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The object of the game is to look after a child and educate it from birth to the age of three. You are the baby's parent. First, you must give your baby a first name. You will also decide his/her appearance, i.e.:

~Its gender

~Its skin color

~The appearance of its face (shape of the eyes and mouth)

~The colour of its eyes

~The hair colour and style

The goal is to ensure your babies are as awake as possible, to start them off in school on the right foot. This means successfully completing a number of daily objectives, the basic aim of which is to maintain the highest level of wellness possible while performing many activities. Over time, these activities result in acquiring an awakening in various fields (walking, speech, curiosity...) and thus to acquire physical and cognitive faculties in a progressive manner.

It's a fun game, and you'll soon be able to create lots of children and raise them.


Here's my referal link, so I can help out and what-not ;D

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