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December Mourning

Guest karter

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Tittle: December Mourning

Length: Short/Medium

Characters: Roman, Aden, Geoff, Belle, Nicole.

Genre: Tragedy

Rating: (T)

Spoilers: None

Warnings: Death and things that go with it, maybe a bit graphic

Summary: A father looses a daughter, a brother looses a sister and a boy looses the girl he loves. Tragedy and how it can rock a small group of people.

Warning: Just a slight warning to be safe, there is death in this chapter not in detail but still.

A/n- This one is short because it’s an opener but the chapters will get longer, hope you like it.




Rain lashed the windows, thunder rumbled and the lights flickered. Aden shivered, his body saturated, his black shirt and jeans sticking to his body like a lollipop to carpet.

People passed him in the hallway; the light in the hospital was murky despite the generator which gave them the only power in town. There was the sound of sneakers on the floor and he took the cup of coffee that was stuck in front of his face. He looked up as the person moved across from him and offered a second cup to another hunched figure looking much like him, but shivering even worse and dripping more water.

The figure shook his head and Belle sat down next to him, silently taking a sip of the previously offered drink.

“Any news?” she asked softly.

No one replied so she took that as a no.

There was another sound of feet on the lino but this time heels, clicking their way down the hall. Aden looked up into Rachel’s impassive face, he asked her silently with his eyes.

She swallowed, “You better come.” She looked across at the other figure who slowly raised his head, “You too Geoff.” She whispered.

So they walked, Belle slipping her hand into Aden’s as they went, Geoff walking alone behind them, his soggy trainers making an uncomfortable squelching sound on the floor, the light above their heads flickered again.

The generator was failing and the storm outside was only getting worse.


Roman fell to his knees, the height was more convenient. Julie stood in the door way behind him protectively. He moved his damp hand to the railing of the hospital bed, the metal was cool to the touch, he leaned forward and rested his head against her chest, her skin was colder, not warm like it should have been.

He sniffed, and water from his hair mingled with the tears from his eyes, “Nic…” he whispered.

He swallowed and slid his hand to her unmoving one, resting by her side; the nails had red beneath them, blood. He squeezed her fingers, hoping, praying she could feel it.

Her hand still didn’t move. Her eyes remained open but they didn’t look at him, their blue colour dull, fading slowly.

“Please,” he swallowed, his throat clogged… “Please,”

She didn’t move. Her chest splattered with scarlet didn’t rise, her heart didn’t beat. She didn’t live.


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Thanks for the lovely comments you guys, the next few chapters will take place before the prologue.


Chapter 1


Rain pounded the windows of the diner as damp customers continued to pack into the diner in search of warmth and food. Power was out in the whole town, the grid had been down for the last couple of hours and even the street lights were blackened.

The diner had been reduced to gas and stove cooking it didn’t really put a dent in their menu so they were one of the busiest places in town.

Roman looked up from the bench as another crack of thunder shook the ground. Irene entered the kitchen carrying some finished plates; Belle swiftly took them off her hands. “What about this whether.” She observed dusting her hands on her apron.

“I just got a call form Jack, we’re going to have to take the long way home, the roads are flooded, cars can’t get through.” Irene shook her head with a slight frown.

“I should try to get down to the beach.” Belle said as she dropped the plates into a tub of soapy water, lit by flickering candles on the bench. “They’re will be some great shots.”

Irene looked disapproving, “Not anytime soon love, radio says it’s only going to get worse.”

“So much for summer.” Belle scoffed.

“Let’s just hope it’s cleared by weekend, or we’ll loose a lot of our crowds.” Roman added as he finished a line of onion and slid them onto a plate.

“Hey Roman,” that was Aden’s voice as he poked his head around the door, “we’re going to need some more candles out here, it’s getting pretty dark.”

Not looking around he answered, “There should be some in the first draw, we stocked up this morning.”

Aden shook his head, “All out.”

Roman looked around. “Yeah?” he asked frustrated, Aden nodded and he sighed, “I can go and get some from the house, we’ve got plenty.”

“So do we.” Belle chimed in.

“Now wouldn’t be the best time for you to leave.” Irene pointed out, “we’ve already lost Leah to flu and Colleen to the city, can we call someone to bring them in?” she suggested.

Roman thought about it for a minute, “Well…” he said slowly, “Nicole’s at home but she’s grounded I’d rather not give her a reason to go out.”

“I’d ask Geoff, but he’s got that captain’s day tomorrow he’s been prepping for it all day.” Irene shrugged.

Roman bowed to the unavoidable, “Okay,” he said, wiping his hands and handing Aden the last two plates he had just finished, “I’ll give her a call.”


The static was unbelievable, Nicole winced as he dad’s voice faded in and out, “What car do you want me to take?”


“I’m not insured on your car.” She pointed out, only having legitimately gotten her licence a few days ago.

“F—ine….but be car—ful.”

“Promise dad.” She crossed her fingers out of habit, “Now,” she said, “do you want scented or plain candles?.”

She could imagine him rolling his eyes at her over the phone, “Nic—ole.” He scolded sounding like an old beat up radio over the haze.

She smiled, “Okay, okay I’m going, give me fifteen minutes and I’ll be there.”


She’d never seen so much water, the windscreen wipers were working over time, going back and fourth but not really making a difference, she could barely make out the road with her murky headlights.

There was flash of yellow and a spark, lightning had struck a tree, a second before one of its braches fell in front of her car.

She swerved, her breaks useless, thunder boomed a second after the lightning, the sound matched the squealing of tires.


Fifteen minutes had passed, twenty, then thirty, it really was getting dark and Roman was getting agitated as another crack of lighting illuminated the busy diner, Aden peered at him through the dark, “Where has she got to?” the elder man asked.

Aden shrugged, “Probably got caught up at Bibleboys, they’re probably making out on the couch.”

Roman rolled his eyes and retreated back to the kitchen to give his wayward daughter another call, he’d already left a message, she’d be grounded even longer for this.

Thunder rumbled as he dialled, he paused for a moment when an automated voice came on informing him that his service was down. Great. He stamped his foot. Now the towers were on the fritz as well, how much worse could this get.


Her head lights were still on, shining into the gloom, the only light in the dark. Even the street lights were out. But the light was bent, refracted, because the headlights were, split down the middle by a telegraph pole, the headlights flickered and died.

Thunder rumbled and a flash of lighting illuminated Nicole’s face, rested on the dashboard, eyes closed, surrounded by the broken glass of her former windscreen and covered in red, dripping scarlet onto the tarmac of the slicked road as the rain continued to fall and chill her to the bone.

Thunder shook the ground as hail started and began chinking off the roof of her totalled yellow car.


Let me know what you think. :)

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Thanks for the feedback guys, really appreciate it. :)


Chapter 2


Geoff got a call, not much of one, but Belle managed to communicate in the few seconds her phone kept running that if Nicole was there she ought to get her butt moving. He had frowned confused, before another clap of thunder made Annie and Ruby jump, spilling over their tokens in a game of monopoly.

Geoff looked over at them as they giggled, looked down at his speech for tomorrow, stood in one swift move and retrieved his keys from the hook, closing the door with a click.


Roman had never been more annoyed with his daughter, well, he probably had but right now he couldn’t remember it. They had resorted to a few measly birthday candles Aden had found in a draw to help them in the clean up, they’d had to close early, not being able to see had become a bit of a problem.

Irene had rolled her eyes, Aden had done the same but with more affection and Roman had sighed heavily.

He closed the door with a click and fumbled with the keys while the others made a mad dash to their cars. Aden had grabbed Belle half way kissed her and laughed as she slapped him on the shoulder; apparently he’d always wanted to do that.

Roman made it to the car dripping and had started the car irritated, Aden had known this immediately and had switched on the radio which continued to give reports on the worsening storm.

Aden twiddled the dial until they found a music station and sat in silence as Roman drove ten under the speed limit, water often splashing over the hood of their car.


Geoff had almost hit the other car, he had screeched on his breaks at the last and pulled to the left avoiding the collision by a breath. He jerked painfully in his seast, his hands gripping the wheel too tight, that is, unitll he realised what car he had almost hit. With fumbling fingers he got out, into the torrential downpour, he couldn’t see, his headlights gave him a dim outline and a fleck of yellow pain, a body hunched over in the front seat. He swallowed, a shiver running up and down his spine.

And then he ran, his joggers slapping and sloshing through the flooded street that was already up to his ankles, he reached the car bent inwards at the telegraph pole and opened the door with a loud metallic scream, it’s twisted metal protesting. Her arm fell, slapping the side of the car, no longer held up by the door, her shoulder was limp. She was still.

“Nicole," he was surprised at his voice shaking, but even more surprised at his hands shaking as he gingerly reached for her shoulders and pulled her back from the dashboard.

Her head lolled resting instead on his shoulder there was a blast of lightning and he could see her face, red and grizzly, her eyes were closed. “Nic.” He whispered his voice so soft it was lost in the sounds of the storm.

With gentle hands he rested her body against his as he reached around to undo the seatbelt, it unshackled easily and she leant against him more. Like he was carrying glass or a china doll he lifted her from the car and rested her on the ground, still in his arms, water swilled over them, and another flash of lightening revealed the water was turning pink, the white of her shirt contrasted with a spider like shape of red just above her belt buckle. He swallowed. Part of him wanted to run, carrying her all they way to the hospital with unimaginable speed, but the other just wanted to stay, to keep her still, the keep her safe, leave everything as it was because he couldn’t make it worse.

He readjusted himself, protecting her with his body from the rain, it slapped against his back sticking his shirt to his skin. He felt like he would never be dry again, never be warm again.

“Nicole?” he whispered again.

He moved his face to hers resting his forehead against hers and listening, listening to the sound of the rain, she was silent, he couldn’t hear her breathing, but he could feel it. In her neck, blood still flowed through her body her heart still pumped. She was alive.

Again every bone in his body ached to lift her in his arms, take her to the car, get to the hospital, save her, but he didn’t because all his head wanted to do was keep her here, keep her safe until it just all fixed itself.

“Nic.” He tried again.

She swallowed her throat barley working, somewhere in the back of her head among all the swirlyness and colour she could hear his voice.

“Nic please wake up,” the water was getting higher, getting colder.

She swallowed again and her brow, sticky with blood, furrowed in confusion, her lips moved, “…Ge-off?”

He held her even more carefully, not wanting her to break.



Light flooded the area, Geoff looked up his eyes burning in the change, two beams of light headed towards them getting closer and closer, he tried to cry out but his throat didn’t work any longer, he wanted to wave his arms in the air, beg for help, but he wouldn’t let her go.

The lights stopped, meter’s from him and there was the sound of doors banging, the light was interrupted as two figures barred their way, two human figures against the storm.

Then they were running towards him, bending down next to him and he blearily became aware of Aden and Roman water running down their bodies next to him.

Roman took her from his arms and Geoff’s heartbroke. “Nic?” Roman whispered holding her even more gently then Geoff had.

Her lips moved again, “Dad?” and she almost smiled.

“I’m here baby.”


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This will be the last chapter for a while guys, holiday time our way, so to everyone, have a happy Xmas and thanks again for all your woderful comments. :D


Chapter 3


Rachel had never seen a scarier sight, three men bursting into the ER, silhouetted by the lighting in the background.

And then people had been yelling, she’d somehow registered that she knew the three of them and that she knew the girl who was placed in her arms and then on a transfer bed.

It was only after all the transfusions, the surgery, the stitches, the CPR did she remember who it was.

When Nicole’s heart stopped she realised who it was.

When, her patient had whispered, “Dad...where did you go?” And then she’d swallowed and her lips parted, her eyes opened and her shoulders dropped back. Then Rachel remembered her.

After they’d tried, bells and whistles, tried everything, tried everything over and over again.

When she looked at her watch, beneath her latex glove, “10:15.” She hesitated, “Time of death, 10:15.” Then she remembered who Nicole was.


It had been Julie who told Roman, Rachel had to be cleaned up, backwards prepped and she was just the smallest bit relieved by that.

Julie had walked toward him, standing, his arms wrapped around himself, water still dripping from his body, head tilted downwards.

She had seen him like this before, just once, after he’d come to the hospital brought by the ambulance officers, bloody, bruised and smudged. He had looked just like this. Fretting over the fate of his little girl.

“Roman.” He didn’t move.

“Roman?” he looked at her this time. She swallowed and prepared herself for what was to come.

“I’m sorry.” He thought about that for a split second before he walked straight past her and Julie had swivelled hastily, he hadn’t looked like that before.

She followed him.


Aden had felt like this once before, when his mother had died. He’d felt this helpless then. He had felt like a robot when his dad had hugged him then and he felt like one now when Belle slipped her arms around his waist and hugged him.

But things were different this time, he’d pushed Belle away and for a second she had been shocked until she saw him grab Geoff by the arms, he had staggered, his slippery feet giving way underneath him. Aden held the younger boy up before lowering him gently to the floor.

Geoff stared straight ahead unable to move, unable to talk or thank Aden for his help. No, he just stared; feeling like his whole body was being pumped with lead, white-hot searing lead that burned out his insides, burned out his brains made him feel like a zombie, a zombie with nothing left.

Aden had swallowed and straightened back up again, he looked past Belle but still addressed her, “Where’s Roman?” he asked.

Belle’s voice was soft, “He must be…” her eyes flicked to the left.

Aden didn’t even look at her as he went, he by passed anyone who dared ask him where he was going and didn’t stop until he found the room, darkened, but not by the storm, someone had turned off the lights. Still he could see, better then he wanted to.

He had never seen Roman cry before, it had been something he had secretly admired, something had had secretly liked, idolised in the older man.

But now he didn’t give a damn about his rose-coloured glasses. Roman sobbed, tears sliding down his cheeks and splattering the already wet ground, he was on his knees, his grimy hand entwined with hers, holding it so tight it was liable the bones would break, but it didn’t really matter anyways.

Roman’s head rested on her shoulder, his forehead pressed against her skin, it was ashen now, grey instead of bronzed and gold.

Aden didn’t know what he was going to do, but he settled for walking over to them, stopping at just the right distance.

It didn’t seem fair, no one ever thinks it does, but to Aden it really didn’t. Not Nicole, not this way, she was too much of a character to go out like this, it should have been something fun, daring, exiting, truth be told he couldn’t think of specifics but he knew this wasn’t right, it wasn’t right for Nicole at all.

“Aden.” He jumped slightly; he hadn’t known that Roman was aware of his presence.


Roman swallowed and he stood shakily, still not letting go of her hand, “I-I have to call Nat.” he shook, “She has to know.” Another tear ran down his face.

“I’ll call her.” Aden volunteered without even thinking about it. All he knew was that he wouldn’t pull Roman away from her. For ever if he had to.

“I’ll do it now.”

Roman swallowed, “The phone’s in the car.” He said shakily.

“Okay,” Aden had nodded slowly, before backing out of the room, turning back to look at them as he left.

Roman went back down to his knees, his eyes filled with tears again, he lifted her hand to his lips and kissed the back of it gently, “I’m so sorry Nic.” he shuddered, his breath warm against her frosty skin, Aden didn’t know it at the time, but he’d never heard truer words.


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Thanks for all the feedabakc guys, i hope you all had a good christmas. Here's a small update. :)


Chapter 4


Aden made several phone calls that night, the first to a fretting Annie and Ruby who had been barricaded at the former’s house waiting on news, all they knew that there had been accident. Ruby had gone very quite, thanked him and hung up.

He was standing under the awning out the front of the hospital, rain was still falling but the thunder and lightning had subsided for the moment, the telephone lines had returned to relative normalcy.

The second had been to a bemused and stuffy sounding Leah who he didn’t give the details to; she would find out somehow, he couldn’t bring himself to explain it all; he had to save his courage for the next person.

The number was easier enough to find, she didn’t pick up the first time but he tried again until a frazzled and frustrated Natalie Franklin answered the phone. “What!” damn she sounded like her daughter when she was angry.

“Miss Franklin,” he started awkwardly not knowing how to address her, she had told him before to call her Nat but he couldn’t bring himself to do it. “ I…are, it’s Aden,” there was a pause, “Aden Jefferies, I live with Roman.”

“Oh,” she said as she finally recalled who she was talking to. “Aden do you know what time of night it is?” she asked trying to keep the annoyance out of her voice.

“I didn’t realise.” It was true he hadn’t been paying attention.

“Well what do you want?”

How could he explain? He didn’t have any time to ponder and just blurted out the first thing that came to mind. “It’s Nicole…something’s happened.” he stuttered loosing his nerve half-way through.

There was telling silence on the line and Aden could practically see her picturing all the scenarios, “She’s…she’s….” he couldn’t say it. His throat seemed to clog on purpose just to foil him.

“She’s not okay is she?” Natalie asked her voice impossible soft, Aden heard her swallow hard. He did the same, “No…ahh, she’s…” he licked his lips and closed his eyes, “She’s dead Nat.”

A second later he was hung up on and dead air filled the silence mingled with the screaming in his head.

He stared at the mobile in his hands, about to throw it back into the car and return to the hospital when another terrible thought crossed his mind, feverishly, like he couldn’t do it fast enough he tracked down Morag’s name in the list.

Like a child, in the back of his mind something was still hoping she could fix everything.


Geoff was dimly aware of what was going on, of Irene forcing him into a seat at the table, of the microwave heating up some soup and Annie and Ruby hovering off to the sides not knowing weather to look at him or not. He was aware that Belle hadn’t let go of his hand since they had left the hospital.

Aden had rung just as they walked in the door, he had barley registered the sound.


Roman had been sitting cross-legged on the floor by her bed, Rachel’s significant influence at the hospital had allowed him to be left alone for while and he had been a bit surprised when Charlie had appeared in the door, a darker, slicked coat over her uniform. Jack was over her shoulder respectively standing back.

“Roman?” Charlie stepped hesitantly into the room.

“What Charlie?” he was surprised at the strength in his own voice, he was surprised at how angry it sounded.

She sighed, not wanting to do this, “Someone reported the accident.” She said softly, “We recognized the car.” She swallowed and her soft brown eyes swivelled slowly to the lifeless body next to Roman, Nicole’s eyes were still opened, glassy and staring non-stop. Charlie looked away.

“We thought we’d come see—“

“How I was?” Roman cut her off, his voice again containing an edge he didn’t know he possessed.

Slightly taken aback by the interruption Charlie nodded.

“I’m fine Charlie, thank for asking.” He said not moving from his spot on the ground his face impassive.

An awkward silence surfaced and Charlie took a step back out the room, not looking at him, “We’ll deal with everything, the car…you just take care of yourself.” She left then Jack following after her, his eyes taking in one more look of Roman sitting next to his daughter’s body, face like stone.


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Thanks for the lovely comments guys, something's off in this chapter, i just don't like it, but it's the best attempt so far so i hope you like it. :)


Chapter 5


It was the morning after and a slight rain was still falling as Summer Bay’s residents began surveying the damage, at some point early that morning Jack had dropped Irene’s car off out the front of her place, the interior on the driver’s side was pretty much wrecked as was the radio but no one really noticed.


It was Morag who had got them out. She’d driven the whole night, not tiring once, Ross had understood and she had braved the storm to be there. It was a bit ironic actually.

But lucky. Only she could have got Roman off the floor, him and Aden now sat in the hospital cafeteria, cups of coffee and decent meals in front of them, she had glared until they had at least taken a few mouthfuls. Now a silence reigned.

“Roman?” He didn’t look at her. “Roman.” She said loudly.

He looked at her, “Here’s what were going to do, Rachel has volunteered to drive the pair of you home, her shift is over. When you get there I suggest you go to sleep, both of you are exhausted—”

“If you think either of us can get to sleep—” Aden snapped annoyed.

“You will.” Morag shut him down, “And it’s the best thing you can do. I will handle everything here and when I come back tonight we will sort everything out then. But right now my main concern is you lot.”

Aden had closed his mouth and looked back at his plate, Roman had said nothing, he hadn’t spoken at all since last night.


Geoff woke up with surprise, he had no idea how he had got to his room let alone how he had managed to fall asleep, for a split second he wondered why he felt so murky, why a set of his clothes was on the ground in a wet heap dampening the carpet.

And then he remembered and all of a sudden wished he was asleep again, he buried his head in his pillow and prayed for it all to be a dream, for it all to be some night mare.

Our father who art in heaven


Morag had nodded silently to Nurse Julie before she slipped into the room and was immediately assaulted with the roaring silence, she stood placidly for a moment, trepidation filling her veins, she could see form there, but needed to get a better look, for no apparent reason.

She stepped softly, softly to the bedside and almost held her breath. She swallowed taking in the sight of the equally most-wayward teen she had ever had the pleasure to meet.

It was amazing what people looked like when there was no life left in their body, she had read once it was like sleeping, total tripe in her opinion, this was nothing like sleeping.

The worst was that most of the blood had dried; rusty red covered her face, her arm and her chest, staining her skin and clothes.

Morag took a breath, reached up a gentle hand and brushed a lock of Nicole’s blonde, splashed darker hair out of her face, pausing to flutter her eyelids closed, hiding away the blue and the first very obvious sign that this girl was no longer alive. Nicole’s eyes no longer shone with mischief and it was that thought that made Morag cry. A single tear slipping from her cheek.


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Not many chapters left now, here's a small update. Thanks again for all your comments guys. :)


Chapter 7


Irene had come in, and after putting it off for several awkward moments had pulled, Leah and Colleen into a corner, she’d explained in the quickest way possible and after their jaws had dropped she went back to work, trusting them to make their own assumptions and for once believing that Colleen wouldn’t gossip.


Roman was sitting on the couch, the throw rug pulled up to his chin when the doorbell rang, for a moment he considered not getting it, but when he thought of a possible distraction if only for few minutes he mustered the energy.

Martha had been there. She didn’t say a word just stepped lightly forward and wrapped her arms around his waist hugging him, almost crumpling the rose she had brought with her. Roman couldn’t even manage to hug her back, a few days ago and his stomach would have been alive with butterflies but now it just felt like another lead weight had appeared.


Geoff had been surprised when the door had practically been knocked over by someone knocking loudly and constantly, curiosity almost drew his attention away from his depression before he opened the door.

Instead, surprise did it for him, he hadn’t expected Nicole’s mother to turn up on his door step.

“Miss Franklin.” He had stuttered. She had seemed feverish, talking in a rush.

“It's Geoff right?” she had only vaguely remembered where he had lived but she was sure this was him.

He nodded.

“My daughter,” she stuttered, “Nic…you two were…still together?” it took Geoff a moment to realise it was a question.

His throat closed over and the tears threatened again, he nodded.

And that seemed to break her, she gave a humourless laugh and leaned heavily against the door frame, “I really didn’t know her at all.” She whispered softly and then without another word she turned on her heel and left, walking flat footed back to her car.

Geoff closed the door with numb fingers before he slumped, his back sliding down it’s surface, he pulled his knees to his chest and bit his lip so hard it bled.

And for the second time in his life he thought just for a second that god didn’t exist.


The house was eerily silent when Morag got home, she dropped her keys gently on the coffee table and looked around, not a single light was on in the house, near the door a single white rose was in a glass of water, that was the only change.

She removed her jacket and rubbed her arms at the sudden chill, she had just finished everything up at the hospital, she’d have to call Ross later make sure he was alright, but now her main priority was the other two men in her life.

She found them in the kitchen, sitting at opposite sides of the table, Aden was slightly more animated then Roman who looked, at best catatonic, Aden managed to give her a small smile as she entered the room. “Did you sleep?” she asked.

He nodded, “A little.”

“Good.” She said, “Everything has been taken care of, everyone can just relax for a while.”

“Martha stopped by,” Aden added, taking over the conversation, “she left the flower.” He jerked his head in that direction.

Morag nodded unable to think of a comment, “Have you eaten?”

Aden shook his head.

“Eat out or in? I can cook.”

“Take-out?” Aden suggested and Morag nodded satisfied, despite the lack of tone in his voice.

“I’ll just order chinese for three.”

She was half way to the phone when Aden’s call stopped her, “Wait…make it for four.” He said.

She’d looked a bit confused before he stood up, “I’ll go get Geoff.”

She took that with a smile as he left the house without a word. The door clicked shut and she was left in the silence, peering through the kitchen she spied Roman still sitting, like a rag-doll with a face of stone. She shivered again and told herself it was just the cold.

The house, she mused, felt supremely empty.


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Thanks Laurzy :)


Chapter 8


Roman had contributed once, Aden had wanted to do it, organize everything, Morag had of course been helping.

But when it had come to flowers, Roman had spoken for the first time in days, “Tiger lilies.” Was all he said.

Aden and Morag had looked at each other before nodded and then adding it to the list.

They’d done the rest in silence, no one had been able to track down Natalie, she’d disappeared and it was apparently something to do with Geoff, although Aden hadn’t pried.


He had returned to school, the walk over had been stilted and disjointed, Ruby and Annie trying to involve him in the conversation, he gave them replies always in the same soft tone of voice.

They would later notice the change from his normal soft tone to the one he had adopted now. It became apparent later that day when they had overheard a conversation between two students, “Too bad huh? She was so hot.”

Ruby had glared disgusted, Annie had frowned but Geoff’s face had broke and it took him less then a second to slam the kids face against the wall, to keep punching him so hard his face looked like mince-meat.

It had been Miles that had pulled him away and Geoff had swung once, his fist slamming into the teachers face. He’d gone down like a lead balloon, and the blonde teen had stood there staring at what he had done, his chest heaving, his fists shaking everyone staring at him. He had shaken his head, dropped his school bag and walked out the front door of the school, everyone watching him go.

It was then that it occurred to the girls, the difference between his soft tones. This one was a quiet fury, the kind that could eat away at you.


Roman sat staring, ignoring Aden’s goodbye as he left for work, he was staring at the photo of him and Nicole, the one Martha had found and caused so much trouble.

He tilted his head for a moment before he remembered something and he bolted upstairs and to his room.

There at the back of his wardrobe in a small dingy shoe box he had stuffed there, was another picture, older and yellowed around the edges, he brushed dust from its surface as he put aside the rest of the things from his past.

A drop of salty water splashed its surface, his vision blurred and through the tears he gave a watery smile, he brushed his thumb over it again.

His baby girl, this time, an actual baby, Nat had never been the sentimental type but she had sent it to him years ago when he had still been in the army, it was captioned on the back “Look what you did.” She had meant it sarcastically as a joke and now he laughed painfully more tears sliding down his face.


Her lawyer would think she had done it for the divorce, oddly a month ago it had been her plan, but now she was just doing it for mindless destruction, the golf club went straight through the glossy screen of the TV, sparks and a crunching of metal proceeded.

She rested the club over her shoulder, gritted her teeth and in one swing hurled in across the room and right through the window.


She laughed tiredly.

Natalie had never been under the impression Nicole was the only thing in her life, but she had always known that she was the best thing in her life.


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I just wanted to thank everyone for their wonderful comments, this is the last chapter and thanks for sticking with this story so far, it's been a bit depressing, but i'll be back to happier fics soon. :P


Chapter 9


The rain was back; its brothers in arms lightning and thunder again plaguing the sky above their heads.

There was no priest, but a man instead, one of Roman’s SAS buddy’s he was the deepest most spiritualistic person Roman had know without being attached to any religion. Roman had made the call, it had been the only talking he had done in days and again he had slipped into his stony silence.

Some had bothered with umbrella’s other’s hadn’t; Roman and Aden stood in the downpour their good suits soaking through. Morag was next to them an umbrella over her head; the ground around their feet was mud.

All Romans friends had turned up, Miles and Kirsty were there, the later crying silently, there’d been too much of herself in Nicole for her not to care.

The diner workers and oddly Danielle Hay, Nicole’s sparring buddy. Aden had managed a smile at that one, Nicole would have cracked up.

Geoff was there to, with Annie, Ruby and the others; he stood silently a bit away from them, not protected by an umbrella, his tears disguised by the rain but no one could deny his heart was broken.

Aden had spared him a glance before knowing that he wanted to be left alone, Aden faced back to the front again and a sharp pain shot through his chest at he looked at the simple scene, a coffin, flowers, tiger lilies as was best, but it wasn’t enough. Not for her, it was far too unspectacular, for someone like her he had always somehow pictured fireworks in his head, he almost laughed at that.

The man at the front stopped talking and Aden stepped forward, his good shoes sinking in the mud, he reached out his hand resting on the cool, oak surface, he managed a smile, just for her a mischievous one.

“I’ll miss you princess.” He whispered his voice only audible to him through the wind and sheets of rain, “Give ‘em hell for me up there.” He could just imagine her flirting with a saint. He did laugh at that, loudly.

Ruby knew what he needed and had retrieved Geoff, nudging him forward, he had shuffled slowly. Licking his lips and for the first time in a while looking up, his tears salty.

“I love you Nic,” he whispered, “I was never supposed to…but I couldn’t help it.”

God she would have teased him, probably winked at him and mentioned something about her womanly wiles. He would have smiled but couldn’t, he didn’t understand her enough yet. Instead he stepped away, as another clap of thunder shook the ground.

Roman was left, last, most people left realising that he needed to be alone, Morag and Aden waited for him a way off, not the slightest bit impatient.

Finally he stepped forward, revealing something crumpled in his hand. He swallowed and finally got his throat working.

“Seventeen years.” He said, “I missed out on seventeen years of your life.” Tears streamed down his face and he couldn’t stop it now, “I’m an idiot Nic. And you were the only one brave enough to tell me,” he shuddered, the cold sapping his energy, “I’m am so, so sorry and yet so happy I got those months with you, that I got to meet you at all.” He took a breath and squared his shoulders.

“I love you Nic and I should have told you that more.” And then he stepped forward laying down the object in his hand, the first photo of her, just a baby but with a new caption on the back under the old one, “Look what I did.” He would have loved to have stuck his tongue out at Natalie for that one. He knew Nicole would have.

She was cheeky like that.




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