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Kiss The Rain

Guest MizzyBee123

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Story Title: Kiss the Rain

Type of story: Oneshot

Main Characters: Geoff, Nicole

BTTB rating: T

Genre: Romance

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: No

Summary: Nicole always wished she'd have that movie scene ending, but was there ever a chance it could be real?

“I love you. I don’t know how else to say it” he exclaimed running across the street in the thunder and pouring rain

as she opened the taxi door. Her heart pounded as the words uttered from his lips registered.

“What did you just say?” her heart beginning to skip a beat. She’d heard him say it the first time but just needed a little confirmation.

“I said...I love you, Nicole Franklin”

Her piercing blue eyes gazed back into his as she dropped her handbag to the rain soaked, pavement.

Thunder and lightning roared in the background as they leisurely walked up to each other, pouring rain bouncing off the paving stones and cobbled road.

“I can’t believe you just did that”

“Did what?”

“That you declared your love for me in the pouring rain. It’s like a scene out of a movie or something”

“Well, you know what happens next then don’t you...” Geoff smiled.

Closing his eyes, he placed both of his hands at either side of her face and pressed his lips against hers ever so gently,

and then he pulled his head back to look her in her eyes. Nicole was in a complete daze.

Never before had she felt so in love and in lust with someone at the same time.

She slowly opened her eyes and gazed back into his before pushing herself forward and meeting his lips once again.

As they joined in rhythm...the music began.

“If this isn’t love,

then tell me what it is,

cos I could be dreaming

or just plain crazy”

And yes she was dreaming, day dreaming in fact. She’d been in the same grade as Geoff Campbell, and in the same English class for the past 5 years and she hadn’t spoken one word to him in its entirety.

“Nicole, would you please pay attention” Miles shouted across the room, before shooting her a disappointed glance as he sat down on the edge of his decrepit, wooden desk.

“Sorry, sir” Nicole replied, her cheeks flushing a little red. She was determined to remain faced forward in case Geoff caught a glimpse of her embarrassment from the seat behind. Now that would be embarrassing. If only he knew what she’d been dreaming about.

“Uh, right I need you guys in pairs for this next assignment. You have until Friday to work on it and hand it in. Don’t let me down!” Miles instructed to the whole class with a big, jolly smile on his face. The kind of smile Ebenezer Scrooge would have when counting money.

“Right, Jonathan you’re with Emily, Trace and Rachel, Debbie....Tom, Scott with Laura and erm Nicole...I guess you’re with... Geoff” Miles smiled again then turned around to mess with the papers left lazily across the desk behind him. Nicole’s heart began to beat faster. OMG. Geoff Campbell was working with her on an assignment. Geoff Campbell. The hottest guy on the footy team. A huge grin spread across Nicole’s face until she remembered where she was and immediately started acting cool whilst turning around to face Geoff.

“Hey, I’m Nicole” she introduced herself, her lips slipping into a soft, friendly smile as she gazed and got lost in his gorgeously, striking blue eyes. He looked back at her, his smile beaming at her. She’d swear her heart skipped a beat as he replied with a cool “Geoff...hey” then nervously looked downwards. Nicole was still lost in his eyes, completely and utterly in love.

Geoff may be the captain of the football team at Summer bay High, but he wasn’t your typical football player. Yeah, course he had the popularity that went along with the athletic build and sickening good looks, but he also had a softer side, a shy side to him, and that was what Nicole liked most about him. Though she’d never spoken to him before, she knew enough about him to know that she liked him, she liked him ALOT. Would she ever do anything about it? NO! As far as Nicole knew he was single, since he broke up with Melody Jones two months ago, there’d been no gossip about a new GF hanging around. Nicole often day dreamed about him, everyday actually. She couldn’t help it! She’d imagine movie scenes with music and perfect lighting, fireworks, the lot...and then BOOM! Reality would set in, usually by one of her teachers interrupting with a warning or her dad asking ‘Nicole have you been listening to anything I’ve been saying’ to which she’d reply with a sarcastic ‘Yes, sorry ,carry on’.

Nicole was quite a confident, feisty, young girl. She stood her ground in arguments, usually with her dad, and with bitchy girls in her class. She wasn’t afraid to speak her mind and wouldn’t hide the fact that she was beautiful and that she knew it. Some thought this was self centred and ‘stuck up’, Nicole just saw it as the truth. But when it came to Geoff Campbell, she was a changed person. Her knees went weak and her mind went blank in his presence. He had a sort of spell over her and she couldn’t quite figure it out. She’d had boyfriends in the past but none of them she had liked, like she liked Geoff. There was something about him, not that she could put her finger on it. His sister Annie had been good friends with Aden, her half brother slash best friend slash the bay idiot ever since Annie had started the school three years ago. Nicole didn’t really understand their friendship, Annie was a good girl, always did her homework, never stayed up late, said her prayers etc. And Aden...well Aden was Aden, the complete opposite of all of that. ‘Tool’ seemed to sum him up pretty well but he had a good heart. The age gap didn’t affect the connection they had to one another and well hey; the closer Nicole could get to Geoff, the better! Aden was kind of like a second older brother to her that calmed him down a bit. Nicole on the other hand encouraged his wild side, that’s why he ended up in so much trouble sometimes.

The lunch bell rang and a rush of students headed for the exit, each and everyone pushing past a squashed Mr Copeland.

“I guess I’ll see you guys tomorrow then” Miles muttered to himself sarcastically. Geoff and Nicole were the last to leave and as Geoff moved into the corridor towards his locker, a super smiley Nicole followed, rushing to catch up with him before he left for lunch.

“So err Geoff, how do you want to do this? Do you want to come round to mine or should we meet at the diner or...what? Nicole asked as she leaned against the lockers that surrounded Geoff’s.

“Erm, my house is free tonight if you want to come round to mine, Annie said she was meeting up with her friend Ruby so she won’t be in and Irene’s at work” Geoff explained slightly stuttering as he looked back at Nicole. Nicole’s face lit up but she still tried to keep her cool.

“Ahh, yeah I mean that’s cool, if you like” Nicole replied, trying to not show her enthusiasm too much.

“Cool, I’ll see you about 6 then?” Geoff asked raising his eyebrows in wait of a reply.

“Okay, you will” Nicole smirked as she flicked her soft, yellow hair whilst turning around and walking away. Geoff stared as he watched the blonde walk back down the corridor and out of the main doors, out of sight.

“Oh, Lord” Geoff whispered to himself as he closed the locker door and gently pushed his head against the metal panel, closing his eyes.

Six o’clock came around fast as a storm continued to roar throughout the Bay. Geoff had just got out of the shower when there was a knock at the door. He quickly wrapped a towel around his waist and went out into the living room. It was a complete mess; his clothes were lying around and the morning’s breakfast bowls etc. were still on the table. He turned and looked towards the front door. He could see the silhouette of a petite girl stood outside. He frantically ran back into the bathroom to retrieve his watch. 6.05 pm. Geoff let out a huge sigh. He hadn’t realised the time. Another knock on the door echoed. He quickly hopped, skipped and jumped over to the door and pushed down the handle to reveal a drenched Nicole standing in her rain coat. She had rain dripping from the end of her nose and her eyes squashed into a squint.

“Hey, come in” Geoff opened the door wider and lifted his arm in a welcoming gesture. Nicole was frozen to the spot. Not because of the rain and cold from outside but from the sight she saw before her. The toned abs, rippling muscles and even tan caused her jaw to fall flat to the floor. OMG. Geoff Campbell was standing in a towel.

“Uh, thanks” Nicole managed to utter as she shuffled into the beach house, trying to prise her eyes away from Geoff and his totally hot body. She looked around the room. A total mess. Hmmm Geoff’s a bit of a slob. She didn’t expect that one.

“I’m sorry about the mess, I didn’t realise the time, I’ve just got out of the shower” Geoff spluttered nervously and a little embarrassed as he looked around. Yes, Nicole had managed to work that one out for herself and well, she wasn’t really complaining. The smile on her face would demonstrate that.

“It’s fine. I can help tidy if you like while you get changed” Nicole said politely. Normally, she wouldn’t think twice about offering to help, but this was Geoff.

“No, no you’re a guest, I can’t ask you to do that...” Geoff mumbled still glancing around the room, wondering where to start with the mess.

“I don’t mind...really” Nicole cut Geoff off mid sentence before smiling then directly looking into his eyes. She walked over to the table and began to collect, and clear the stuff off the table. Her face screwed up as she carefully picked up the crusted used cereal bowls that had been there since 8 o’clock that morning. Mmm nice, very nice indeed. Geoff paused and looked at Nicole for a few seconds, smiling to himself, before walking back into his room and closing the door. As the door closed, Nicole turned back around, also smiling to herself. She was making progress.

Minutes later, Geoff reappeared from his room and found Nicole standing in the kitchen, washing up the sink full of dirty dishes.

“Let me do that” Geoff smiled as he gently lifted Nicole’s hands out of the sink full of soapy water in order to replace her in the duty. The feeling of his hands touching hers sent shivers down her spine. Geoff just touched me. Cue a great big grin right across Nicole’s face. Geoff was close, very close to her and she didn’t really know what to do. Something about him made her act like an incredibly small, giggly child. If this wasn’t love then Roman was Santa!

“Okay, well I’ll go get my stuff out ready to work on the assignment then” Nicole said sweetly, slowly walking back through into where her bag was laid on the floor next to the table. As she approached the bag, she noticed Geoff’s shirt still lying on the floor.

“Geoff, I’ve found a t-shirt still lying about” Nicole hollered behind her, resounding into the kitchen.

“Could you please just throw it on my bed, I’ll move it later” he shouted back from the kitchen. That was fine by Nicole; it would give her a chance to check out his room. Nosiness was one of her worst traits. She’d lost count of the amount of times Roman and Aden had had a go at her for constantly asking what the other was talking about. Everything and anything that was going on, Nicole had to know about.

As she opened the door, she flicked the light switch on, paused and peered into the room. It was a mess, and it was no wonder the living room had been in such a state. The walls were coloured a typical pale blue and his footy bag and close were laid in the corner of the room near to where his guitar and weights were stood. Interesting, he plays guitar. I never knew he had a musical side to him. How sexy. She walked over to the bed and threw the T shirt onto the bed covers. As she turned to walk back out of the room, something caught her eye on the floor. She walked over to the chest of drawers next to the door and bent down to pick it up. As she grabbed it from the wooden panels of the floor, she gasped in total shock but yet in some way delight. It was a picture of her. A picture of Nicole Franklin in Geoff Campbell’s room. One question, why? Nicole continued to stand for a few moments until she noticed the shadow of a person coming towards the entrance to the door.

“Erm Nic, do you want some... errr” Geoff asked until he stopped realising that Nicole had found the photo that was in her hand. His eyes widened as he moved his lips trying to find the words to explain. Nicole looked at him in shock then her face kicked up into a faint smile. Both of them felt embarrassment as she moved past him and went back into the living room, Geoff following her out, still not able to find any words.

“I think I best go” Nicole suggested as she gathered her bag and coat, and headed towards the front door.

“Nicole...” Geoff shouted after her.

“It’s okay, I’ll see you tomorrow at school” she nervously said, smiling and exiting the house. Immediately, Geoff ran out after her, in only his T-shirt, shorts and flip flops.

The rain hadn’t stopped and thunder and lightning shuddered the Bay. As Nicole hurriedly walked along the side path, she struggled to put on her rain coat. Geoff followed close behind and shouted after her as he squinted, the pouring rain covering his entire body. His T-shirt was drenched and well, flip flops weren’t the most appropriate pieces of foot wear in this weather.

“Go back home, you’ll get sick. I’ll see you tomorrow” Nicole yelled as she too fought through the rain that was smothering her face. She was dying to ask why he had a photo of her in his room but she didn’t dare. She’d dreamt he’d reciprocate her feelings so many times but today just didn’t seem real. Was she dreaming again? Nicole pinched the skin on her arm. Ouch! Nope this is real alright!

“Nicole, would you please just wait!” Geoff grabbed her shoulder and spun her body around so that she was facing him. She was reluctant to look into his eyes but couldn’t help herself. She still didn’t dare ask about the photo. There could be a perfectly good explanation.

“Nicole, I like you...I REALLY like you.” Geoff blurted out uncontrollably

“There, I’ve said it” he sighed with relief. OMG. Was this a joke? Geoff ‘buff body’ Campbell was admitting he liked me. Nicole couldn’t speak. She was complete surprised. Before she had the chance to say anything else, Geoff continued his speech.

“I’ve always been too shy to say anything to you. Whenever I’ve wanted to speak to you, I just couldn’t find the words. And then when Mr Copeland put us together today, I panicked ‘cos I didn’t know how to act around you. But I really like you, I do.” He explained, hoping for a positive reaction from the girl he so adored stood in front of him.

Okay this is your chance Nicole. Don’t blow it! Be calm, be cool.

“I really like you too, Geoff” the words fell out of Nicole’s mouth so fast; she wasn’t even able to think about it. Yeah, real cool Nicole.

“You do?” Geoff questioned surprised to hear Nicole’s reply. Nicole’s eyes became fixed on Geoff’s as she nodded then found herself giggling. Geoff laughed in response, both their faces dripping with water, lightning lighting the sky above them. Geoff leaned forward as Nicole’s heart began to beat faster and faster. The gentle touch of his lips on hers stirred the butterflies in her stomach as she lost herself in his sweet, soft kiss. The rain continued to flow as Geoff lifted his hand to Nicole’s face, caressing her cheek with his thumb. For a second, he pulled his head back gently, smiled then kissed Nicole again. She’d always imagined something like this would happen in her day dreams, that she’d have her perfect kiss, with her perfect boy in the romance of the rain, but didn’t expect it to happen in reality. The touch was electric. It was pure magic. This was her dream come true.


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