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Ace Of Hearts

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Tittle: Ace of Hearts

Type: Oneshot

characters: Aden, Belle, Nicole, Geoff

Rating: A

Gnere: General/Romance

Spoilers: None

Warnings: Some SC

Summary: Aden, Belle, Nicole and Geoff play poker, some are better at it then others.


“Go fish.”

“Geoff we’re playing poker.”

“I thought we were playing cheat.”

Nicole and Aden looked at one another deciding telepathically who would be the one to hit him, Belle glanced between the pair before raising her hand palm side up and cuffing Geoff over the back of the head. “Ow!”

The two other blondes at the table looked at her impressed; she bounced a little in her seat.

“Whatever,” Nicole shook her head, “Your turn to deal,” She scooped up the remainder of the cards and handed them to Geoff, “try to deal them right side down this time.”

Geoff blushed before mumbling something incoherently and tossing the cards out one by one.

Aden watched him for a moment weighing up the options of a quip before he looked at Belle and grinned cheekily, she narrowed her eyes suspiciously, “I still say we could make this more interesting.” He chirped.

Nicole rolled her eyes, “You even think the words strip poker and I hurt you.” She said shortly.

Aden looked at her with a pout, “How do you know what I was thinking.”

She looked at him, deciding on how cruel her answer needed to be, for Belle’s sake she’d keep it Pg-13. “Lets just say that the walls in this house are kinda thin, I hear everything that comes outta that room, I don’t have to guess to know what’s on your mind 24-7.”

Geoff snorted but lowered his head closer to the table as Aden glared at him, Belle looked anxious, “Everything?” she asked.

“Everything.” Nicole nodded.

Belle nodded, tight-lipped, “Awesome.” She commented dryly.

“Geoff there are only five cards in poker.” Geoff stopped more then three quarters of the deck gone form his hand, he blinked, “I thought we were playing hearts.” He said innocently.

Aden and Nicole looked expectantly at Belle, she grinned mischievously, cracking her knuckles gently before raising her hand and knocking it against the back of Geoff’s scull again. “Ow!”

He rubbed the sore spot gently and frowned across at Nicole, “Why are you letting this happen?”

She shrugged, “You’ve been annoying me lately.” She said matter-o-factly.

“Ohh,” Aden cooed, “trouble in paradise.” He teased.

Nicole looked at him passively, “Should I start back on the horror stories of your relationship.” Somehow in the space of an instant her voice turned to a high pitched version of both his and Belle’s, “Its all, I know you want me, Aden stop,” she giggled loudly, “we’re together, oh we’re not, disappointing, what’s that? We’re back together, wow miraculous, damn we’ve broken up again, oh now she’s dating Angelo, oh now she’s dating me and Angelo, I’m not really into that kinda thing—”

“Okay!” Aden clapped his hand over her mouth glaring at her, “Enough of that.”

“Ow!” Geoff’s yelp of pain brought them out of their mental game of battle ship, they looked over, Belle was trying not to giggle while Geoff glared at her, “What was that for?” Nicole asked amused.

“Just for fun.” Belle grinned.

“Can we not make a habit of that?” Geoff asked wryly.

Nicole frowned, looking at the table, before leaning across its surface and slapping her palm into his forehead.

“OW! What was that for?” he asked, hands out in defence.

Aden looked at Belle smugly, “Guess we know who’s the dominant one in that relationship.”

“There are only four of us.” Nicole pointed out, crossing her arms, she gestured to the table where five sets of cards were set out.

“Ministers don’t have to be smart do they?” Aden asked conversationally.

“Nope,” Nicole shook her head, “only good looking.”

Belle raised her hand and in an instant Geoff had leapt from his seat, “Ah! How ‘bout I go get us some food.” He suggested nervously.

Belle actually looked disappointed.

“I’ll help.” Nicole volunteered, leading Geoff to the kitchen.

Aden took the chance to switch seats and find a way next to Belle, he kissed her cheek, “Our relationship isn’t really like that is it?” Belle asked, smiling as he hugged her shoulders.

“Nah, princess is just being a princess.”

“We do break up a lot.” She smiled gently.

“But we get back together which is all that matters.”

“Promise me a week.”

“What?” he asked.

She grinned at him, turning to wrap an arm around his shoulders, “Give me at least one week to be happy with you before we break up again.”

Aden looked surprised, “You think we can only last a week.”

“Well,” She grinned, teasing him, “it is a soap.”


“So you’ll protect me then?” Geoff asked

Nicole rolled her eyes, “Frankly I think you could take Aden.”

“I have actually.” Geoff mumbled.

“Damn, I would have paid to see that.”

“What about Belle?” he asked.

“Hmm,” Nicole thought about it, “Nah, you’ve got her on size and strength but she’s got spirit.”

Geoff leaned his palms against the counter, “How would you describe our relationship.”


“In one sentence.”

She turned to look at him, crossing her arms thoughtfully, there was a few silent moments before she grinned at him seriously, “Just enough trouble to be worth it.”

He smiled at her, pulling her to him and hugging her.

He still didn’t know how to play poker, but this time he was sitting on her side of the table, if he thought for a moment that would save him then he was lucky ministers didn’t have to be smart.


Yeah it doens't really make sense, but whatever, hope you liked it. :)


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