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Second Best

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Story Title: Second Best

Type of story: One Shot

Main Characters: Aden, Belle, [my own character] Jake

Other characters Mentioned: Mattie, my own character, Lindsay

BTTB rating: G

Genre: Romance, Drama.

Does story include spoilers: No

Any warnings: Don't think so

Summary: its nearly prom... and somebody is fed up with playing second best...

Enjoy =]

Second Best.

I have never liked being second best, it has never been much fun.

This guy I must have liked for forever, Jake, thinks that new girl, Lindsay, is the greatest thing to ever happen, but I know she is just using him. But it hurts to watch him get hurt he told me he loved me the other day that I mean his life to him. And how it hurts to see me upset. But then one-thing changes, and nothing is the same anymore. Sometimes I want to watch him fall and get hurt, but then I would just get hurt myself. The only thing I can do is to watch.

It was a few days before prom…

He has asked her! I can’t believe it. When will he realise? But he isn’t my problem; he never has been, not for years. I hurt him, and he hurt me more, but I’ve never really got over him. It looked as if I was going to be alone again, much to Aden’s delight.

I cant remember how long I have hated Aden, well I didn’t hate him I had a crush on him, but it was only tiny, in fact if it wasn’t for Jake I probably would have asked him out, he always had something to say, and was always stirring up trouble, putting his huge nose into other peoples business, mainly mine, and drawling over me, a little too much. But I knew how much Jake hated me being around Aden, and that was what I needed to make Jake jealous.

The night of the prom…

So, I’ve asked him and yeah, he said yes. I cant believe it, the best looking guy going to the prom with me, Mattie was right, I could do much better than Jake… so I was all dressed up, I had a very subtle pink dress that hugged in all the right places, showing of my curves, just what I needed, to make all the jaws hit the floor… my hair was curled and I had a small tiara sitting on the top if my head, and I was ready to walk out of my house proud. But I couldn’t, well not just yet, I had to wait for Aden to arrive so I could give him his tie, so we would match.

Two minutes after applying my lip-gloss the doorbell went.

“I’ll get it!” my mum called up the stairs.

Once I heard the door shut I decided that it was the right time to make my entrance, I walked down the stairs, not to slow, but not to fast either. Aden's mouth dropped to form the perfect “O” shape.

“Wow” he whispered, “You look stunning.” I couldn’t help but giggle.

We were catching the limo with the other guys from my little crowd. When I slid into the car, it went very quiet. Too quiet, but everyone was looking at including Jake so I didn’t mind.

At the prom…

“Belle, I have something I want to say to you.” Aden whispered as we slow danced to the song.

“Go ahead.” I said slowly.

“I think I love you….” he blurted out.

“What! Since when?”

“I never stop thinking about you… your all I ever need, have needed, and I think I love you. No scratch that. I do love you, yeah I love you.” he said proudly.

What I hadn’t realised was that; Jake had come up next to me and had heard all of what Aden just said.

“But Bella, I love you also, think I always have, but I never saw that until now, when you climbed in the car, I knew it was you I wanted and not Lindsay, you were right all along, you always were. The best thing was standing in front of me the whole time”

“You cant do this to me, its not fair” I cried at Jake, “I have been there for so long but you wouldn’t listen, you never listen, but know I have decided to move on, YOU cant take it that your not the centre of my world anymore.”

They were both right by my side, declaring their undying love for me, then somebody hit the lights, and I knew it was time to make my move… And then I kissed him. I knew it was wrong, I should be doing that with him but he was like my oxygen and suddenly it wasn’t so hard to breath again the big gapping whole in my heart wasn’t a big dominant part of my life. I shouldn’t be feeling this for him of all people… but when he kissed me back... it was like it was the same for him… that he needed me to be there with him… to make him whole again.

Now I thought about it, Aden's nose, wasn’t really that big… =]

I had found the person I needed and, they needed me back. I was happy, and I wasn’t second best to Jake anymore, I was first best, the only best to Aden. My world, my life, my love.


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