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Charlie's Life is Far from Happy

Guest iloveyhoo

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Story Title: Charlie's Life Is Far From Happy

Type of story: Short/Medium Fic

Main Characters: Charlie,Ruby,Angelo,Rachel,maybe a few more regulars not sure.

Genre: Drama, Angst.

BTTB Rating: A

Does story include spoilers: i think only one that has been confirmed on bttb a couple months back

Any warnings: I will give warnings start of each chapter if there needed

Summary: The fic is mostly about charlie and how she deals with things in her life,when a tragic event opens an old wound.

In the conculsion on the fic you are wondering if Charlie will overcome her pain suffered in her life,but there is an dramatic conculsion.....

its my 1st fan fic i hav ever wrote nd im onli 16 so it mite not be that good but tanks anyway 4 the ppl that do read

its mostly bout charlie nd the people in her life,secrets will be reveled,tragic events happen nd this there a happy ending for charlie??/

its a long fic so only parts of the evens i named above will be metioned in every chapter... enjoy

The past few days had been a nightmare for charlie if it wasnt her trying to make ruby see sense about why its not a good idea to take her relationship with xaiver to the next level,it was angelo,it was getting to a stage where it was impossible for her to work with him,he had been giving her a hard time every since she told may that he killed jack.And the next few days to come were hardly gunna be easy!

CHARLIE CHARLIE came the shouting of leah through the yabbie creek policestation.... leah's tone of voice and the expression on her face showed there was something wrong.

charlie: leah what is calm down take a deep breath whats the matter?

leah:i it its ruby!

charlie:what about ruby whats happened? panic stroke the whole of charlies body.

leah:theres been an accident out on farm and ruby has been hurt she's in hosiptal now.

charlie:what you mean an accident, is she ok!

leah:well im not sure about the whole story only that annie,xavier,ruby were helping martha on the farm nd the kids came across some kind of old guns buried under a load of old rubbish in one of the sheds,and im not sure about the rest only that ruby got hurt somehow.

charlie:omg i have to get to the hoisptal now

at the hoisptal

charlie charged through the swinging doors and went over to rachel and asked where was ruby and is she ok?

rachel:charlie i think you should sit down and try and get your breath back before i tell you..

a few mins later

rachel:ruby is in suergey she has a bullet wound to her chest but the docters are doing everything they can

shock and horror came all over charlies face she was going to lose her little sister .

rachel and charlie were intereppted by xavier who came over to talk to charlie

xavier:im soo sorry charlie i didnt mean for this to happen we were only mucking around.

charlie:how did this happen? how did ruby get a bullet wound?

xavier: we found some kind of old miliarty gun in one of the sheds on the farm and i pointed at ruby we were mucking around charlie i swear, she was laughing and we were just ....... xaviers voice become choked he found it hard to speak

xavier:then all of a sudden there was this loud bang and then ruby fell and there was blood everywhere, i didnt press it or anything i thought it didnt work because it was so old and rotten looking,im so sorry.

charlie:you just better hope my sister pulls through, this is all your fault you stay away from her you hear me?

xavier:tears streaming down from his face charlie please i didnt mean it i love her....

next chapter:will ruby pull through?

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Chapter 2

A few hours had passed by now,and ruby was still in threatre.

rachel came over and sat beside charlie she had news about ruby.

rachel:ruby has gained consious but is very weak,her heart stopped while in threatre but we managed to get bring her back..

charlie:thankyou so much rachel

rachel:wait charlie theres more we manage to stable ruby but im sorry to tell you this but its only a matter of hours before rubys heart will stop and we cant do anymore for her,we tired everything but because of the wound the is to much pressure on heart and it will give in.

charlie: no no she cant die she's to young she cant,she cant leave me not now.

charlie sat there for while taking in the news that her 16 yr old sister would not be in this world tommorrow she will be gone,and charlie didnt no how she was going to cope without her or how she was going to tell her baby sister that today was going to be her last day on this earth...

An hour had passed charlie was now allowed to see ruby as she was walking through the doors of the room she heard a silent little cry "charlie"

she quickly ran over to ruby and kissed her forehead and held her hand,ruby started to feel more comfortable now that charlie was there.

There was silence for a few minutes then charlie spoke..

charlie:ruby im so proud of you and i will always love.

ruby could sense there was something wrong by the way charlie was talking

ruby:charlie what is it i no there is something your trying to tell me please just say it?

ruby looked at charlie her face was full of sadness tears rolling down her cheeks ruby new her self that it wasnt good.

ruby:im dying arnt i? im not going to make it.As she spoke a darting pain came across her body.it only lasted a few seconds.

charlie:ruby i dont want you to be scared your going to be safe.

ruby:charlie i am dying im really scared i dont wanna die im only 16 i have so much to do in my life.

charlie:i no sweetheart i dont want this either

ruby:how long do they say i have?

charlie:rachel said a few hours thats only how more your heart can take.

they both sat there crying charlie resting her head on rubys shoulder and kept a tight hold on her hand.

It was really late that night now and charlie and ruby were still in the same positions

ruby:charlie i want you to i love you so much and always will

charlie:i love you to rubes no matter what.

ruby:your the best big sister ever.

charlie:ruby there's somrthing i have to tell you that i should have told you years ago as charlie kept on talking when suddenly the machines starting beeping and ruby drew hwe last breath,as charlie sat there she finished of the last word of her sentence but it was too late ruby was gone and she didnt get the chance to tell her.

Behind charlie stood angelo she didnt hear him come in,he went over to charlie and put his hand around her and said im sorry charlie

charlie sat there froze not knowing what to do.she had gone gone now forever and she would never no the truth.

chapter 3 what is that charlie wanted ruby to no and never got the chance to say?

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chapter 3

3weeks later

charlie hated her life without ruby every morning she got up feeling the same sadness and hurt that only coould be healed by her sister being alive.

she arrived into work and there to greet her was angelo. He came up to the desk to charlie and asked was she ok?

charlie:yes i will be if i was left alone to do my job.

angelo:charlie im only trying to help i no you havent being copying since ruby died.

charlie:im ok

angelo:i heard what you said that night when ruby died i heard everything you said its hard when you lose a

charlie:shut up now angelo you dont no anything.

with that charlie walked off into her office.

later that night charlie was at noahs bar,angelo had arraived he went and sat down with charlie.

she didnt say anything to him just sat there still drinking her bottles of beer.

angelo:charlie what i said today about what i heard you say i think you should talk about it.

charlie:no i shoudnt its in the past now and rubys gone there is not point there isnt even any point of me living she was all i had.

angelo:charlie dont think like that ruby woudnt want you to be feeling like this she loved you to much to see you miserable.

charlie:i wonder would she hav loved me so much if she knew the truth?

angelo:how come you have never told her or how come she doesnt no i find it a bit confusing.

charlie:it was easyier that way

angelo:hows that?

charlie: it just was?

angelo:charlie i really dony understand how was it easier to pretend your daughter is your sister and why would you want to do that anyway.i understand you must have been young having her but that still doesnt explain why you pretend she's yoyr sister.

charlie:its complicated.

angelo:tell me then it might help you aswell telling someone

charlie:maybe so......i was 14 when i got pregent with ruby,every parents worst nightmare finding out their teenage daughter is pregant.

angelo:yeah i sure it would be but what about the father and how come you pretended she was your sister for the last 16 yrs.

charlie:there was no father in the picture

angelo:i dont understand what he did a runner when he found out?

charlie:no charlie took along pause ............................................................ i was raped!

angelo:omg charlie im sooo sorry for draging it up

charlie:its ok maybe its time i come to face with ive been lying for 16yrs.so when mum and dad found out they wanted me to get an obortain,i never thought bought killing my baby i wasnt happy that i had that evil mans child growing inside me but also i didnt want to harm my baby because it wasnt the babys fault.

anyhow it turned out i was far to gone to get terminate the baby,so i went through with the pregency then ruby was born.

she was perfect them big brown eyes i didnt see a bit of him in her she was so tiny and as soon as i see her i fell in love with my baby girl,but mum and dad didnt want me to keep her they coudnt put her up for adoption because of dad being a cop and that and didnt ant anyone else to find out so we moved to sydney and they raised ruby as their daughter.

so for the past 16yrs i have been pretending to myself,ruby and the whole world that she was my sister well in fact she was my little girl my daughter... who i wanted to be a mum to her.....

i was a mother and my daughter didnt even no it,ruby will never no that im her mother....

tears are rolling down charlies face

angelo:charlie im soo sorry it must have been so hard for you to live with this every single day,you deserved to be her mum nd i think ruby would have been very proud if she knew you were her mum.

charlie went nack to angelos for a few more drinks........

chapter 4 what went on bewteen charlie and angelo and what is the traggic thing charlie has done??

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  • 2 weeks later...

Warnings:sucidal attempt Chapter 4

Charlie woke up with a banging headache after too much to drink the nite before,but this wasn't the worst of it,it's who's bed she is after waking up in.

After going back to Angelos place and having a few drinks to heal the pain she was feeling after losing Ruby,she had made a drunken mistake by sleeping with


Charlie quickley jumped out of Angelo's bed and threw on her clothe's and quielty as she could left the house without waking Angelo up.She walked all the way home and all that was going through her head was how could she have done that,Angelo of all people,he killed her friend Jack after all.

Earlier on that day!

Charlie was in the station and Angelo arrived for his shift.

Angelo: were did you rush off to this moring?

Charlie:I had things to do! Look Angelo what happened last night should never have happened we both had to much to drink.

Angelo:But charlie..

Charlie:No Angelo it was a mistake and everything i told you about Ruby I don't want you telling a soul ok!

Angelo:I wont tell anyone Charlie,but you gotta talk to someone about it,bottling it up is no good.

Charlie:I have kept it to myself for the past 16years I don't think it will hurt anymore.

With that Charlie walked off into her office and Angelo got on with his work.

There was an awarkdness between them all day.

Later that evening

Charlie was in the house by herself as Leah and VJ had gone to vist Leah's mother for week.

She was sat on the couch with a wine glass and a bottle of wine.

All she did since Ruby passed away was work, come home a bottle of wine and cry herself to sleep.

But the wine wasn't working anymore,it only healed so much of her pain,all she could feel was the longing for her daughter back so that she could be a mother to her.

Charlie sat there for half an hour and had finished two bottles of wine,she no longer could bear the hurt inside her for the daughter she had lost for good this time.

She went out into the kitchen and searched the cupboards and found two boxe's of painkillers.

She went back into the sitting room and started swallowing handfulls of the tablets,she no longer wanted to live without Ruby,she needed her.

She fell back onto the couch after consuming 4 handfuls of painkillers.

Next Chapter:Will Charlie surive ?

what you guys think? hope u enjoy


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Chapter 5

Angelo decided to call round to Charlie as they didnt get the chance to talk about what happened.

When he arrived at the house it was in complete darkness apart from the flashing of the TV.

Angelo knocked on the door but got no answer,he knocked again louder,but there was still no answer.

He went round to the window,he could see Charlie lying on the couch, looking pale and in need of help,and beside her were the empty wine bottles.

He ran around to the front door and this time booted the door in,after a couple of attempts he managed to get into the house.

He ran straight into the sitting room and tryed waking Charlie up,but there was no movement out of her,only till then he noticed the empty painkiller boxe's.

He quickly grabbed the telephone and rang for an ambulance,while the ambulance were on there way he sat on the floor with Charlie cradled in his warms begging her to wake up.

Angelo:Please Charlie wake up,don't do this to me I love You....

Angelo's pleads were stopped by the arrival of the ambulance,they qucikly put Charlie on the stretcher and brought her to the hoisptal.

Angelo followed in his car.

At the hoisptal the docters were rushing in and out of the room where Charlie was,Angelo didn't no what was happening?

He seen rachel and asked her what was happening,was Charlie going to be ok?

Rachel:I'm not sure Angelo but i'll go and see how she is doing and come back and let no.

Angelo:ok Rachel thanks.

Ten minutes had gone by,fifteen,there was still no news on how she was doing.

Then Rachel came out of the room and over to Angelo.

Rachel:we have managed to pump all of the painkillers out of her stomach,she'e going to be ok now,she will be in a bit of pain for a few hours though.

Angelo:oh Thank god for that,thankyou Rachel.

Rachel:It's no problrm Angelo,but she is very lucky if you didnt arrive she woundnt be here right now!it would have been too late for her.

An hour later Angelo was sat beside Charlie's hoisptal bed,she was still asleep.

He sat there watching her sleeping looking peaceful,he coudn't believe what had just happened she wanted Ruby back so much she was giving up her life to be with her.

Then all of a sudden Angelo's thoughts were interupted by the coughing coming from the bed.

Angelo:Hey your awake do you know how long ive been sat here?

Charlie:What am i doing here?I shoudnt be here,I want to be with Ruby.

Angelo went closer to the bed and put his arms around Charlie.

Angelo:Come here Charlie i know you want Ruby back but she isnt coming back she has gone for good,and you have to get on with your life.

Charlie:I don't have a life if i don't have Ruby.

Angelo:Charlie yes you do,you just think that at this minute but you have the rest of your life to live yet.

Ruby woudn't of wanted you to do this,she loved you to much,she would of wanted you to be happy and move on.

With that Charlie looked at Angelo and by her expression Angelo knew he had got through to her.She just looked at angelo and rested her head back on his chest,and kept a tight hold on him.

Next chapter:What's the shocking surprise for angelo?

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Chapter 6

It had been about three months since Charlie tryed to committ sucide,she had carried on as normal like nothing ever happened.She was in work sorting out some paper work when she felt a darting pain across her stomach,she hadn't been feeling well for the past few days but she didn't think anything off it.

She sat for a few mintues to see if the pain would ease off,when she felt it was ok to get up she left the office and told watson that she had to leave and go to the hoisptal.

In the hoisptal.

Rachel:Charlie i'm not sure what the problem is yet,so i will have to run a few test's to see what's causing the pain.

Charlie:ok Rachel thanks.

Rachel:It's no problem its my job.

A few hours after Charlie was still laying in the hoisptal bed waiting for the results from the tests to see what the matter was.

Rachel came into the room.

Rachel:I've got all the test results back and ihave found out what is causing you the pain.

Charlie you are two months pregent.

Charlie was in shock from the expression on her face.

Charlie:But i can't be,im not.

Rachel:Yes Charlie you are,you were experencing so much pain as you probley need to relax and take things easy as your putting to much pressure on the baby.

It was the afternoon by now and Charlie coudn't believe what was happening she was pregent,pregent with Angelo's baby!What was she going to do?

She arrived back at the station and to greet her was Angelo,he ran over to straight away and asked was she ok?Watson had told him she been to the hoisptal.

Angelo:Charlie you ok,what happened?

Charlie:yes im fine

Charlie walked into her office and Angelo followed.

Angelo:How come you went to the hoisptal Charlie? Your ok arn't you,you have done anything to harm yourself?

Charlie:No no it was nothing like that im ok Angelo im promise,but there is somrthing.

Angelo:yeah what is it?

Charlie:Im ..... Im pregent


Charlie:Im having your baby.Thats why i was at the hoisptal.

Angelo:wow a baby? im going to be a dad?

Charlie:yeah you are

From Charlie's response Angelo knew this wasn't a great thing for Charlie.

Angelo:you are ok with it arn't you?

Charlie:yeah, yeah i suppose,its just a shock i suppose.

Angelo:well its a shock for me to,but we can't do anything about it now.

Charlie: I no,IM just scared.

Angelo:so am i,but we work it through.

Next Chapter... What will Charlie and Angelo do?

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Chapter 7

The new's that Charlie and angelo recieved that day would change there life's,there was a new life that they had made.

Charlie coudn't get her head around it at first but then she knew that things had to be sorted out.

So after work one night she arrenaged to call around to angelo's flat,to talk about what they were both goin to do.

When Charlie arrived they were both a bit nervous they didn't no what to say after a while they both started discussing what they were going to do about the baby.

Angelo:Charlie i know this wasnt planned and you werent ready for baby at this moment in time,i dont want you to get rid of it i want this baby Charlie.

Charlie:Angelo i would never do that,i know i didnt want a baby but there is nothing i can do about that now...

Angelo:so were we go from here?

Charlie:I don't realy know,we both want to keep this baby,so i gonna tell everyone now about it as i've had time to come around to it.

Angelo:yeah it was quite a shock but a good one i thought i wanna be a dad,i can't wait for the lil charlie or angelo to arrive.

Charlie laughed at angelo.

Angelo:Imagine all the things were going to do his/her first day at school,teaching him football or if its a girl you can teach her to do makeup or whatever you ladys do.

Charlie was still laughing at angelo.

Charlie:Hold on a minute he/she hasnt been born yet all that stuff will be a long way yet.

Angelo:yeah suppose your right.Are we going to find out if its a boy r girl?

Charlie:umm Angelo thats what we got to sort out we can't be bringing a child into this complicated realtionship we have?

Angelo:yes i know Charlie we have to sort it out,and you no how i feel?

Charlie:No i don't Angelo I no you want this baby and want to be apart of its life.

Angelo:Charlie you no i want you but you just won't let me in,i love you,your amazing and i wanna be with you and our baby.

Charlie looked a bit amazed she had to make a decision was she going to be with angelo or not?

Charlie:I love you to Angelo and i wanna bring up this baby together.

Angelo looked up at Charlie with a big grin on his face and ran over to her and place a gently kiss on her forehead nd stroked her bump.

Charlie and angelo were grinning at each other in excitment.

Next chapter:6 MONTHS LATEER

what did u think????

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Chapter 8

Charlie was due the baby anyday soon now,she had moved in with Angelo and they were getting on great together all they needed now was the arrivel of the newborn.

They were both curled up on the sofa watching some movie on the T.v when Charlie suddenly jumped up in pain.

Angelo:Charlie what is it? you alright?

Charlie:I think the babys coming.


Charlie:yes Angelo why would i liar about that.

Angelo:I no yeah Charlie its just its finally happening.

Charlie:well Angelo would you like to drive me to the hoisptal today? I don't think your baby wants to wait any longer.

Angelo:yeah yeah suppose your right... I C ant believe i finally gonna meet him or her

Angelo gentley helped Charlie up and drove her to the hoisptal.

Three hours after.

Charlie had given birth to a healthy baby girl.

Angelo was holding the little girl and Charlie was sat up in the bed watching as the new dad looked lovingly at his baby daughter.

Charlie:Don't get a chance to hold her as i did carry her for the past 9months.

Angelo:yeah course.

Angelo gently put the baby into Charlie's cradled arms.

Charlie:She is so beautiful,I can't this little angel is mine.

Charlie was stroking the cheeks of her baby daughter and talking to her.

Charlie:So you Madam have been making me have backache and morning sickness for the past 3months.

There was a whimper from the baby.

Charlie:ssshh its ok baby.. Don't worry sweetheart you were worth every minute of it.

Angelo:She sure is,she is one stunning baby takes after her mummy.

Charlie grinned at angelo..

Charlie:So what about a name for this little cutie she said to Angelo?

Angelo:yeah suppose we will have to choose a name now,that you have arrived missy,laying a kiss on the babys forehead.

Charlie:What lucy?

ANgelo:Ummm no it doesnt realy suit her

Charlie:you any ideas then?

Angelo:What about summer?

Charlie:What? you can't call her summer.

Angelo:why cant we? It realy suits her.

Charlie:How does it suit her?

Angelo:Well what reminds you of summer?

Charlie:The sun and heat i guess?

Angelo:Yes the sun its brightens up the place and this special little girl has brightened up our lifes.

Charlie:Your right Angelo thats perfect.

Angelo:So we have a name?

Charlie:Yes we sure do,Summer Ruby Rosetta.


Angelo placed a kiss on Charlie lips and they looked down at there baby girl.

They were complete now,they were a family.

Charlie had lost the daughter she never had the chance to be a mum to,but things had turned out ok she now had baby summer to live for,she will never forget ruby and she will be with everyday.

What you guys think.

This is the end of the fanfic now.


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