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Jace McDonough

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title - jace mcdonough

t.o.p - long fic

genre - drama

rating - A

Cast - mcdonough family, locals

spoilers - no

warnings - language, violence, drug references

plot - jace comes from a white trash family living in summer bay and after meeting annie campbell he develops a crush and decides to turn his life around for her.


Jace McDonough

Jace is a very good looking 15 year old boy. Although through his life he has taken many beatings from his older brother. He has blonde hair, deep blue eyes, great abs for a 15 year old and very sweet to his mother. and has the nickname fire cracker

Kathy McDonough

Kathy is a woman in her late 30's. Mother to Jace his older brother Declan. Kathy also has blonde hair would be attractive if she looked after herself and is very tired of the fighting and arguments of her two children

Declan McDonough

Delan is the oppisite to Jace, although he has blonde hair he is quite skinny has bad teeth and dark eyes and is kinda ugly. also known for starting fights.


Kathy cracked an egg in the pan and thern picked some of the shell out that fell in

"If that tart comes around her again. I'll call the police" Kathy said angrily to Declan

"What's wrong with her?" Declan asked

"Come on the ***** spent the night checking out your 15 year old brother"

"What ever" Declan replied giving her a dirty look

"Don't give me that look" she yelled and the got the burnt black toast out of the toaster.

"Here's your toast" she said throwing it at him.

"It's burnt" Declan said

"JACE" She called out ignoring him

"For god sake" she said under her breath.

"I want you to go see mr Bartlett and say sorry for the way you acted at school yesterday" Kathy told him

"Mr Bartlett is a loser"

"What he is, is a very nice man" she replied

"What he is, is a gay pervert" Jace said walking into the kiDchen.

"Don't wanna know" Kathy told him

"What took you so long?" Declan asked angrily

"I was on the phone to dad" Jace told him

"I though i told you i didn't want you calling that big turd on my phone" Kathy said turning around looking at him.

Jace held up his mobile phone and moved it around through his fingers

Kathy sighed

Jace reached over and grabbed the cornflakes and notice Declan smile.

"Did you spit in this?" Jace asked but Declan didn't answer

"Mum" Jace said

Kathy turned around as he pushed the cornflake box at Declan.

"Jace honey can't you see i'm making you breakfast?" she said

"Ah yes" Jace said

"Well" Kathy said

"I don't eat your cooking" Jace told her

"Since when?" she asked

"Since birth" he told her

"i really don't know why i bother with you two" she said tipping the eggs into sink and running watter.

"I'd get something on the way to school but you have no money, which means i have no money

"Honey, if i could get a job where people don't grab my ass i would have money. We'd even be rolling in it"

"Would that stop ypo brining a different guy home everynight to get their money" Declan said with smile on his face.

"What did you just say?" she said

"You heard" Declan replied

"No you little stupid **** say it to my face" She yelled and slapped him in the face

She turned to Jace

"C'mon i'll drive you to school maybe i have enough money to stop on the way" She said to Jace.

"Oooooohhhhhhhhh, little baby has to go to school".

"Well at least i don't sit around waiting for my dealer to show up all day" Jace replied tilting his head and smiled

Declan banged the table and grabbed Jace by the scruff of the shirt .

"Never say that kind of stuff to me, you hear me little boy" Declan yelled at Jace

Kathy pushed Declan away from Jace.

"Don't ever do anything like that to my son ever again"

"Hey i'm your son too, you're my mother too" Declan yelled at her.

"I you want me to be your mother, be my son for a change. If you are still in this mood when we get home i'll pack you bags and throw you on the street" Kathy yelled at him and walked out the door with Jace

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