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They'd All Lost The Ones Who Love

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Story Title: They'd All Lost The Ones Who Love.

Story description: When five friends come together, their parents are involved in an accident.

Type of story: One Shot

Main Characters: Aden, Geoff, Annie, Ruby and Charlie.

BTTB rating: G

Does story include spoilers: No.

Is story being proof read: No

Any warnings: Death.

"Aden! Hurry up boy, they just got here!" Larry yelled up to his eight year old son Aden who soon rushed down the stairs, three steps at a time and was pulling his football jersey over his head at the same time and hoping that he wouldn't trip down the stairs while he did so but succeeded in not tripping down and hurting himself.

Aden looked up at the four kids in front of him and smiled wide at the idea of spending the day with them. His seven year old friend Geoff and his five year old sister Annie, with her five year old friend Ruby and Ruby's fifteen year old sister Charlie were over for the night while all their moms and dads went to the city to have a party. Aden was happy to have them at his place because both his and Geoff's grandfathers were taking care of them until the parents came back the next day to collect the kids. Aden looked at Geoff, saw he was wearing his football shirt then he picked Annie up while Geoff grabbed Ruby, swung her onto his back and they all made their way down to the field at the end of the road to toss the ball around and be clowns for a couple of hours. The two boys managed to persuade Ruby and Charlie to play but Annie was too tired to do anything but watch, they had a match and after half an hour, Ruby and Aden's team won with a ten point lead.

After both boys and both girls were tired of tackling each other and running around and trying to keep Annie happy while she sat there, they started to walk home and were talking happily. They were about three blocks away when Geoff looked up ahead and he noticed a police car parked outside Aden's house and they all ran as fast as they could, expecting the worst to be awaiting them. Exhausted, Aden threw open the door and looked at the policeman talking to his grandfather. Geoff, Ruby and Charlie soon stumbled in after him, Geoff carrying Annie on his back because she was crying as she could sense the fear that the four friends in front of her were feeling.

"What happened, why are the police here?" Aden demanded to know. He never was one to be shy and quiet, even with a policeman in the room or all his friends.

Aden glanced around the room they were standing in and saw that Geoff and Annie's grandfather Bruce was sitting on the couch looking shocked and unresponsive, like he had just heard the worst news anyone could ever tell. Aden glanced back at his own grandfather Stanley who was ushering Geoff and Annie over to Bruce while trying to get Aden to stop yelling as the only sound that echoed off the walls was the sounds of Aden's demands to know what was going on and Annie's soft sobs as she calmed down lightly. Stanley took Aden, Ruby and Charlie up to the top of the staircase and sat the three kids down and looked into his grandson's eyes for a brief second, trying to see if Aden had suspicions then looked at Ruby and Charlie who just gazed up at him with confusion plastered across their faces.

"Your parents were all just involved in a car accident. Both of your mother's haven't made it, but Larry and Ross had survived.." Stanley looked away from Aden, Ruby and Charlie as he didn't want to see the children crying if they were going to. He heard Ruby throw herself at Charlie and then the sounds of both girls crying. But Aden didn't cry, scream or anything similar, he did the complete opposite and started laughing.

"You can't be serious. They've only been gone a few hours, they are good drivers and wouldn't dare get into an accident." Aden looked up at his grandfather to see he had a tear rolling down his old wrinkled face face and that's when he realized that it wasn't a joke, that is mother really was dead and would not be coming back home.

Soon though, Aden heard Annie start to cry again and Geoff whimper quietly, as though he was trying to be the brave one but failing. He bolted up, jumped down a few steps at a time to avoid knocking into Ruby and Charlie and ran into the other room and sat next to his two friends and hugged them tight soon to be joined by Ruby and Charlie. He knew that their parents had all just died too and all he needed was them to comfort each other which they were doing. Annie managed to get away from Geoff's grip and bury herself in Bruce's arms and watch while Geoff and Aden hugged each other and Ruby cry into Charlie's T-shirt. They all stayed in the same position for half an hour before Annie joined them once again so all five were in contact before Bruce and Stanley realized the kids had all fallen asleep in each others arms and took them into the spare room to sleep properly and to go out and mourn themselves.


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