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Pictures of You

Guest Niara

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Story Title: Pictures of you

Type of story: One-shot

Main Characters: Aden, Belle, Rachel, Irene, Annie, Geoff and mentions of other cast.

BTTB rating: G

Genre: Romance, Drama

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: Death

Summary: It is the happiest day of Belle and Aden’s lives when their little baby arrives into the world. But the day soon turns to tragedy when a favourite dies. Who won’t survive? How do you say goodbye to someone you love?

I’ve been looking so long at these pictures of you

That I almost believed they they’re real

I’ve been living so long with my pictures of you

That I almost believe that the pictures are all I can feel

Aden smiled looking at the photos of him, his heavenly wife and gorgeous daughter. In the photo his and his wife’s loving eyes were focused of their tiny little girl’s. Their smiles told it all. They were the happiest and proudest parents in all of Summer Bay and they were going to love their little girl for the rest of their lives.


“Wow”! Aden exclaimed at the sight in front of him.

“Don’t be silly Aden, I’m like a hefalump!” Belle snapped as the ridiculousness Aden was showing.

“A very sexy Hefalump” Aden winked smirking at the girl wearing a hot black dress. It was a one shoulder strap, fairly short dress and showed a little bit of cleavage. Her dyed blonde hair was straightened and her black boots complement the outfit very well. She wore the right amount of accessories with it but the best accessory was her big round baby bump. Aden had seen her in this dress before but definitely agreed the bump made her look ten times better.

Aden nervously came closer to his gorgeous looking wife and held her hips. She gulped with anticipation as he began to seductively kiss her neck. She responded by kissing his lips, warmly and passionately. They continued to kiss keenly as Aden began to lead Belle into her bedroom.

“Aden, we have to go”, she said unwillingly, pulling him towards the back door.

“Babe, can’t we have a bit of play time before we go to Nic’s 21st, that dress is doing my head in” he replied staring at her seductively.

“They’ll be plenty of play time afterwards”.

“Promise”, Aden winked at her.

“ARGHHHH”, she yelled, clenching her teeth in pain.

“That doesn’t sound very promising”, Aden joked but then his look became serious when he saw the throbbing in his wives eyes. “Babe are you ok, what do you want me to do”, Aden said caringly.

“Aden, ARGHHH, I think playtime has been cancelled for tonight”, Belle said in agony.

“What do you mean?” Aden asked a little disappointed.

“Look”, Belle screamed looking down at the ground.

“Oh God, oh God, Belle you’ve wet your pants!” Aden exclaimed starting to panic.

“You idiot, my waters have broke”, Belle yelled at him hysterically.

“I know that but what do I do?” Aden said running drastically around the place and finally picking up the phone to ring Rachel.

“Rachel, Rachel, it’s Aden”, Aden said a hundred miles per hour.

“Aden, hey, what’s wrong?” Rachel said concerned at the man on the other end in hysterics.

“Baby boo is coming early what do I do?”

“Firstly remain calm, I don’t know if you realise this but babies come into the world every day”, Rachel joked. “I need you to time Belle’s contractions and then bring her in the hospital. Do you think you can do it?”

“Yeah, I think I can Rach”, he replied a little unsure of himself.

Aden timed the contractions to be 4 minutes and he rushed around getting things ready for Belle and the baby. He got some of the little teddies he had bought his little child and especially packed the top that said Daddy’s little rascal.

“Some people have it easy”, he joked to Belle who was lazing around on the couch while he was running around everywhere.

Belle gave him the greasiest look ever replying, “I’ll be happy to swap job positions, with you mister”.

“Nah babe its fine, your doing such a good job”, he winked back.

He then went to his beautiful wife her was sitting on the couch and held out his hand.


“Hey Belle”, Rachel said entering the cubicle, “how you doing”, she asked?

“Fine, I think I’m doing better than Daddy over here”, Belle laughed pointing to Aden.

Rachel laughed and said, “at this stage everything is going well, it looks like the baby won’t arrive until another couple of hours”, Rachel said to a disappointed Aden and Belle. They wanted to meet their little baby now.

“Argh”, Belle cringed. “Tell me how I got into this”

“Well, how I recall it”, Aden said with a smile. “It all started when you first laid eyes on me, you instantly fell in love”, he joked.

“In your dreams, prince charming”, Belle laughed back nudging him.

“Well actually that is what has happened in my dreams”, he nudged her back before placing a wet, loving kiss on her lips.

He went down to the end of her bed and started talking where her legs were. “Baby boo”, he shouted. “Do you mind hurrying up a bit, you’re slower than your mother. Mummy and Daddy are dying to meet you”, He shouted.

“Aden! Stop talking in between my legs”, Belle hysterically told him off slapping him.

“Arrggggggg, Aden, Aden I think it listened to you” Belle cried out in pain.

“RACHEL”, Aden yelled as loud as he could, making the hospital shake.


“That’s it babe, one last push, come on push”, Aden encouraged her.

“I AM PUSHING”, Belle snapped back at him.

“Oh my God I see a head, Rachel I see a head, oh my God, Belle you’re having a baby”, Aden cried out in excitement.

“Gee Aden, I never would have guess”, Belle mocked.

“Ok Belle, on the count of three I want you to give me one last push, one, two, three”, Rachel calmly said.


Suddenly everyone’s faces lit up with pride at the sound of a crying baby. Tears quickly built up in Aden’s eyes as his bent down and kissed his gorgeous wife’s teary face.

“You did it, babe. I’m so proud of you”, he whispered into her ear.

Rachel checked the baby’s obs and when she was happy with the results she handed the little baby over to her delighted parents. “Mr and Mrs Jefferies, I’ll like you to meet your little girl”, Rachel informed them excitedly.

“A girl!” Belle exclaimed now finding it too hard to hold back her tears.

Rachel quickly got Belle’s camera and took a few snaps of the most beautiful and loving family she had ever seen.

“Hello baby girl, I’m your Daddy and this beautiful lady over here is your Mummy”, Aden said proudly kissing Belle on the check.

“Belle, Baby girl needs a name. Baby girl is cute and all but when she turns 50 I’m sure she’s not going to be to impressed, babe”.

“Aden, you can give her a name”, Belle whispered to him and placed a kiss on his lips.

“You sure about this babe, because don’t come complaining to me when our daughter’s name is Aden or Tinkerbelle”, Aden winked at her. He looked into her big, brown eyes and behind all the joy and excitement he could see that something wasn’t right.

“Belle, you ok”? He asked with concern.

“Yeah, I’m fine just a bit of pain and a little tiered but that’s what you get for delivering an Aden Tinkerbelle”, she joked and lied. She wasn’t feeling good at all.

Aden continued to look with concern and his anxiousness doubled when he found a whole lot of blood on the bed. Belle found it at the same time and suddenly their faces both dropped and Aden went forward to comfort a worried Belle.

“RACHEL”, Aden yelled, panic evident in his voice.

Rachel quickly ran in and rapidly whisked Belle away for tests.

Aden held his little girl tightly, frightened for his beautiful wife.


“Shh”, Irene said trying to quieten Annie and Geoff as she found Aden sleeping on the chair with his little daughter sleeping on top of him.

“Aww”, Annie said as her heart melt.

Aden slowly woke up to see the Annie, Geoff and Irene in awe of him and his daughter.

“Great”, he said sarcastically, “there goes my bad boy status”.

“Well that’s a good thing”, Annie said pleased.

“Nah it’s not because now I’m more like him”, Aden halved joked pointing at an embarrassed Geoff.

“So have you heard anything about Belle yet”, Irene quizzed looking quite worried.

Aden’s faced automatically dropped and he just shook his head.

“So can I have a hold?” Annie asked excitedly.

“Yeah, I spose so. But only for 1 minute because daddy can’t stand not holding his little Tinkerbelle”, Aden joked.

Right at that moment, a fragile Belle was wheeled into the room by a worried looking Rachel.

“Rachel, what’s wrong”, Irene asked nervously.

Rachel slowly and quietly said, “I think everyone should sit down”.

Aden’s heart rapidly started to pump and Irene gulped at the fright in Rachel’s voice.

“There’s no easy way to tell you this but Belle has had a severe hemorrhage and and”, Rachel said trying to suppress the tears, “she only has a couple of hours left to live, I’m so sorry”.

Aden’s heart stopped beating. Tears burst out of his eyes. He could feel Belle’s hand tightly grasp onto his and he never wanted to let it go. He couldn’t look at her as it hurt too much. He gritted his teeth as the sharpest pain went through his body. Their little girl began to cry as if she could sense that something was not right. Everyone’s faces were full of fright and shock and there wasn’t a dry eye in the room. The worst emotions possible were building up inside Aden, before it all became too much, he stormed out of the room punching a hole in the door.

“Aden”? Belle cried in hysterics, as she painfully watched him leave.

“It’s ok darl, he just need’s space”, Irene sobbed leaning forward to comfort Belle.

Annie and Geoff left the room.

“Irene!” Belle exclaimed. I’m too young to die. The best part of my life has finally just begun and now it’s all been taken away from me. I’ll never be able to hear my daughter’s first word, to take her to her first day at school, to watch her get married and meet my little grandchildren”, Belle cried with tears gushing down her face.

“Oh god and I’ll never have another day left with the incredible man I love”. Saying those words was the most painful thing Belle had ever said.

Irene held onto Belle, tighter than she ever had. She looked into Belle’s scared brown eyes, which was a very big contrast from the first day she met Belle. Belle had always been the confident and feisty girl and one of her very first encounters with Belle was the time when she told Barry’s car. Irene let out a little smile.

“Belle, I remember when I first met you, I had my hands full. You definitely weren’t the easiest kiddo to look after and Barry was even whispering in my ear to let someone else take care of you. But there was no way I would ever do that because when I looked at you, it was like looking at myself. You had the potential to be one of the most beautiful people I have ever met and boy was I right. You have probably made me prouder than any of my other foster kids. The obstacles you have fought to get to where you are now is incredible. I love you as if you were my own daughter”, Irene said calmly trying to hold back the tears.

“Irene, I never would have been half the person I am today without you, Irene”, Belle said honestly. “I know Amanda is my Mum and I love her dearly, I do, but to me you are my mum. When I thought like giving up, you always gave me the strength to get through the other end and because of you I always got through stronger and a better person. There are three days that I will always consider the most important days in my life. Of course one of them is today, when I gave birth to this beautiful girl, the day when I first met the real Aden Jefferies and the day when you let me into your life. I’m so grateful for everything you have done for me, Mum”.

Irene closer and gave the emotional girl the biggest and most loving hug ever as they wept together for the final time.

Belle continued to cry for two hours straight as she said her final words to the people she loved. It was so hard for her to thank her brother, Geoff and her sister Annie but she was so glad she got to spend some of her last hours with them as they were her family. She also said goodbye to Nicole, Lean, Roman, Martha, Mr Stewart, Colleen, Kirsty, Miles, Charlie, Rachel and Tony, who came and visited her in the hospital room. She was so happy that Amanda rang up and she got to thank her for all that she done. She couldn’t stop laughing during her conversation with Drew, which was what Belle needed. She didn’t want her last hours being non stop crying. She even managed to get in contact with Ric and Matilda, which was the hardest phone call she had ever made.

Belle could feel her body slowly giving up and knew that her time had nearly come. She was beginning to get worried that Aden will never come and see her again and that she wouldn’t get the chance to say goodbye to the love of her life.

She held her daughter tightly to her chest, enjoying the very little time she had with her. She already loved that little girl the way a mother loves their child. “You be good for Daddy, won’t you baby girl”.

“Baby girl, I thought we decided that baby girl wasn’t a very appropriate name for our little girl”, a blonde, muscular man joked in the doorway of Belle’s hospital room.

“Aden!” Belle exclaimed in relief.

Aden quickly ran down to Belle kissing her passionately with tears flowing down both their faces.

“Don’t leave me Belle,” he pleaded as a sharp pain stabbed into his heart.

“I don’t want to, Aden”.

They lay together on the bed with their little daughter placed on top of them. It was the perfect moment ever, even though it was going to be shattered apart in a few minutes it would be one of the final and amazing moments that ever happened in Belle’s life.

“I’ve decided on a name, Belle”, Aden said proudly. “Belle, meet your little girl named... named Belle Taylor Jefferies”, he cried.

All of sudden the pain was too much for Belle and she cried hysterically on Aden’s arm.

“I though it was the perfect name as even though we loose you tonight”, Aden gulped, “you’ll still live on in this little girl. Belle, I owe you everything. The person I am today would never exist if it wasn’t for you. If it wasn’t for you I would never have been a father to the most beautiful little girl. I never had experienced real love, until I met you. I didn’t even know what it was but now I understand that when you meet the girl of your dreams, love is the most beautiful thing that can ever exist. Because of you Belle, I was loved and now I can love people as well as myself. I love you Belle Taylor more than you will ever know and I will never stop loving you”, Aden cried softly.

Belle cleared her throat for the hardest moment she ever was going to do in her life. How could she possibly say goodbye to the most amazing person she had ever laid eyes on. “Aden, when I first met you.... you I thought you were a pig”, she laughed. “But than when we first started to work with each other in the diner, I never had more fun with anyone... than I did with you. I was always excited when you were on my shift, even though I tried to.... make you think that I hated you. I couldn’t... believe or understand why I was falling for such a jerk. But falling for that jerk... was the best thing I had ever done... because I got... to meet the man behind... the iron mask and he became... the man that I will love... more than anyone else in the world.”

“Everyone always... comments on how much I.... changed you... but what they forget is... you have actually changed me.... a lot as... well. When I broke... up with Drew... I was a mess... and thought that... I could never love anyone... as much as him... but boy was I wrong. You have... made me a stronger person... than I could ever.... dream of being and we... have survived the most amazing obstacles... because of our love. Aden Jefferies I love you... more than... I could... ever love anyone”, she said slowly and nearly out of breath.

Aden leant in slowly for one final passionate kiss. It was the most beautiful kiss he had ever had and both of them put a life long amount of love into the kiss. It lasted for about 30 seconds until Belle, couldn’t kiss any longer.

“I love you, Belle”, Aden said choking on his tears.

“I love... you... to Aden, goodbye”, Belle said her final words, as her hand let go of Aden’s grasp.

And that was the end of Belle Taylor.

Remembering you falling into my arms

crying for the death of your heart

you were stone white so delicate

lost in the cold

** End Flashback**

Aden sat blankly starring at the photo of him and his two Belle’s. He held his little girl tightly and lovingly in his arms, when he heard a knock at the door. Annie slowly and cautiously walked in. They spoke for a little while until Annie held out a white, delicate piece of paper.

“Just before she... well you know... she told me to give this to you. She wasn’t sure if she would see you again so she wrote you a letter”, Annie softly spoke and left Aden and his daughter in piece.

Aden carefully opened the letter which read,

Dear Aden aka super Dad,

Thankyou for everything, for letting me come in and find the real Aden and for letting me fall in love with you. Being with you was by far the best days of my life and ever since I first fell in love with you, I never stopped loving you. With you, there was never a dull moment, whether you were punching someone’s face in, throwing photographers’ cameras in the water or standing up for the people you cared about. I am so proud of you and I know you’re not going to like this but it looks like you’re no longer a bad boy, Jefferies. I know these next few years will be hard but remember you have so many family and friends who love you and want to help so let them. If you are struggling, look at our beautiful daughter as it will help you to remember all the good times we had as all the good times and love are in her. I hope that one day you will find love again. You deserve to be happy and you deserve to love another girl again. And lastly I just want to remind you that:

you are the best thing that ever happened to me.

Love always,

Belle xoxo

Tears streamed down Aden’s face as he folded up the letter and continued to look at his photos of Belle. He than looked at the little girl that he held in his arms and realised that Belle was right. He could see everything he loved about Belle in his daughter. He gave her a kiss on the head as if he was kissing his beautiful wife.

there was nothing in the world

that I ever wanted more

than to feel you deep in my heart

there was nothing in the world

that I ever wanted more

than to never feel the breaking apart

all my pictures of you

Song: Pictures of you by Angie Hart


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