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This has just started repeating in the 6:30 timeslot on Channel 10, and the censoring is worse than I have ever seen. Aside from what I mentioned in the Have a Moan thread yesterday, they just showed Love's Labours Lost in Space (the one where Leela sleeps with Zapp), and the following cuts were made:

* "The Federal Sex Bureau." They didn't cut "A saucy puppet show," or the rotting carcass of a whale," which were suggestes as great places to meet people.

* All the references to Bender's gaydar, except the last one about the energy being who came from a dimension big on musical theatre.

* The line "I have made it with a woman. Inform the men"

* Bender's line, "What's your problem, it's not like you slept with him." This one wasn't too bad, because you could still believe that they'd work it out anyway

Yet they didn't cut

* The bit where Kif accidentally looks up Zapp's skirt

* Basically any of Zapp's attempts to seduce Leela. Including the scene where she wakes up.

Could this make less sense?!

Rant over.

Fantastic episode though, especially now that I've seen Bender's Game. And I love the whole "If William Shatner was the Captain of the Enterprise," concept behind Zapp Brannigan.

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Futurama's just returned in the US, and the first two episodes can be found on Youtube. The opening scene has a hilarious explanation of the wormhole at the end of Into the Wild Green Yonder:

Bender: Yeah, we're back.

Hermes: Sweet coincidence of Port-Au-Prince! We're back at Earth!

Professor Farnsworth: Of course! That was the Panama Wormhole, Earth's central channel for shipping!

Zoidberg: Heh-heh-heh-heh-heh. How humourous.

Professor Farnsworth: Yes, it's sort of a 'Comedy Central' channel. And we're on it now!


Amy: *gasp* I get it!

:D Even better than all the Box Network jokes in Bender's Big Score.

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