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Spoilers! Soaps 2009

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BELLE is beaten up in her own home after protesting about a toxic waste site — and ex Angelo (Luke Jacobz) is the main suspect.

A storm-water drain catastrophe sees Charlie dive down a drain to save Annie and get washed out to sea.

There’s more drama as Kane’s car crashes into the building holding the school dance. A special plot will be filmed in Melbourne when Melody runs away, followed by Miles.



VULNERABLE teen Danielle reveals a shocking secret to Ronnie next year — she’s PREGNANT.

The bar owner (Samantha Janus) finds Danielle (Lauren Crace) squatting in Callum’s flat after falling out with Stacey (Lacey Turner). A soap insider said: “Maybe Ronnie will step in to help this time.”

Meanwhile, Stacey faces trouble when mum Jean (Gillian Wright) gets depressed after the drama over Sean and Roxy. After Jean’s life is put in danger by a fire at the Slaters’ house, Stacey goes to desperate measures to help. Our source said: “It brings back terrible memories of growing up with her mum.”

There’s also wedding strife when Queen Vic landlady Peggy (Barbara Windsor) has doubts about scheming Archie (Larry Lamb).

The insider added: “Archie thinks he’s got away with having Suzy reveal the truth about baby Amy to Sean, but Ronnie is suspicious.”



SCORNED widow Maria will stop at nothing to make Tony pay for Liam’s death — and even tries to KILL the factory boss.

But when mum-to-be Maria tries to bump him off she puts her own life and that of her unborn baby in danger.

Carla begins to wonder if her husband did kill Liam, could she also be at risk from evil Tony?

Meanwhile cheating Steve loses everything when his affair with Becky is rumbled. After Michelle walks out on him, his dithering also makes Becky dump him — and she finds comfort in the arms of ex, Jason.

Can Steve win her back from his love rival?

Weatherfield bad boy David ends up in hospital after a fight with Gary in front of girlfriend Tina.

But he tells police it was Gary’s fault, stirring up the feud between the Platts and Windasses.

Tina agrees to lie for her man in court — but can she pull off her false version of events?

Elsewhere, Tyrone puts his wedding to Molly in jeopardy when he gets arrested on his big day



JASMINE vows to leave the Dales as the pressure of keeping Shane’s murder a secret gets too much.

The teenager finds it hard to let innocent Ross take the blame for her and Debbie’s crime. A source said: “Jasmine begins to crack and decides to move to Leeds with Laurel and Ashley. But will she really be able to turn her back on Debbie?”

Meanwhile, Carl is torn between two lovers as he reignites his relationship with ex Chastity.

Can he risk leaving Lexi when she knows he killed his dad? Rich newcomers the Wylde family cause a stir in the village when they move into Home Farm — headed by power couple Mark and Natasha, played by Maxwell Caulfield and sexy Amanda Donohoe.

Gay barman Paul prepares to reunite with estranged hubby Jonny but will interfering mum Val stop him following his heart?



IT’S another stressful year for copper Calvin as drug dealer Nige turns up alive.

Far from being relieved he didn’t kill the troublemaker, Calvin realises he’s in too deep when it comes to Warren’s criminal activities.



A POSITIVE pregnancy test belongs to either Rachel, Donna or Bridget — and when the truth comes out the freaked-out dad-to-be does a runner. A teen mother!

Sam return and causes big problems for engaged Libby and Dan

Dan is also about to become a father — but is the mum his fiancée Libby or ex-wife Sam?

Sam and Susan have a showdown which leads to Susan being arrested! :lol:

Elsewhere Elle finds Libby’s past relationship with Lucas hard to deal with as her romance with him blossoms.

Legend Harold Bishop (Ian Smith) returns — but is diagnosed with cancer.


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