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Story title: Choices

Type of story: Short/medium fic

Main Characters: Aden and Belle

BTTB rating: A

Genre: Drama

any warnings: sexual references

Does story include spoilers: kind of

Is story being proof read: nope

Summary: Belle, Aden, Nicole, Geoff, Annie, Jai and Melody are stranded on an island.

Belle- It happened in August. We were expecting a fun and exciting experience, to learn about New Zealand’s culture and heritage. Permission slips were filled out by the lucky five Summer Bay high school students were chosen and invited to go on a field trip to New Zealand for 2 months. Aden and I were chosen as mentors to look after the students, guide them and keep order. I never understood why the school principal let Aden become a mentor but for some reason I also had a soft spot for him as well. I was becoming attracted to this young man.

Nicole- It wasn’t supposed to have turned out like this. Why did the engine overheat? Why did we have a crash landing on an island located in god knows where. But now were stuck here, Alone.

Geoff- God has spared our lives and we should be grateful, I surely am grateful that god saved the girl I loved Belle.

Aden- I expected this to be a crappy school trip and as always I’m right.

Melody- I feel safe knowing that Geoff is here on the island too.

Annie- We are all alone, no one knows where we are. We’re lost! No adults, just us seven, who survived the plane crash, the pilots are dead. This wasn’t supposed to happen.

Jai- My family are all dead, pretty soon I’ll be dead too. I’m just hoping the island isn’t as dull and boring as it looks. If we stay here any longer I think we all will go crazy.

(Estimated time of crash landing 2 hours)

“Oh my god I’m starving” Nicole complained as she walked along the beach struggling to keep her high heels on. By the look of Nicole she most likely hadn’t been camping in her entire life. Surviving the island would definitely be a struggle for her. “Hey guys, looks like we’re stuck here” Jai said hopelessly. “Well you’re a smart one, aren’t you?” Nicole said back to him sarcastically. “Guys please. Who knows how long we will be stuck here and yes at some point we might feel like killing each other but we need to cooperate with each other, fighting is going to get us no where” Belle said trying to keep everybody in order. Even though they didn’t make it to New Zealand she still was a mentor of the group. Belle was not willing to give up her position just yet. “Looks like we will be spending the night” Aden told Belle in a very serious tone. She had never witnessed him to be this serious before. “Oh Belle you can sleep next to me tonight....if you want” Geoff said once Belle was alone. “Umm....we’ll see...” Belle didn’t know what to say, she knew Geoff fancied her but she liked Aden. Even though she knew there was no chance of them getting together, she defiantly didn’t want to be with Geoff. Not wanting to break his heart Belle didn’t confront Geoff and tell him she wasn’t interested, she didn’t want to hurt his feelings. Belle hadn’t had a boyfriend for a year now and that’s the way she liked it. However, ever since Aden began working at the diner her feelings of attraction gradually developed, she never allowed herself to give into temptation. Aden would occasionally make smart remarks at her, requesting on the odd occasion for a smooch. Belle would just push him away by telling him he was a complete jerk, which he was, sometimes. “Looks like we will be spending the night here” It was beginning to get dark and no sign of rescue had emerged.

Should I continue? Let me know what you thought of it. :)

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“Ouch, you stood on my foot” It was so dark that Aden couldn’t see a thing, he had accidently swashed her foot with his shoe. Despite it being an accident Aden didn’t regret it one bit. “Sorry, I can’t see a thing” Aden replied back untruthfully. “Who was that” Belle bumped into him as they walked closer to a spot of light. “Sorry, that was me” Belle whispered next to him. Annie, Jai, Geoff and Nicole were walking in a group in front of them. “Okay, me” Aden responded sarcastically he knew it was Belle. But he wanted a name, not the word me. “What are we going to eat tonight?” Aden grabbed Belle’s arm so they could keep together, it was pitch black the two of them could no longer see the other. “I don’t know we have to do something though” Belle held onto his arm. “Like what?” Aden asked in a kind and concerned voice. “I haven’t got a clue, maybe in the morning we can go fishing” Belle said quietly. “So you want to go out on a fishing date with me, how romantic Belle...” Aden said humorously. “Ha-ha you’re an idiot sometimes. You got any better ideas for food?” Light was starting to appear. Belle and Aden could see each other’s faces. “Nah and yes sometimes I’m an idiot, but only for you babe” He giggled. Belle was still holding onto his Aden despite there being plenty of light to see. “I feel so privileged” she looked at him with her eyes brows raised. “Darling you should be” The others were sitting down cuddled in a group, Aden and Belle released from each other and joined the group. “What were you doing talking to Aden for?” Geoff asked as Belle sat down next to him. “Nothing” Belle replied avoiding his eye contact, she glazed out to the ocean and wonder how far the next island or country was. “Yeah right nothing, Belle you should stay away from him. He’s a trouble maker, you know that” Geoff said feeling jealous inside. He was worried Belle might be interested in Summer Bay’s bad boy. “Geoff, if I need a babysitter I’ll let you know” Belle stood up frustrated she didn’t need anyone telling her she couldn’t talk to Aden. “Belle, where are you going?” he noticed she was walking away from the group, worried that she might get lost or hurt he followed. Belle sat away from the group crying, sniffing as she wiped away her tears and nose with her hand Aden quietly walked over and sat down next to her. “Are you alright” he whispered placing his hand slowly and gently on her back, rubbing it tenderly. “Yeah” she sniffed. “You know, you don’t have to pretend with me, I know you Belle. I know when something is up” he said still rubbing her back. She looked at him and smiled. “You know me do you?” Aden smiled back “Sort of, I would like too though” They eyes connected they both were feeling the flutters of butterflies, their heart beating ever so fast. “I should go” Belle started to stand up “Wait” he kissed her hand “Good night” Belle smiled accepting the kiss “Night” she whispered. Meanwhile, Geoff had been watching the two from a distance as he saw Aden kiss her hand a rush of jealous consumed him. “Good night everyone” Annie shouted out loud as everyone lied on the sand. Geoff made sure he was sleeping next to Belle, Aden slept next to Nicole. Geoff slept next to Annie, Melody slept next to Annie also. Jai was sleeping next to no one, he was use to be a loner. Belle couldn’t get to sleep and neither could Aden. As he stared up to the stars, Belle sat up and crawled over to where Aden was sleeping she could see he was also awake “Hi” she whispered. “What are you still doing up, isn’t it pass your bedtime?” he whispered back smiling. Belle then decided to lie down next to him. By morning, as the sun rose early in the morning, Aden and Belle were in a spoon position and were cuddling each other.

Thanks SummerBayLocal for your comment. :lol:

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I hope you enjoying reading this chapter, please leave a comment after you finish reading. Thank you to reading! ^_^

Chapter 3

Belle- What on earth was I thinking sleeping next to Aden last night? I shouldn’t get involved with him in the first place, Geoff is right. At this rate if I don’t make it home in time to obtain more medication I will die.

Belle had been suffering from a life threatening disease since she was two. She needs to take certain medication to keep alive. The disease started with her heart and now it’s affecting her lungs pretty soon it will affect her brain as well. As the disease is in the blood it will eventually make its way to all parts of the body. Doctors believe that Belle can lead a relatively normal life and have a normal life span if she takes the prescribed medication.

Belle felt always pushed people away fearing she might die. Belle didn’t have many friends growing up; when she was in grade 6 she was rushed to hospital because she had collapsed. She has visited the hospital who knows how many times. For the first time she felt a connection to someone, Belle wanted to form a relationship with Aden but she was scared. Scared of hurting him if he got to close, scared that he might reject her.

Aden- I really like Belle, but what if she thinks I’m a weak person because of my past. She deserves someone better than me. I scared that she’ll look at me and she’ll see how big of a loser I am.

Belle- When I look at Aden, he makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I know in the past he has been a complete jerk, but I believe he’s changing, and this time it’s for the better.

Aden- I’ve never met such an incredible person in my entire life. She’s is so amazing. Why do I get so nervous when I speak to her? Of course I just hide it by acting like a complete fool or just ignore her. Man I wish I could be with her and not have to worry about how I will react to intimacy in a relationship. I just want to be with Belle.

Belle- I wish I didn’t have to worry about death. I know the doctors say that I have an eighty per cent chance of a normal life span but still I hate feeling this way, I hate not having any real friends. God, if you really do exist please give me the strength to let go of my fears. I’ll want my in my life at the moment is to be with Aden. That’s all I ask.

As the temperature rose Aden awoke to find Belle down the beach talking with Geoff and Annie. Why wasn’t she still lying next to him? Did he smell bad? Was she too embarrassed to be seen with him? “Good morning!!” Nicole shouted from behind him giving him a fright, he was so deep in thought he didn’t sense someone was behind him. “What do you what princess?” He asked annoyed. “Why are you staring at Belle, Annie and Geoff? She asked wanting to know any details of his reasoning. “I’m not, I’m looking back them” He got up and brush the sand off his boardies. “What’s your problem?” she flung her arm around him in a flirty manner. “Get lost will you” Aden pushed her arm off him, “Fine, geez. You know what I liked you better when we weren’t on the island, your just acting like an idiot ever since we got here” she yelled at him and then stormed off. Annie and Melody were sitting together talking about what they had planned to do in New Zealand.

The weather was becoming worse by the minute. The temperature had risen by 5 degrees. It felt like it was about 30 degrees. Everybody was starting to sweat; the hot and humid weather was a perfect excuse to go swimming however. “Come on people, there is a whole ocean of water just waiting for us to swim in it!” Nicole threw her top off and dived in despite being in her bra and undies. “Sure why not!” Jai screamed and run towards the water wearing his boxes. Shortly after Melody, Annie and Geoff joined the others in the water.

Aden sat on the sand watching them having water fights. Belle was standing out of the water also, noticing him down the beach a little further than what she was Belle walked over to meet him. “Hey” she said trying to keep a friendly and happy tone. “Hell-o” he replied keeping a casual tone. “You not going in?” she asked switching the focus of the same question onto him. “Ah I dunno. Doesn’t look like much fun, does it? I mean not without you!” He said in his teasing tone of voice. “I see.....So are you saying I’m fun to be with?” she looked from Annie and Geoff strangling each other in the water to his eyes analysing every movement as it would indicate his emotion. “I guess so” he shrugged his shoulders “Just a little bit” he convey the word little by using his thumb and his index finger drawing the two closer together showing little space between them. Belle giggled, “I love the way you laugh” he commented smiling. Belle smiled back at him “Thanks” Aden gave her a look of seriousness “So do you want to go swimming or not” Belle looked back at him, her smile fading was disappearing she didn’t really feel like swimming despite the hot and sticky weather “Not” she replied looking the other way “Aww that’s too bad, well tough luck love” Belle looked back at him questioning his last comment “Tough...what” Before she knew it Aden picked her up and threw her over his shoulder running towards the water “No Aden don’t” she screamed hanging upside down.

Aden then hurled her into the water and a massive splash followed “How’s the water babe?” he laughed as he entered the water removing his shirt. He was one of the lucky ones he was wearing boardies so there was no need to take off his pants. “I’m gonna to kill you” Belle chased him in the water. “Ha-Ha” Aden splashed her with a large force of water. “Oh you’re so dead. Get back here right now” The others watched as Belle chased Aden in the water, looking at them oddly they went back to chatting and swimming. Geoff however was watching them like a hawk but pretended to be interested in Nicole and Annie’s conversation about clown fish. “Aden, Aden come here I have something I wanna show you” Aden stood a far distance from her in the water “Oh no, I’m not falling for that” He yelled to her. “No seriously, I want to show you something. Come here!” Aden gave in and swam over to her “Now what did you want to show me sweetheart?” Belle prepared herself “This” she pushed the water hard so that it would splash into his face. “Oh! You’re going to get it now”

The two continued splashing each other for several minutes, laughing and trying to escaping each other. It turned into a cat and mouse game. Geoff was still watching them with a jealous fury. Both breathing deeply in and out Aden came closer towards Belle. They were millimetres away from each other. Aden quickly glanced at her lips and then looked at her eyes. Geoff knew instantly what was about to happen. Aden leant in closer “Belle, come here quick. You gotta see this!” Geoff yeah out to her. Gasping with shock she turned and faced the direction of Geoff “Ah....COMING” she yelled to him. “Wait” Aden whispered grabbing her hand under the water. “I got to go, sorry” she whispered pulling her hand away from his.

The humid weather continued right throughout the day. Worried that Belle might try and kiss Aden again Geoff came up with several excuses to keep her with him. He thought of every possible subject starter to keep her away from him. Aden stayed with Nicole and Jai discussing the soccer, Aden and Jai speaking about actual game however Nicole kept commenting on how hot the guys were. “Nicole, shut up please, we are talking to talk” Jai said angrily. He took his soccer very seriously; it was like religion to him.

“And did you know that staring at a fish tank for twenty minutes lowers blood pressure by 12%” Geoff said as Belle kept glancing over to where Aden was sitting. Geoff could see the profound lack of interest in Belle’s face. “But I guess because we’re at the beach we can stare at the water, which would lower our blood pressure and relax us, there’s no need for a fish tank” he let out a fake laugh. “Geoff, as fascinating as this sounds. I’m going to go and chat with Nicole. Okay?” She was about to stand up “No!” he pulled her down gently “Have I told you about....about...the health benefits of chocolate. I hear medical researchers say that eating chocolate in moderation is actually good for us!” he said with an enthusiastic ton hoping it would catch on to Belle. “Geoff. Is everything alright? You’re acting really weird” she got up again this time Geoff didn’t stop her. “Nah, everything’s fine” Geoff thought if Nicole and Jai remained with Aden nothing could possibly happen.

“Hey guys” Belle came over and sat down next to Jai, acting as normal as possible. Belle thought to herself throughout the long conversation with Nicole about shopping for high heels that if anything was to happen with Aden it would have to be at night when everybody fell asleep, so no one could see or hear the two. It was getting dark was around 7ish and the temperature was slightly dropping but not by much. Suddenly a flash of lightning shone. “Argggh!!” Nicole and Annie screamed in high pitched voices. “Oh come on, it’s just lightening” Aden said rolling his eyes at how pathetic they were. Thunder then started roaring, “Oh s**t” Nicole said again holding onto Annie scared to death. “You two are a bunch babies” Belle said walking passed them heading into land. “Where are you going?” Geoff said protectively. “To make shelter, it’s going to rain soon!” She walked closer to the bushland. “Come on guys” Aden said ordering Melody, Annie, Jai, Nicole, and Geoff to follow him, as Aden walked towards the trees they followed. It started pouring down rain, then lightening started flashing wildly, luckily not striking any trees yet. “Is it safe to be standing close to trees? What if one gets struck by lightning” Annie cuddled Geoff shaking vigorously. “Let’s hope the trees don’t” Melody said also scared for her life. The wind started to pick up causing the trees to sway, Belle’s hair flew in front of her face, and her heart was pounding rapidly. Everybody then crunched down and cuddled together in a group. Aden came over to where Belle was “Are you alright” he yelled over the rain, thunder and wind “I’m scared Aden” her body was shaking “Come here” he grabbed her cuddling her tightly, protecting her against any small branches that might fall. “I’ve got you” he whispered right into her ear, so that she could hear him. “Please don’t leave me, I don’t want to me alone” she said in a terrified voice with her head down.

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Chapter 4

“I think the storm is over” Jai stood up covered in mud. “Maybe we’re in the eye of the storm” Nicole said still crunched down protecting her head. “Nicole, this isn’t a cyclone you know!” Jai yelled at her feeling extremely irritable. “Guys, chill out. The storm is over” Belle removed Aden’s arm slowly and gently, flashing a quick smile to say thank you she stood up looking around at the damage the storm had caused. Everybody was covered in mud; their clothes were wet and dirty. “I’m hungry” Nicole stood up realizing it was safe to do so. “We all are Nicole” Belle shouted back at her. “Why don’t we go and find some food then” Melody piped up and spoke. For the first time in ages someone was actually going to listen to her advice and take it, “Mel is right, let’s go and find some food” Belle started to walk further into land.

“Where not going in there” Nicole complained again. “Where else are we supposed to find food?” Belle turned around and faced her. “There is such a thing as fishing Belle” Belle looked at Aden, “Nic, Belle and I tried to catch a fish yesterday” Nicole looked unimpressed “You when you two where having a water fight, is that what you call fishing?” she winged back. “Nicole! Just shut up. Will you? We’re all hungry, just deal with it!” Jai yelled at her. This shut her up. They all headed into the forest in silence. Aden flashed small smiles every now and then at Belle as they walked, Belle smiled with her eyes.

“Look! Over there, I can see water fall!” Annie screamed in excitement, jumping up and down. Everybody crowded around the edge of the rock pool, Belle leant down and took a scope of water and tried it “This is fresh water” she said excitedly. “Well that takes care of the water issue, now all we need to do is look for food” Aden crossed his arms with a massive smile wiped across his face. “We could eat Nicole, which would take care of the constant hissy fits” Jai said as Nicole gave him an evil eye. “Nah, she wouldn’t taste any good” Aden said enjoying the fact that everybody was against Nicole. “Guess we’ll have to hunt” Nicole didn’t like the idea of slaughtering an animal right in front of her eyes. But they were desperate for food, they had no choice.

“Belle” Geoff called to her. “Can I talk to you about something” While everybody was having a dip in the water, Geoff and Belle sat on the edge dangling their feet in the water. “Yeah sure” she said not expecting Geoff to open up about his feelings. “Belle....for the past few days I’ve been struggling with certain feelings” Belle looked at him oddly having no idea what he was going on about. “.....Feelings towards you, Belle I like you. I mean I really, really like....you” Geoff awaited her response, she simply smiled at him. Geoff took this as a positive sign and leant in and kissed her lips. Belle was surprised but as his lips touched hers she thought to herself, there’s no chance of me and Aden getting together, I may as well be with Geoff. Belle welcomed the kiss and decided to kiss him back. Little did she know that Aden was staring from a distance watching with unfathomable jealously. Shaking his head angrily Aden got out of the water, shirtless and walked off.

Night had fallen and Jai and Geoff managed to catch a massive fish to eat for dinner. “I guess we weren’t fishing in the right spot” Geoff said happily, he was on top of the world. He had finally kissed the girl of his dreams. Aden sat right away from Belle, still mad as hell inside. “Thanks to Geoff, we have supper” Belle said proudly, but as she glanced at Aden as he ate his dinner she felt guilty for kissing Geoff. “Yay Geoff!” Annie and Melody cheered. Aden thought to himself, mocking the girls comments “Yay Geoff....what a loser”.

Nicole noticed as he ate his dinner that he was looking a little tense “Is everything alright?” Aden stop eating and looked at her angrily “What’s it to you princess” he said and shoved a large piece of fish in his mouth. “Well if it makes you feel any better I have a problem too” she said sweetly, “Yeah like what, your fingernail broke?” he said rolling his eyes. “Actually no, I’ve started to have feelings for someone, but they like someone else” Aden stopped and looked at her “Nicole, there’s no chance of us getting together. Just deal with it” Nicole tilted her head to the side raising her eye brows “No you idiot. Not you!” Nicole yelled and then lowered her voice whispering “Geoff” Aden’s eyes widen with shock. “I know. But when I saw them kissing today, I just felt a little bit jealous” Nicole admitted, Aden hadn’t realised he wasn’t the only one who saw them. “So what are you going to do about it?” he asked politely. “I have no idea” she said hopelessly.

“Hey Aden” Belle walked up to him smiling. “What are you so happy about, oh let me guess bible boy has promised you another disgusting kiss” Belle’s smiled faded away, looking confused “Aden, I can explain....” Aden turned preparing to leave, she grabbed his hand “Wait, Aden” He turned and looked at her with his eyes brows crossed “Just forget it Belle! Go be with Geoff if that’s what you really want!! I don’t give a damn” he let go of her hand and stormed off. “Aden!” Belle yelled brushing her hair out of her face. Hours later, Belle tried to speak with Aden. “Aden” she sat down quietly. Aden was sitting on the sand quietly moaning inside, “What?” he asked looking down at the down. “You’re the one I really want to be with....but.....” Aden looked at her again with an angry face “But what!” Belle comforted him by rubbing his back “But...” she thought to herself “Nothing” she whispered and kissed him on his lips. Aden placed his soft warm hands onto each side of her cheek cupping them the kissed in sync.

Geoff was walking down the beach when he spotted the two kissing each other passionately. “Belle” he ran towards them, Belle continued kissing Aden “Belle!” he yelled, Aden pulled away from her slowly “What?” she looked up, not understanding what his problem was. “How could you do this to me?” he backed away offended, “Why would you want to be with someone like him?” Belle stood up preparing to explain herself, “Geoff, please...I am so sorry. I never meant to hurt you.....it’s just.....” Geoff looked confused and angry “IT’S JUST WHAT BELLE?” Belle stuttered for words, crossing her arms for security “I love him...” she said so quietly they both couldn’t hear her. “What? A little louder belle” Geoff asked with his arms crossed tightly “I said, I love him” he looked directly into Geoff’s eyes. “I love you” Belle then looked at Aden, “Belle......I........I love you too” They both started to get teary “Aden...” she sobbed; he grabbed her and hugged her closely.

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Chapter 5 Hope you enjoy reading chapter 5! Thanks for all your comments, love reading them. Don't forget to leave a message after reading! Happy New Year to everybody! In Australia, England, Ireland, and everywhere else! :lol:

It had almost been a week and a half and no one had come to rescue them. Aden and Belle had taken things slowly, kissing on the odd occasion and holding hands. They didn’t want to draw attention to themselves and Geoff was still dealing with his feelings for Belle. The love birds thought it was best if they did their kissing in private until Geoff was alright with them seeing each other. “Oh Belle and Aden, sitting in the tree k-i-s-s-i-n-g, first comes love then comes marriage then comes a baby in a carriage” Nicole skipped passed them as the two kissed behind a palm tree. “Shut up Nicole” Belle yelled at her trying not to laugh.

“Hey Geoff” Nicole spotted him sitting on the sand by himself. “Hi” he said quietly looking out to the sea. “Is everything alright, you see down?” she asked empathically. “Yeah...it’s just you know. Belle and Aden, they driving me nuts” he said with humour in his voice. “Mmmm.....in other news, guess who has a crush on Geoff Campbell” she said with her fake smile hiding her nervousness. “Who?” he looked at her with confused. “Umm......me” she whispered. “What? I thought you liked Aden?” Geoff couldn’t believe what he was hearing; she had never shown any real interest in him before. “Nope, I like you Geoff....and I know you like Belle, what I was just hoping maybe if we were both into then maybe something could happen” Geoff thought a this for a second, he had never looked at Nicole in that way before, of course he noticed her beauty but assumed she liked Aden. “Umm.....I’ll have to think about it..........” Geoff stood up and smiled and then walked away. Nicole felt hurt, what was the point of admitting her feelings if Geoff wasn’t going to respond to her announcement. She wouldn’t care if he regretted her, well she would be it would put her out of her misery.

An hour had passed and Belle decided to go with Annie to find some possible food sources. “Hey how did it go with bible boy?” Aden sat down next to her. “Dreadful” She looked miserable, Aden had never seen her so down before. “What did he say?” The two sat in silence for several seconds and then Nicole replied “He said he needs to think about it” she said angrily as she threw a rock into the water. “Sorry” Aden grabbed her hand and gave it a friendly comforting shake. “Yeah” Aden then threw his arm around her and held her closely.

The moon shone down on the beach once again, everybody had fallen asleep except Geoff and Nicole. Nicole was lying on her back but Geoff was sitting on his bottom with his hands in his lap. He was furious inside, angry with Belle, angry that they were stuck on a deserted island. “Nic” he whispered she sat up “What” she whispered back surprised that he was still awake “Come here”, Nicole stood up and walked over to where Geoff was sitting, away from the others. “What is it” she asked, but before Geoff answered he started kissing her passionately. Nicole was shocked that he came on this strong but she kissed him back. Geoff started to make his way up her shirt. Nicole stopped for a moment and looked at him; Geoff gave her a look which confirmed that he wanted to keep going. Nicole resumed kissing him. Geoff unbuttoned her shirt and removed it. Geoff laid on top of her feeling down her body. Geoff knew was he was doing was a sin but he didn’t care. As the two finished making love they lied next to each other panting and struggling for air Nicole rolled over “That was amazing, I had no idea you were so talented” Geoff looked at her for a second and then burst into a fit of laughter. “Thanks, you weren’t so bad yourself” he said still smiling, for some reason he didn’t feel guilty by his actions but feel satisfied. “Nic, let’s keep this a secret okay?” Nicole agreed.

Despite her promise to Geoff, Nicole felt guilty about lying to her best friend, Belle. To make matters worse her period was late. Nicole was starting to panic. “Belle, can I talk to you for a moment, alone” Nicole stared at Aden waiting for him to leave. “Okay I better go then, bye beautiful” He kissed her forehead. “Bye” she smiled.

“What’s up?” Belle didn’t realised Nicole wanted to talk about something as serious as it was. “I’m think I’m pregnant” Belle laughed “How would you be pregnant, you don’t even have a boyfriend” Nicole stared at her blankly “Oh my god, and who did you sleep with?” she asked with her mouth wide open. Nicole looked around her making sure no one else was listening “Geoff” she whispered. Belle wasn’t expecting this “Are you serious? When did this happen?” she giggled but saw Nicole was dead serious so she forced herself to not laugh “About a month ago” Belle looked unimpressed, she was upset that Nicole didn’t tell her about her secret affair with Geoff but accepted her secrecy. “So what are you going to do? There’s no way of finding out. There are no pregnancy tests on this island, you know? Guess you’ll have tom wait and see. Maybe it’s just stress and that’s why your period is late?” Belle tried to comfort a distressed Nicole. “Oh my god, I can’t wait that long. I have to get off this island Belle!” she screamed and everybody looked at her. “Nicole, Shh just calm down. It’s going to be alright” Belle hugged her all Nicole could do was cry in her arms. “I’m so scared Belle, I’m so scared Belle” she cried holding Belle’s arms tightly. Belle stroked her hair soothingly. “It’s okay” she whispered.

It was around two thirty in the afternoon; everybody had finished eating their fish and pineapple. Their breakfast, lunch and tea composed of pineapple and any fish they caught. Geoff was the best at catching fish. Melody had found a pineapple tree and Jai offered to climb up and retrieve the fruit. At first it was funny watching him trying to climb up but sliding back down. Eventually he found a way “How did you do that?” Annie asked extremely impressed “It’s a secret” he smiled carrying three juicy pineapples. “Hey has anyone seen Annie and Jai” Melody walked over to where Nicole, Geoff, Belle and Aden were sitting “No why?” Belle asked concernedly. “Because their gone” Melody scratched her head worriedly. “So what are you saying, their missing?” Nicole stood up quickly. “Come on, let’s go and look for them” Aden helped Geoff up and the five of them went in search for Annie and Jai. “ANNIE! JAI! WHERE ARE YOU??” Belle screamed. “ANNIE!!!ANNIE!!!!!” Geoff yelled so loudly that Nicole felt like she would have permanent ear damage. “They have got to be here somewhere, they can’t just disappear!” Belle raised her voice loudly trying to get through to Geoff. “WE HAVE TO KEEP LOOKING. ANNIE! JAI!”.

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Chapter 6

“Melody, are you alright?” Geoff bent down to see her ankle. It was getting worse by the minute, her ankle had swelled up. “Where did the snake go?” Belle kept her distance; Aden held his arm in front of Belle’s stomach protectively.

Aden- I don’t want Belle to go any further, I don’t want her anywhere near the snake.

Belle- Aden’s so sweet. I love how protective he is.

“Owwwww” Melody screamed in pain. “What should we do?” Nicole asked in a panicked voice. “What can we do?” Belle whispered to Aden. “I don’t want to die! I don’t want to die. Help me god, help me!” she screamed as Nicole, Geoff, Belle and Aden just stood and watched they had no idea what they could do. She had been bitten by a poisonous snake, what could they do? Belle felt the need to soothe Melody’s fears by kneeing down and rubbing her back relaxingly ‘Shh, Mel it will be alright”. The others then decided it was best for them to gather around her too. “Geoff. I’ve always wanted to tell you I love you” Melody struggled to breathe, her body was frozen, she couldn’t move a muscle. “Mel, you know I’ll always love you. You’re such a good friend” Geoff spoke trying to not to cry. Nicole looked at Geoff when he admitted that he loved her, but when he said only as a friend that calmed her fears. “Geoff.....I can’t feel my body......” she choked as she spoke. “Shhh.....Mel.....” Geoff whispered. “I’m.......I’m..........going to die.........aren’t I?............” She spoke slowly trying her hardest to speak. A few short moments later melody was dead. “Mel, Mel? Can you hear me? Melody!” Geoff shook her body trying to wake her up. “Geoff, she’s gone....” Nicole kissed Geoff on the cheek. Geoff started to cry, he couldn’t cope with losing Melody and his sister at the same time, and he stood up and walked away slowly. “Geoff?” Nicole called to him, “Let him go” Belle said as Geoff walked forwards like a zombie totally out of it. “Come on Geoff, it’s time to find Annie and Jai” Nicole pulled his arm lovingly, “Nic. Please, just leave me alone for a moment” Nicole was frustrated by this response “YOUR SISTER IS OUT THERE, DON’T SIT AROUND HERE MOPING LIKE A LITTLE GIRL. LETS GO AND FIND HER!” she shouted at him.

Geoff thought for several minutes in silence “You’re right, Nic. Let’s go and find my sister” Geoff hoped up and followed Nicole and the others. “Jai, get down from there now!” Annie shouted at Jai. He was standing on the top of the waterfall edge. He stood firmly on the ground looking down over the water fall. “Annie!!!!” Geoff ran quickly towards his sister, looking happier than ever. “I’ve been so worried about you!” He squeezed her tightly. “Geoff, you’re suffocating me” Geoff let go and saw that Jai was standing above the water fall. “Hey where’s Melody?” Annie looked around; everybody looked from Jai to Annie sympathetically “What?” Annie asked looking upset; she could tell something horrible must have happened. “Annie........she died.....” Geoff placed his arm around her. “What do you mean she’s dead?” she pushed him away demanding a reasonable explanation. “She was bitten by a deadly snake” Belle spoke up, as she could see Geoff was struggling to speak. Their attention was turned to Jai when then remember he was still in danger of falling. “Jai get down!” Aden screamed. “No, I’m sick of being here. I need some adventure! I’m bored out of my brains” Everybody’s mouths were dropped; they couldn’t believe what Jai was attempting to do.

“Please Jai, don’t jump. I love you!” Annie screamed as loud as she could, trying to convince him to get down. “I’m sorry Annie, I have to do this” He was preparing to jump. “No Jai! Annie screamed again with her hands on her head. “I love you too Annie, good bye” Jai jumped. “JAI!!” Annie squealed with horror, as she run towards the water. “Annie!” Geoff ran after her. “I can’t see him” Aden scanned the top of the water for any sign of Jai. “Jai! Please come back; please come back Jai, no! JAI!!” Annie fell to the ground covering her eyes with her hands, tears pouring down her cheeks “Melody!” she screamed lifting her head. “Can you see him Aden?” Belle walked over to her boyfriend. “No Belle, he’s gone” he said sadly. “Losing Melody and Jai has reminded me of how short life is Aden; I don’t want to lose you Aden. I love you so much” Belle cried in his arms. “I love you too, remember that” Aden held kissing her hair.

It was dark before Nicole, Annie, Geoff, Belle and Aden returned to the beach. “Time for sleep” Nicole yawned. “Yeah” Geoff whispered into Annie ear. He slept next to his sister for the first time in ages. Nicole slept on the other side of Geoff. Belle and Aden slept away from the three. “Aden” Belle trailed her hand down his chest. “What” he smiled. Belle started kissing him, gradually running her hand up with shirt and down his chest again. “Belle, what are you doing?” He stopped questioning her, despite Aden’s previous problems with sex he felt safe with Belle, and he trusted her. They had after all known each other for 3 years now. “I think it’s time” she kissed him again. “Are you sure” he whispered “Yes” Aden made his hands down her back, rubbing it up and down. “I love you Belle” he whispered in her ear. It had been nearly 2 months and they still hadn’t been rescued. Aden didn’t want to give up the opportunity of making love to the girl he loved. At first they took it slowly, but then as Belle reassured him everything was alright, he continued to move up and down, feeling relaxed and comfortable. “That was perfect”, Belle’s head was lying on his chest.

“I never thought I would be doing this with someone” he rubbed her cloth less body.

“What do you mean?” she lifted her head and looked at him.

“Belle when I was younger....” Aden went on to explain his past, Belle couldn’t believe that Aden had plucked up enough encourage to have sex. “Aden, you should have told me before have slept together.” Aden left out a deep breath and smiled “Belle, it’s alright seriously” Aden smiled and kissed her lips.

I just want to apologize if this seems unrealistic; I understand that people who are abused wouldn’t agree to have sex without having proper counselling. Please don’t attack me!

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Chapter 7

“Annie! Annie!” Jai waved to her unable to wipe the smile of his face.

“Jai, it’s you” Annie ran up the beach and hugged him.

“I love you, Annie.” They stood there hugging for two minutes or so. “Why did you jump off the waterfall?” she pulled away from him and stared holding back tears. “I had to; I missed my family so much. I just wanted to be with them, I couldn’t take it anymore!” Annie started to cry “Jai I need you here with me, I want to be with you!” Jai started too faded away. “Jai! Come back!” Annie screamed. “Annie! Annie” Geoff shook her body, “What?” Annie awoke to see Geoff and Nicole staring at her concernedly whilst Aden and Belle were cuddled up asleep “You were dreaming, it’s alright” Geoff said patting her back.

“Go back to sleep Annie, you’re safe now” Geoff whispered. Annie couldn’t fall back asleep but instead saw Melody standing in front of her “How could you let me die? It’s all your fault Annie. You should have been there to help me, you’re the reason I’m dead” Melody looked pale and ghost like “No, No. I’m sorry Melody” Annie knew she wasn’t dreaming but it seemed so real.

“Belle” Nicole looked as white as a ghost. “Are you alright, you look terrible” Belle said hiding the last few tables left from her secret stash. Belle was praying for a miracle, either she would be rescued by the SES or somehow she would obtain some medication to keep her alive. “Gee Thanks, I feel crap. Oh and don’t like it’s because I have my period, oh no. I haven’t had that in 2 months. Did I also mention my stomach is expanding” Nicole said crossly.

“Oh s**t, so you really are preg...” Nicole cut Belle off “Well duh!” “Have you told Geoff yet?” Belle asked making sure the others weren’t listening in. “No, how can I Belle?” she had never looked so serious in her entire life, having a baby would change everything, especially for Nicole. There was no way she was ready to become a mother. “Some people are born to become mothers, not me! That’s what I believe anyway. This body is so not ready for stretch marks” Belle stared at her; she had no idea how to respond. “Are you going to say something or what” she crossed her arms.

“Man, pregnant women are bitches” she said with a laugh in her voice. “Wow, thanks so much for the advice, I’ll just go and tell bible boy that I’m having his baby, and I’m sure everything will be super duper! We throw a baby shower on the island if we want to, oh and we can invite everyone along, Roman, Irene, Alf, Colleen, Oh heck why don’t we invite the whole bloody town!” Nicole then stormed off “Sounds like you have a plan” Belle yelled out to her. ‘Hey honey bunny, sugar puss” Nicole sat down smiling as if she were drunk or high. “Nic, you alright?” he looked at her with a funny expression “Everything is fabulous, so there’s something I need to tell you” Nicole still had a enormous fake smile plastered on.

“What?” he asked his eyes couldn’t look away from her. “I’m pregnant! How freaking awesome is that!” She stood up throwing her hands up in the air. “How long have you known this for?” He stood up immediately. “About two months” Nicole clapped her hands together sarcastically, “I-I” Geoff fainted, Annie was up the beach a little further and saw Geoff fall to the ground “Geoff!” she ran up to Nicole and Geoff. “You kill him” Annie looked now at Geoff “I did not” Nicole tried to pick him up from the ground. “Belle, Nicole killed Geoff” Belle ran over to see what had happened. “Oh look he’s waking up” Nicole pointed. “Geoff, can you hear me” Annie asked nearly having a heart attack. “Yeah...” he looked at Nicole’s stomach “No...” He got up and left. “Well I think that went well, don’t you?” Nicole skipped in the other direction. “She is one strange girl” Belle said shaking her head.

“Hey so do you know Nicole is pregnant” Belle told Aden who was lying on the beach attempting to get a tan. “Are you serious” Aden laughed. “Yep” she lied down next to him. “What are you doing?” Aden looked across at her. “Taking my shirt off you got a problem with that Mr. Jefferies?” Belle took her top off, wearing only a bra. Belle also wanted to get a tan. She had a flat stomach unlike Nicole; she wanted to flaunt her flat stomach while she still had it. Belle was hoping one day she could become a mother. “Geoff what happened before?” Annie sat beside her brother on the beach.

“Nicole’s pregnant and I’m the father” he looked down feeling ashamed for committed such a sinful act. “Oh my god Geoff, how could you give into temptation like that?” Annie yelled, dealing with Jai and Melody’s deaths were hard enough now she had to deal with this. “I know it was a dumb thing to do, but I really like her Annie” Annie looked shocked and angry “So what are you going to sleep with every girl you really, really like?” she shouted angrily. “No Annie” he shouted back to her, Annie and Geoff hadn’t had a fight since their parents died. “I just, I’m not ready for this. I don’t want to be a father. Ever!” he said selfishly. “Geoff if you tell Nicole that you’ll defiantly hurt her feelings” Annie changed her tone. “Yeah....but it’s the truth, I can’t and don’t want to be a father, and that’s that” he got up and started to walk in the direction of Nicole. “Nicole, we need to talk” Belle and Nicole were sitting together; Geoff hinted that she should leave. “I’ll go” Belle smiled and walked off. “Nicole, I don’t want to be a father” he said instantaneously. “And I didn’t plan on becoming a mother but it happened, now we have to deal with this” she spoke maturely. “No Nicole, I’m sorry, but it’s just you who will deal with this. I don’t want to be a father. I’m sorry” he said firmly.

“FINE THEN, BUT IF YOU DONT WANT TO HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH YOUR BABY’S LIFE THEN YOUR NOT GOING TO BE IN MINE EITHER” Nicole yelled. “I understand, so this is it. We have officially broken up then?” Geoff shown no sign of weakness “I GUESS SO” Nicole yelled for the last time at him. Annie, Belle and Aden all heard the entire conversation.

Aden looked at Belle “You know if it was you. I would support you no matter what.” Aden and Belle smiled at each other. “I don’t understand why Geoff wouldn’t want to be there for her, he said he loved her right?” Belle looked at Aden expecting an insight from a boys perspective “Some guys, they can’t handle being a father Belle. The thought of being a father freaks them out” he said in a serious tone. “Does being a father freak you out?” she raised her eye brows “No, not for a second” They smiled at each other and kissed. “Now I remember why I love you” Belle joked.

Hope you liked it! Please leave a message. :lol:

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Chapter 8

For the next four days Geoff and Nicole hadn’t said a word to each other. Geoff would try and make eye contact with her but Nicole would

look the other way. “What a d***head” Nicole eyed Geoff evilly as she washed herself in the ocean. Geoff was explaining to Aden the Ten

Commandments, Aden was going out of his mind, listening to him going on about Christianity was a painful experience. Aden thought to

himself if he believed in this religious crap then why wasn’t he supporting Nicole? Aden listened for about thirty minutes to Geoff’s long and

boring lecture but as he spotted Belle walking down the beach he got up and left. Geoff like everybody else was losing their mind so Geoff

continued to talk, regardless of whether Aden was there or not. “Belle” Aden ran up to her smiling, but a he got closer he noticed she was

extremely pale in the face. “Hey are you alright?” he placed one hand on her back protectively, “Hey, yeah just feeling a bit sick. That’s all”

Belle smiled covering up the fact that she felt lightheaded and nauseous. “Have you been throwing up?” he asked as the two strolled down

the beach holding hands. “Yeah” she giggled to herself attempting to convince Aden that she was alright. “Wait so if you’ve been throwing

up, and its morning. Doesn’t that make it morning sickness?” Aden stopped and looked at her.

Belle was shocked that he thought she was also pregnant “What, no. I’m not pregnant” she said quickly. Aden smiled “Belle. Think about it,

you’re throwing up. Yesterday you had a massive fight with Nicole, anger equals mood swings, throwing up and mood swings equals

pregnancy” He said looking thrilled. Belle knew that her time was running out to tell him the truth about her cripplingly disease. “Aden,

I’m.....” she tried to explain to him about her sickness. “You’re pregnant Belle. It’s okay; remember what I said a few days ago. Well I meant

it I’m going to be here for you. I have to go and tell Nicole” Before Belle could speak he ran in the other direction searching for Nicole. “Oh

no, what have I done...”

“Nicole, guess what Belle is pregnant!” Aden couldn’t stop smiling he had never felt so happy in his entire life.

“Oh my god, are you serious” Annie overheard the conversation and came over. “Is Belle really pregnant?” she asked excitedly. “Yeah, how

great is that. I’m going to be a father!” While Aden was busily chatting with Annie and Nicole, Belle walked down to some rocks on the

shoreline and sat on one kicking the water with her foot, a tear slide down the side of her cheek. “Oh god, how am I going to tell him....?”

she said as she wiped away the tear with her sleeve. “Hey” Belle turned around to see Geoff there, looking miserable. Geoff sat with her on

the rock “I heard you’re pregnant, congratulations” he smiled at her and then resumed looking unhappy. “Geoff, I’m not pregnant” he

looked at her with one eye brow raised “But Aden said that you were throwing up this morning?” Belle looked down at her feet “Yeah I was,

but not because I’m pregnant” she said quietly. “Well then why were you throwing up then?” he asked trying to get a glimpse of her eyes.

“I’m dying” she whispered still looking down at her feet. “What?” he grabbed her hand, how could his best friend be dying? “No, you’re

beautiful, young, smart, you’re not dying Belle” he started to panic. “Please don’t tell Aden, I will” she finally looked up at him. “Why are you

going to die? What’s wrong with you?” he pleaded. “I have a blood disease; I can’t remember the name of it. It’s hard to pronounce,

eventually the disease spreads to every part of the body, without medication sufferers die Geoff. I’m running out of medication. Soon I’ll be

dead” she said bluntly. Geoff couldn’t believe what he was hearing; shaking his head he got up off the rock and faced her, standing in the

water. “No, you’re not going to die. Do you hear me?” Belle was silent and then slid of the rock and hugged him “Promise you won’t tell

Aden” she whispered in his ear. “I promise, Belle. I love you” he whispered back, crying uncontrollably. “I know I’ll always love you Geoff.

You’ll always be my best friend” she could not longer hold back her tears and started balling her eyes out.

“Hey” Belle was swimming when Aden swam up behind her. The warm was so clear you could see right through it. “Hi Aden” she kissed him

on his temple. “How great is life right now?” he hugged her smiling. “Actually there’s something I need to tell you. You have to promise you

won’t get upset or angry?” Aden’s smile disappeared “What?” Belle looked at him with a serious face “Aden I’m not pregnant” It took

several seconds for him to process this “Oh okay, but how can you be sure. I mean it’s not like you’ve taken a pregnancy test. It’s a

possibility! It’s good to keep an open mind, you know?” Belle looked down at her hands they were shaking without her control. “Belle

what’s wrong?” He could see she was starting to hyperventilate. “I’m.......I’m.......dying Aden” immeasurable tears streamed down her face.

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Chapter 9

“What....how...?” He stood in the water; his body was frozen by fear. He couldn’t believe what had been revealed.

“I have a blood related disease; I need to take medication to keep alive. But my medication is running out” Belle informed him calmly trying not to portray any fear on her face or in her voice.

“Well, it’s okay because the rescues boat or helicopter will come soon. So there’s no need to panic” Aden said in denial. He didn’t want to accept that his girlfriend was dying and there wasn’t anything he couldn’t do to help her.

“Aden” Belle tried to grab his attention.

“Belle, it’s okay. They’ll be here soon! Don’t worry. You’re going to be fine” he said still in denial.

“What if...” her negative thinking started to kick in.

“No what if’s...Belle. I’ll see you at dinner, I’ve got to go and help Annie collect fruit” he swam to the shallow end of the water and then hopped out.

“Aden, wait” Belle yelled to him. It was no use he wasn’t going to listen to her. Belle felt guilty for leading him on about a fake pregnancy and now this. Why didn’t she tell him in the first place? Why didn’t she want people to know? These questions festered inside of her.

“Belle” Geoff ran up behind her, giving her a fright.

“Hi” she said miserably.

“Did you tell Aden yet?” they walked along the beach together; Belle was still wearing her bra and a pair of shorts. She didn’t care who or what saw her in a bra. It was no different to a bikini top in her mind.

“Aha” she kicked the sand as she walked. “He thinks that we’ll be rescued and I’ll okay. How diluted is he?” Geoff didn’t know how to respond to her, he was still coming to terms with the fact that his best friend has a very high chance of dropping dead at any minute. Belle was in real trouble.

“Hey Nicole” Annie skipped over to her smiling happily; Nicole on the other hand looked like an aggressive tiger whose chew toy was taken away. “Are you alright, you look......mad...” she sat down next to her, crossing her legs.

“I’m pissed off because I’m having chocolate cravings and there’s no bloody chocolate on this island. Is there Annie? IS THERE?” Nicole shook Annie, but then as she reflected on what she had done Nicole released her “Sorry” Nicole looked at the sand in shame. “I’m sorry about my brother, but he has said ever since he was little. He didn’t want to have children. I don’t know why, that’s just what he said. Whenever we were left to look after our younger relatives, since Geoff hated babysitting. He always made me do all the work. Don’t take it personally, I know Geoff genuinely loves you, just not children” Nicole couldn’t believe what Annie was saying. How could Geoff not like children? “Well Annie, you can tell him that if he still wants me, he has to want this baby as well!” Nicole shouted and stormed off in the other direction once again.

It was lunch time and Belle didn’t feel very hungry. Which was unusual for her, normally Belle would be starving around twelve. Loss of appetite was a symptom of her condition.

Belle- Why don’t I feel hungry I should? I wish I knew where Aden was I really need to speak with him. *Cough* Maybe he’s right, maybe the rescue boat will come? *Cough* Oh who am I kidding, I’m going to die and I know it! *Cough*.

Aden- *Cries* I love Belle so much *Tear drops* I don’t want her to die. *Another tear falls* She’s is the best thing that’s ever happened to me. *Takes a deep breath* If Belle dies then I’ll kill myself. That’s a promise. *Lets out a deep breath*I love you Belle, I love you. Please stay with me. Don’t leave me. *Whispers* don’t leave me.

“Aden! Aden! Help! Aden! Help me!” Belle screamed. Aden heard her scream and ran to find her following the sound of her voice. “Belle” he jogged along the beach as he spotted her lying on the ground he ran as fast as he could. ‘Belle, hey I got you” he lifted her up and held her in his lap. “It’s alright, Shh” he stroked her hair. “I can’t breathe....*cough*...” Aden started to hyperventilate looking around for the others; he saw no sign of them. “Geoff! Annie! Nicole!” he shouted at the top of his voice. “Aden....” Belle cried. “Shh, you’re alright” he kissed her hair. “I love you” she whispered looking at him helplessly. “I know” he whispered with a tear running down his face. “Do you love me?” she asked her head was resting against his chest. “Yes of course, I do. I’ve never loved anyone as much as I love you Belle. You have changed my life. We need to stay together” he fought back his tears, but he couldn’t hold them in any longer. Aden burst into tears. “Hey....” Belle whispered again. She couldn’t speak loudly “We’ll always be together; It will always be you and me. Belle and Aden, always and forever” Belle smiled as she took one last breath. “Belle” Aden shook her gently trying to keep her eyes from closing. “Belle” he shook again, her eyes were half way in between opened and closed. “No! Belle!” he kissed her lips one final time. Nicole, Geoff and Annie walked over as they saw Aden holding Belle in his arms dead. “Oh my god” Nicole placed a hand on her stomach. “Belle, come back. Belle, Wake up” Aden cried. As the sun went down Aden remained on the beach still holding his dead girlfriend in his arms, he refused to let go of her.

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Chapter 10

“What are you trying to saying?” Irene feared these horrifying words.

“We can’t look for them any longer, they could be anywhere. Dead or alive. The search has been called off Irene. There’s nothing we can do” Alf informed a devastated Irene.

“No, Belle’s out there! She’s like my daughter. We have to keep looking Alf!” she shouted in a distressed manner.

“Irene, the SES has made the decision. There’s nothing I can do to stop it, it’s out of our hands. I’m sorry Irene” Irene burst into tears and tried to speak but couldn’t, as she covered her mouth in shock she walked in the other direction.

Coastal News

After two months of searching for the missing Summer Bay teens, the SES has called off the search. Whether the teens are still out there dead or alive, we’ll never know. From everybody here at Coast News our hearts go out to their families.

A SES volunteer knocked at the door. Miles opened it not expecting it to be a member of the SES. The man informed him of the situation.

“What do you mean the search has been called off?” Miles asked angrily.

“Sorry sir, we have been looking for two months”

“Well then look longer, I refuse accept that you’re going to sit on your ass while there are seven missing teenagers out there! Jai is my responsibility I promised him I would look after him. He’s like my son. Do you have children?”

The man was old and grey stood there still looking into the eyes of yet another desperate local searching for a missing person. The man was use to dealing with distressing cases “No sir, I have no children. I am sorry, but I have to return to work now” Miles looked angry and unimpressed, he wasn’t going to take no for an answer. “Look buddy, if you don’t get out there and look I swear to god I’ll make you regret your decision” The man’s face remained calm showing no sign of fear or emotion. “Good day sir” he bowed slightly and left.

“What! Listen mate, if you don’t get out there and find my daughter and foster son I’ll kill you!” Roman shouted at the old grey man who had the job of delivering the message. “I am very sorry sir” he said kindly. “No it’s not good enough” he pointed angrily. “Roman, they did the best they could” Charlie was standing next to him. “No Charlie, do you expect me to give up. I’m not going to give up hope. If you’re not going to look for them, then I will” he slammed the door, the man simply turned and walked down the pathway. “Roman” Charlie touched his shoulder. “No Charlie” she yelled angrily at her, grabbing his jacket he headed towards the door. “You didn’t have to slam the door in his face” Roman pulled out his car keys from his pocket. “Are you on my side or not?” he asked her straight out. They had been seeing each other the same amount of time his daughter went missing. “Yes, of course Roman” she smiled; they both jumped into Roman’s car and drove off.

“Today is a day to commemorate the lives of Belle Taylor, Jai and Melody” Aden took a deep breath. If anyone was going to hold a burial for his girlfriend, he wanted to be the one to do it. “Belle was.....perfect. She was girl of my dreams and now she’s dead. I will always think of her. I’ll never forget her. I will cherish our time together. I love you Belle, I hope you are in a place of peace and out of suffering” Aden sprinkled her ashes out to sea. “Bye Belle. Bye” he cried. “Melody and Jai will always be remembered as funny, loving, kind and caring individuals. May they both rest in peace” Geoff lit a stick that he had stuck in the sand. “I will always love you” Annie kissed the sand which Jai was buried under.

“Hey Aden, are you alright?” he comforted a crying Aden on the beach. “It’s not fair, she should still be here. AND NONE OF THIS WOULD HAVE HAPPPENED IF THEY RESCUSED US!” he shouted as he throw a rock into the ocean. “Its okay mate” he rubbed his back. “I can’t live without her. I may as well kill myself” Geoff looked horrified at his suggestion. “No Aden, Belle needs you to stay strong. She would want you to be happy” Geoff offered his Good Samaritan advice. “I don’t care, I want this pain to end” he got up and looked around for something to end his life. “Pull it together Aden, you’re stronger than this!” he shook him. “We’re going to survive this, we’re going to make it out of here!” he yelled confidently. “I can’t live this life without Belle” Geoff looked at him unconvinced that he was right. “No mate, you can. We have to. Belle wouldn’t want you to act or feel this way. Now pull yourself together!” Aden at first refused to listen to Geoff’s advice, but as days and weeks passed, he gradually felt better. He would sit up at night, when everybody else was asleep he would talk to Belle as if she was still around.

As a few more months passed Nicole would throw up it was a normal part of her daily routine. Occasionally she would throw the odd tantrum. Her stomach had grown bigger and bigger. Geoff had kept his distance, he wanted nothing to do with Nicole’s baby, and Nicole wanted nothing to do with Geoff. Luckily Aden being the loyal friend he was, he supported Nicole. No rescue boats or planes had shown up and it was clear to them all that they weren’t going to be saved.

“So Nicole have you thought of any names?” Aden rubbed her belly as he kicked her wildly. “Um well to tell you the truth I have several names in mind......it all depends whether it is a girl or a boy” Aden looked scared. “Don’t worry, the list isn’t too long” Aden stared at her “You have a list” he was pretending to be freaked out. Nicole then realised he was being stupid. “Yes, okay for a boy..... Ben, Chris, Sam, Lucas, Zac...and for a girl, Taylor, Jasmine, Lily, Sonya, Bonnie, Hannah, Jessica” Aden’s eyes widen. “Oh come on, we have been here for like 6 months what do you expect me to think about?” Aden’s mind instantly thought of sex. “And no I’m not like you and think about sex every three seconds” she teased and punched him in the arm. “I don’t think of sex all the time....” he rolled his eyes, looking for a distraction. “Well to be perfectly honest, being pregnant you do have sexual thoughts and urges” This comment grabbed Aden’s attention “Really?” He said slyly. “Yep, but this whole conversation with you is just wrong, so stop it now” she regretted her words “Hey you’re the one who brought it up” Nicole glared at him evilly “Did not!” she said punching him again in the arm.

“Arrrghhhhh, I’M GOING TO KILL GEOFF CAMPBELL” Geoff backed away, nearly fainting at the sight of blood. “COME BACK HERE YOU MORON” she screamed, watching him wobbling from side to side. “Nic, calm down” Aden held her hand as she squeezed it tightly cutting off his circulation. Annie offered to deliver the baby. “ARGGH, HOLD MY HAND, HOLD MY HAND!!!!” Nicole screamed at Aden, he was holding her hand she just was in so much pain that she didn’t realise she was. ‘I AM” he yelled back. ‘WHY DONT WE TRY SOMETHING” Geoff came closer feeling more confident with the sight of so much blood. “WHAT’S YOUR PLAN GENIUS!” she screamed in pain, gasping for air as her face dripped with sweat. “Why don’t we all scream with you, maybe it will help, and it will also make us feel better” Annie’s mouth dropped opened “Geoff that’s a stupid idea” Aden had ran out of ideas himself, “Okay let’s just give it a try” Geoff held Nicole’s other hand “Ready, go!” Everybody screamed with Nicole. Annie felt as if her eye drums were about to explode.

“Hey do you hear that?” A man looked at his friend as the boat was lead by the current. “Sounds like someone is screaming” His friend looked at him concernedly, “No it sounds like more than one person screaming”.

“Oh f***k, oh S**t” Nicole screamed. “I see a head!” Annie said excitedly. “Look there’s an island over there! Maybe we should go and check it out” The young hippy looking dude turned the boat towards the island. “You’re the boss” he winked. “One. Two. three. PUSH!” Geoff yelled. “Oh F***” Nicole screamed again. “Hey sounds like someone said oh duck, maybe their cooking a duck!” The guy driving the boat rolled his eyes and hit him over the head with a surf magazine. “We are getting closer! The screams are getting louder!” Clearly his friend wasn’t very smart “Well, duh that usually happens when you get closer to the sound!” he shouted angrily. It was a hot and sticky day.

“LAST PUSH NICOLE, YOU CAN DO IT!” Nicole pushed with the last lot of energy she had left. Then in an instant Annie held a screaming baby in her arms. “Oh my god” Geoff released his hand from Nicole’s. Nicole started to cry “It’s so beautiful” Annie handed her baby to her. “Yes she is!” Annie smiled. “It’s a girl, oh my god” she rocked her in her arms. Geoff leant down and kissed his daughter “She’s gorgeous, how could I ever walk away from something so precious” Geoff smiled at Nicole. “I love you Geoff” Geoff kissed Nicole’s lips “I love you Nicole” They both were in tears “I am so sorry, I’m such an idiot. I can’t believe I refused to love and care for this adorable creature” Nicole passed the baby to Geoff he kissed her forehead. Aden looked at Nicole and then at Geoff he couldn’t take it, the pressure had built up inside of him, he too started to cry.

Aden: I wish that was me and Belle.

“We have to name her. Have you got any names?” Geoff asked Nicole.

“Oh I know, we should call her Bella. In honour of Belle, my best friend” Nicole smiled at Aden. A tear fell as he heard Belle’s name once again. “Bella, I love it” Geoff kissed Nicole and his daughter. “Me too” Aden smiled as his finger was being wrapped by five little fingers.

“Hello? Anybody out there” A speaker announced.

Aden, Nicole, Geoff and Annie saw the boast arrived on the shore. “Hey, look people!” The hippy pointed to the group of teenagers. “They finally came” Nicole smiled at Geoff. The boat travelled back to Sydney, Australia.

“So what’s the place you live at called again?” The bloke sounded English.

“Summer Bay it’s located at palm beach” Nicole laughed as Geoff played pee-a-boo with Bella.

As a morning ritual Roman would go out for a job early in the morning along the beach. “G’day mate” he met Alf on the beach; Alf was looking for his wife Charlotte. “Hi Alf, Charlotte gone missing again?” he laughed as he knew his wife was an early riser, usually she would go for a morning swim. “Oh that’s flamin’ great” Alf looked out to the beach he spotted a boat docking. “Oi! What do you flaming think you’re doing?” he yelled at the boat. Roman followed Alf for moral support “Dad!” Nicole hopped out of the boat holding Bella. Roman dropped his water bottle, and ran towards his daughter. “Nicole!” he hugged her tightly kissing her all over. “Who’s this?” he was careful he didn’t squash the baby. “My daughter, Bella” At first Roman looked unimpressed but as he saw the way she was holding it he knew he couldn’t stay mad. “Aden mate” he hugged him patting him on the back. “Geoff, Annie...” he looked inside the boat waiting for Belle, Melody and Jai to jump out. “Where’s Be..” he begun to ask. “They’re in heaven dad” Nicole said sadly. “Irene” Roman rang her on her mobile “Come quick” he said quickly before hanging up and calling Miles.

Miles and Irene rushed to the beach. “Oh my goodness!” Irene held her hands on her face. “Aden where’s Belle?” she walked up to him. “Irene, she’s.....she’s......dead” Irene fell to the ground, “No.....! No.......!.......No!!” she cried her entire body was shaking. “Roman, where’s Jai” he questioned looking around desperately. “Miles, I’m sorry. Jai committed suicide on the island” Miles also fell to the ground Kristy tried to hold him up but she couldn’t. “Jai!” he sobbed. Melody’s mother and father were no longer in contact with their daughter; Melody had been put into a foster home. Her foster parents were overseas on a holiday. Aden walked away from the group, he walked into the diner which had been closed, however Colleen was inside making sandwiches. “Oh Aden!” she had never been so happy to see him.

“Colleen can I have the place to myself for a moment” The diner was the place he had first met Belle. In stood in the kitchen observing his surroundings, remembering all the memories he and Belle had shared together. “I love you” he whispered to himself. Life would never been the same in Summer Bay.

The End. Hope you enjoyed Choices. Please leave a comment. :lol:


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