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Axle Whitehead wants to be a serial killer

Guest **Julie**

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Home and Away's Axle Whitehead wants to be serial killer

The Daily Telegraph

March 4 2009

THE acting bug has bitten Axle Whitehead and, for his new role, he has experience to draw on.

The performer, who made national headlines for exposing his privates to Australia while presenting at the 2006 ARIA Awards, is playing a high-profile rocker making waves of his own on Home And Away.

Whitehead entered the spotlight six years ago, when he made the final cut in the Australian Idol series before going on to present Video Hits. He has no regrets about his bumpy ride and, reflecting on his past disgrace, believes it may have turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

Following the success of his 2008 debut album Losing Sleep, Whitehead, 28, set himself career challenges and is expanding his repertoire.

“When that thing happened at the ARIAs, it was time to move on to the next stage of my life,” says Whitehead.

“Next, I would really like to get involved in films and productions.”

Raised on a farm in Victoria, he has been studying acting for the last 18 months. Having interviewed some of the world’s biggest musical acts, including Duran Duran and Justin Timberlake, one would expect him to have a grip on his nerves. However, Summer Bay’s latest recruit was sweating it on his first day on set.

“When I first saw the script, I was horribly nervous,” Whitehead admits.

“(In my) first scenes I was yelling during an argument and then bursting into tears, which went

well with how I was feeling.”

As for his acting ambitions, he has his sights set on portraying a serial killer, similar to John Jarratt’s character in the Australian outback horror flick Wolf Creek.

“A serial killer would be great … Hannibal Lector-style. But, I have a long way to go yet.”

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