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Hey guys.

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Hey my mum is taking me to see Kylie in concert in Sydney with my sisters and we are inlove with H&A and i was wondering when im down there will H&A be filming?

15-18th of Dec???

please tell me thanks.

and how will i get there?

because mum is driving us down to Sydney :|

I really want to see them.

Especially Aden and Belle, and Jack again :) i hope he remembers me haha.

so please tell me thanks : )

Because it will make my day really happy if i see them filming,

I already seen Neighbours.

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lucky you kylie and H&A :P

um not 100% sure, but i don't think filmind times for those date will be confirmed yet, but i'm sure if you e-mail them ( homeandaway@seven.com.au ) perhaps closer to the dates they'll know.

have fun :D (and take loads of pics :P )

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