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Luke makes acting his game

Guest **Julie**

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Luke makes acting his game

Herald Sun

August 18 2009

He found his acting roots while living in Melbourne - now Home and Away's latest hottie is set to take on the world.

Acting was not in the game plan for Luke Mitchell, 24, who wanted to play professional tennis.

But after deciding to go with his "gut feeling" after stumbling into an acting class, Mitchell packed his bags on the Gold Coast and moved to Prahran and immediately aced a plum role on Neighbours.

"When I told my mum I was going to Melbourne to act, she said I was either going to end up on the streets, or rich and famous," Mitchell said.

And the acting jobs keep rolling in for Mitchell, who is Summer Bay's latest ladies' man - aptly called Romeo.

A single Mitchell said he didn't have Romeo's confidence with the women.

"I have an inner cheekiness, but I am not a confident guy hitting on girls all the time," he said.

Mitchell said he wanted to hone his acting skills on the soap before trying his luck overseas.

"But I couldn't be happier where I am at right now," he said.

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