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To The Stars

Guest Traceve

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Story Title: To The Stars

Type of story: One-shot

Main Characters: Charlie and Joey

BTTB rating: T

Genre: Romance

Does story include spoilers: Sort of, but not really.

Any warnings: No.

Summary: Charlie surprises Joey.

Prompt: To the stars – Movie Quote.

Joey had received a text message from Charlie asking her to meet her at the Police Station at 8:00 at night, she thought it was odd seeing as the place was shut. But Joey decided to go anyways because she was dying to see Charlie. Joey had just thrown on her usual jeans and long sleeved top as she thought she’d only be there for ten minutes, just long enough to have a quick chat. Joey explained to her brother that she was going to Aden’s for a movie marathon and left the house. After a short walk she arrived and saw Charlie waiting for her.

Charlie looked up as she watched Joey walk across the parking lot until she was right beside her. Joey lent against the car and looked straight ahead towards the ocean. The air was filled with silence as Charlie briefly looked at Joey out of the corner of her eye. Joey shoved her hands into her jean pockets and breathed out deeply. Charlie fiddled with the corner of her dirty blue tank top and waited for Joey to speak.

It was another few minutes until Joey finally spoke.

“I haven’t seen you around in ages,” Joey said quietly her eyes not quite meeting Charlie’s.

“I’ve been busy with work,” Charlie lied.

“You have barely said a word to me in two weeks, not since we kissed,” Joey turned to face Charlie.

Charlie didn’t bother to protest because Joey was right.

It was a Tuesday night outside the Surf Club when they had first kissed, it was almost three months after they had first met. The kiss had been cut short because Joey’s brother had spotted them and started yelling at the two of them kissing in public. He had gone of at Charlie more than Joey though because apparently being a Police Officer she should know better and was setting a bad example for other residents.

Since the kiss Charlie had been avoiding Joey, so she didn’t have to talk about it. If she talked about it and acknowledged it the kiss would seem more real. It had been hard to avoid Joey when her thoughts consisted of Joey all the time. It was even harder to avoid Joey when she kept on bumping into her each time she went to the diner before work. It seemed as though whenever you try to avoid someone they end up being all you think about and see.

Joey had tried talking to Charlie each time she saw her, but Charlie had just merely nodded or said a few words and then walked off.

Eventually Charlie had caved to her thoughts and arranged to see Joey.

Charlie bit her lip gently and stopped playing with her top, “It was a good kiss, wasn’t it?”

Joey’s frown slowly turned into a small smile, “It was.”

Charlie let out a small laugh and turned to face Joey. She lent against the car on her side, “I’m really sorry for avoiding you. I guess I was confused because I’d never kissed a girl before and because I’d never really fallen for a girl before either.”

“You’re falling for me?” Joey looked at Charlie trying to read her expression.


Joey removed her hands from her pockets and wiped them on her jeans. When she was nervous her hands tended to sweat a lot. Joey leaned in to whisper in Charlie’s ear.

“Prove it.”

“Ok,” Charlie whispered back to her. Charlie cupped her cheek gently and kissed her. Joey returned the kiss and placed her hands around Charlie’s waist.

When the kiss had finished they pulled apart slowly.

Charlie nodded and gestured to the passenger seat door,” Hop in.”

As Joey let herself in Charlie walked over to the driver’s side and got in.

In silence Charlie started the engine and pulled out of the parking lot.

“Where are you taking me?” Joey asked.

“To the stars.”

Joey looked puzzled.

Charlie laughed, “It’s a quote from the movie Titanic. You’ve never seen it?” Charlie turned to face Joey for a couple of seconds.

“I’ve never seen it,” Joey confirmed.

“You’ve never seen Titanic? Not once?” Charlie was surprised, Joey was the first person she’d met who had never seen it.

Joey shook her head, “I guess I just never got around to it. I’m more of a Notebook fan.”

“Ah, if you’re a bird I’m a bird,” Charlie chuckled.

“So, seriously, where are we going?” Joey asked changing the subject.

“It’s a surprise.”

Joey smiled.

A few minutes later Charlie pulled into the car park at the Diner.

“What are we doing here? Should I be scared? Isn’t the diner shut at this hour? What is the surprise?”

Charlie shook her head and let out a chuckle, “You ask a lot of questions. You’ll see.”

Charlie and Joey climbed out of the car and Charlie led Joey to the door.

“Shut your eyes,” Charlie whispered in Joey’s ear. Joey obeyed and shut her eyes. With Charlie guiding her inside Joey managed not to trip or walk into anything. Charlie helped Joey sit down at the table.

“Ok, open them,” Charlie said softly.

Joey opened her eyes and the first thing she noticed was the expensive looking china in front of her on the table closely followed by the lit candles and the wine glasses. She looked around the room and noticed the lights were dimmed. When her breathing quietened down she heard music quietly playing from the stereo.

“This is too much. You didn’t need to do any of this,” Joey suddenly felt incredibly guilty, like she didn’t deserve any of this. That Charlie went to far much trouble for all of this. Joey then found herself wondering who was paying for it.

“This is my way of apologising for being a grade A jerk,” Charlie smiled and slid into the seat opposite Joey.

“Wine for the young ladies?” Roman asked as he walked over to the table carrying a bottle of wine.

“Definitely too much,” Joey said nervously as she tucked a stray hair behind her ear.

“Yes please,” Charlie answered him. Joey watched Roman pour wine into both glasses.

“I’ll bring out your meals soon,” Roman deliberately let the wine bottle on the table before he walked back into the kitchen.”

“I can’t believe you went to all this trouble,” Joey said once she was positive Roman was out of earshot.

“It was no trouble. It’s easy to do these things when your friends with the chef,” Charlie grinned.

“Have you done this before?” Joey asked curiously. Joey ran her fingers along the white tablecloth feeling the fabric on her skin.

“No,” Charlie admitted.

“My brother thinks I’m at Aden’s house for a movie marathon,” Joey finally managed to smile since setting foot into the room.

Joey continued on,” If I had known this was what you had planned I would have made myself look much more presentable. I would have at the very least not have worn my hair in a ponytail.”

“You look beautiful,” Charlie truthfully said, “Even with your ponytail.”

Joey blushed slightly, “Thanks, so do you.” Joey felt her stomach do a flip-flop when Charlie reached across the table and gently brushed her hand against Joey’s hand.

“How about make a toast, to new beginnings?” Charlie asked.


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