it registered who was lying in front of him, he walked straight back out, unable to deal with the mess that was waiting for him.


As she awoke, hours later, she was surrounded by bland furnishing in an obviously outdated hospital room. Her head was pounding, and her legs felt heavy. As she lay back, she looked up at the ceiling wondering how she’d got there. A short, dark haired nurse swung into the room, instantly realising a wide awake Nicole.

“I need to see Sid” Nicole announced to the nurse as she came over to check on her.

“Dr Walkers busy seeing another patient at the moment. The doctor that will be here soon is Dr Travis, he’ll see to you”

“Is he good looking?” she asked sarcastically. The nurse looked up from her sheets of paper and raised an eyebrow.

“I’ll take that as a no then, someone left their sense of humour at home. By the way, when can I go home?” she asked abruptly, pulling herself up with her arms.

“The doctor won’t be long, in the mean time I suggest you rest” the nurse said before cheerfully walking back out of the room.

“Great” Nicole whispered as she grabbed her bag from the side of the bed. She took out her phone and scrolled down the names ‘til she came to a certain one. Opening a new message she began to type:





After a thirty minute lecture from Miles about the dangers of alcohol and drugs, the doctor finally appeared. To Nicole’s dismay, the doctor wasn’t attractive at all. He looked in his fifties, had a large stomach and a receding hair line. As he walked up to the bed, he took the notes on the clipboard and read through them. When he’d finished, he simply replaced them and looked up at Nicole for a few intense seconds.

“Miss Franklin, I would like to refer you to see our Clinical Psychologist. She may be able to help you a lot more than I can and I assure she is very good at her job”

“No thanks. I’m not going to go and see someone who thinks they know me better than I do. It’s all a load of crap, they pretend to heal you when really they’re just a bunch of nosey idiots, making cash out of getting into people’s heads” she exclaimed, turning her head to the side away from Miles and Dr Travis. Miles was shocked and embarrassed. All he could do was quietly apologise to the doctor as they walked to the doorway.

“Mr Copeland, I seriously think she needs psychological help at this stage. She’s been admitted to A&E six times now for similar behaviour. She needs to speak to someone professional; to help her deal with whatever it is that’s making her behave this way.” He calmly explained as Miles nodded in agreement, wondering how he’d convince her to attend an appointment.

“I said I’m not going, and you can’t make me” Nicole shouted from her bed as Miles and the doctor looked at each other. It was going to be a hard task to get her to agree.


The sun shone through the gaps in the curtains as she lay staring into space, the following morning. Another day of wallowing in self pity and catty remarks to anybody and everybody. There was a knock at the door then a familiar blonde haired male entered an unsure look on his face.

“Hey, Miles said it was okay for me to come up, do you mind?” he asked before fully entering the room.

“Well, you’re here now. Might as well stay” she mumbled still looking up into nothing. Aden closed the door then walked over to her bed and gently shifted his weight onto it.

“So, what do you want?” she asked blankly.

“He told me about last night, about drinking and collapsing” Aden explained calmly. Nicole just simply shrugged.

“Nic, you’ve got to stop doing this. You’re going to turn into a wreck” he told her unsympathetically.

“I am a wreck and that’s how I like it” she snapped bluntly.

“Now I know you don’t mean that”

“I do. I’m beyond help Aden. My life’s ****. I just have to deal with it” she said looking away conitunously.

“And so by dealing with it, you’re spiralling even more out of control, harming yourself until what? Until you hurt yourself bad enough that you’ll eventually have to deal with the problems you have, deal with the pain you’re feeling”

“I don’t want to deal with them ever, I wish I was de-“ she began to say before suddenly stopping, realising the harshness of her words.

“Don’t you dare...” he said annoyed

“What?” she asked, blatantly knowing why he was getting angry in the first place.

“I’d give anything to have Belle with me but I know that’s not possible, her illness took her away from me and it sucks. But what sucks even more is that you think your life’s so crap that you’d wish it away, just like that. It’s too precious for you to just let go, Nicole. I thought if anything, you of all people would know that after Belle. Now get your head out of your arse and start acting like the old Nicole we all loved and cared about.” He said firmly.

“That’s it though. She’s gone and I don’t even know if I can get her back.” Nicole sighed looking down at the floor.

“Oh, I’m pretty sure she’s still in their somewhere” he softened his tone then smirked at her. Leaning forward, she threw her arms around him in an embrace. It felt nice to know that someone still cared, even just a little. As she pulled her head back, Aden was still smiling. Then in an instant, she pressed her lips to his passionately and he responded. She pulled him closer, tugging at his T shirt and grappling his body until she found the buckle on his belt. She could taste his kiss as she continued to kiss his lips then started to kiss his neck, undoing the belt.

“No, no, Nic. Stop, we can’t do this. Neither of us wants this.” He said removing her hands from the top of his trousers and standing up, away from the bed. As he redressed himself slightly, Nicole just stared.

“You’re just upset. We both know it’s not me you want, not really”

“Sid won’t even talk to me –“

“No, I’m not on about Sid. We both know you don’t want him either” he said.

“Nic, you need to take control, get better, look after yourself and become that person we’re all proud of again” he whispered before kissing her forehead and leaving the room.


As she hurriedly made her way to the surf club, she was late. He said six o clock and it was now ten past. She knew she shouldn’t be doing this, not after what Aden had said but she couldn’t help it. It was as if she had to do it. It was a need. Luckily as she got there he was still stood waiting, his leather jacket and sunglasses on.

“Liam, I’m so sorry. I got held up. Miles was going on and on and-“

“Yeah whatever, here. Have you got the money?”

“Yeah it’s right here” she said holding out an envelope.

“Good. Well then enjoy!” he smiled then walked off, back to his car. Nicole held the bag of pills in her hand before placing them in her pocket. Unknown to Nicole, someone had been watching her and they proceeded to follow her down onto the beach, the dusk settling as she strolled ahead to a quiet spot by herself.

“Nicole, give me the bag” a voice called from behind her that she instantly recognised.

“Get lost Geoff” she snorted back

“Nicole, would you stop please” he pleaded.

“What do you want? To save me is that it? Cos it’s pretty obvious I can’t save myself isn’t it. That’s what everyone’s telling me lately” she exploded as she turned around to face him, pausing. The wind was vicious and blew her hair in every direction.

“You don’t need it, you don’t need the drugs” he told her, hoping she’d listen.

“But I do, that’s what you don’t understand, you all don’t understand. So just leave me alone” she said turning back around and continuing ahead. Geoff stood still before changing tactics.

“Fine, but it’s pathetic how you think you need the drugs, Nicole. I know you’re stronger than that” he shouted and began to turn and walk away. Nicole hadn’t expected him to obey her word, he’d always put up such a good fight in the past, she wondered why it was different this time.

“Wait. When we were in the water, after Elliot well you know, why did you save me? You were hurt but you still tried to save my life, why?” she shouted over to him, his back turned away from her. She didn’t really understand why she’d brought it up when it was such a long time ago. She figured that if she knew he still cared, that he’d always cared then maybe she could deal with all the hurt and pain she was suffering. Geoff soon came to a halt before turning once again.

“What kind of question’s that?” he asked, confused as to why she’d brought up the past out of the blue.

“A one I want the answer to” she snapped, awaiting a response.

“You know why, now please stop with the drugs” he repeated.

“No, I don’t. Tell me” she said ignoring his plea.

“Because I wasn’t just going to let you drown, I wouldn’t let anyone drown if I could help” he said truthfully looking at her. She didn’t know why but she felt her heart sink as she heard those words. She was gutted to be frank.

“Typical Geoff, the Christian boy who’ll do anything for anyone” she sarcastically quipped.

“What?” he asked genuinely, keeping the same distance between them.

“Nothing. I just thought...doesn’t matter” Nicole began before cowering from her true feelings yet again. She took the small plastic bag from her pocket and opened it, intending to take one of the pills. As she placed her fingers inside the wind took to the bag and she dropped the pills onto the sand. Immediately falling to her knees, she searched for each pill.

“No go on” he insisted, edging a little closer to her, apprehensive that she had the pills in her hand. He wasn’t an expert but he could tell Nicole did mean something by the remark, he knew her too well.

“It’s okay just leave it” she snapped, grabbing each little pill and shoving it back into the bag, her hair covering her eyes. Geoff stared at her, frustrated.

“Nicole! You always do this! You ask question then when you’re not happy with the answer you just brush it off! What did you want me to say? That I did it because I love you, because I couldn’t imagine my life without you, that I need you” he exploded, hoping his outburst would stop her in her tracks.

“Because the truth is I do love you and I want you in my life, I need you to be in my life because if you weren’t, there’d be this gap, this void that wouldn’t ever be replaced. You’re one of my best friends and I hate seeing you do all of this to yourself. I want to help you, Nic but I need you to help yourself first.” He proclaimed. Nicole froze then looked up and stared at him, unable to respond to what he’d just said. She’d known it all along really, she just needed to hear him say the words. She knew he only wanted friendship and that was fine, though deep inside her she hoped for more, she’d always hope for more because to her, it would always be Geoff. Nicole suddenly lifted herself to her feet, leaving the pills on the sand and ran at him, flinging her arms around his shoulders as she sobbed into his chest. He closed his eyes as he squeezed her tight, glad that he’d made a break through, even if it were only small.

“I’m sorry, Geoff. I really am but I don’t know what to do” she whispered. He held her close stroking her hair as they stood interlinked as the waves crashed onto the shore, the darkness setting in.


The waiting room was coloured in a shade of red with modern looking fixtures and fittings. There was only one person at reception and many chairs positioned in small groups, almost in small circles. There was no other people about and the room was silent.

“Great, I’m the only nut job around here today” she whispered hoarsely causing Geoff’s mouth to slip into a smile as they walked into the area, Geoff taking a seat in one of the chairs nearest to the door.

“So my name’s Nicole. My best friend died about six months ago and my dad’s in Jail.” She spoke sarcastically, sitting down in the chair opposite him.

“Maybe not as blunt as that” Geoff chuckled.

“Look I know it’s hard but it will help, I promise and I’ll be right next to you” he smiled with reassurance, rubbing her shoulders.

“Geoff?” she asked softly, looking around the room.

“Yeah?” he asked, turning to look at her.

“Thanks...for everything” she said sincerely with a half smile.

“Don’t mention it. You’ll be back to the Nicole Franklin we all know and love in no time!” he said holding his hand out to her as she grasped it in hers. He was sweet, she thought.

Was thinking i might follow this up with a sequel, not sure yet. See what you people think and i'll decide from there! =]


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