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A Night Like No Other

Guest fi101

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Story Title: A Night Like No Other

Type Of Story: One Shot

Main Characters: Nicole, Belle, Aden, Matilda, Ric and Geoff

BTTB rating: G

Genre: Humour

Does the story include spoilers: No

*idea from an episode of one tree hill*

The warm sun was beating down on Belle’s body; she and Aden had been sunbathing on the beach when they both received the anonymous text message, ‘The diner at 8, for a night like no other.’

Arriving at the diner at the same time as Mattie and Ric, emotions were varied from intrigue, to annoyance when they noticed Nicole sitting relaxed on the wooden bench outside clothed in a green dress, with Geoff beside her, looking anxious.

“Welcome” Nicole announced in an excited voice.

“Why are we here?” questioned Ric not trying to hide the irritation from his voice. He couldn’t be bothered with one of Nicole’s stupid games.

“Because it is 1st of August, and back in the city tonight was known to me and my friends as dare night. A night to test our limits and to just have some fun, I thought I would continue the tradition.” Nicole responded.

Quickly shuffling the small blue cards in front of her she explained the rules. “It is one night, one dare with one hour to complete it.”

Dealing everyone a card, Nicole clarified the two people with the lowest were together and so on. Then she handed each pair a small envelope containing the dare.

Nicole, Belle thought to herself, this should be interesting. Nicole ripped open the floral envelope and laughed this should be exciting.

Standing outside the cocktail bar, Belle and Nicole contemplated what to order. It had been an intriguing experience on the way over here, Belle had learnt more about Nicole. About her life, they were more alike then she had cared to notice. Both born to teenage mums, wondering to herself maybe her life would have been like Nicole’s if things had been different.

Walking confidently up to the bar Nicole ordered two large vodka and cokes. They could have had anything, money wasn’t a problem. Rummaging in her suede bag she located the fake I.D. Turning swiftly on her heel she noticed Belle had perched herself on the sofa in the corner and was staring absent mindedly into space.

“Run” Belle laughed when she spotted Nicole. Stilettos had definitely not been the greatest idea Nicole thought to herself. Dropping the letter on the floor, the bold words were there for everyone to see. ‘Drink and Dash.’

She’d had fun getting to know Belle, and decided she may have been a bit rash in her assumptions of her. She hoped to herself this was the start of a long string of girly nights out.


Standing still beside the mike Mattie could feel Aden squeezing her hand; she had just explained to him that she had suffered from stage fright all her life. Now looking out over the vast audience she wasn’t sure if she would be capable of doing this. It wasn’t just the people who scared her; it was the song, who could ever feel confident singing this song.

Aden felt Mattie freeze. He’d never really got to know her when they were at school, never really understood her. Tossing the pink letter rapidly into the steel bin adjacent to the stage, he hoped to conceal one of the most embarrassing moments of his life. ‘Fancy being a doll for the night?’ was what it had said.

Mattie thought, I will never be able to look at another Barbie again in my life and not remember this night. Ok so maybe tonight hadn’t been as bad as she had assumed it would be. She hadn’t overcome her stage fright, although she’d had an enjoyable night. She’d seen another side to Aden; he was no longer the bully she’d avoided at school. She now understood what Belle saw in him.


Geoff still wasn’t sure if he would be able to go through with it, ok so it wasn’t stealing, but surely it wasn’t legal.

Geoff and Ric shuffled up to the small counter in the centre of the shop. It had taken them ages to find the small store; all they had to go on was the hand stitched label on the underside of the top. Having wondered around lots of quaint side streets they had eventually stumbled upon the modest boutique.

“Can I help you?” the smartly dressed lady behind the counter asked.

“We’d like to return some clothes.” Ric responded swiftly feeling Geoff back away.

“Do you have then with you?” she enquired.

Undoing the top buttons of their shirts they revealed the silk camisoles, gently tugging them over their heads, they handed them quickly over to the lady. Geoff then stood quietly behind Ric with his hand stuffed into his pockets.

“May I ask why?” she questioned stunned from shock.

“They didn’t fit” Ric replied, hoping she didn’t ask anymore questions. He didn’t think he would ever be able to live this down. Imagine if Alf saw me he though to himself.


“Have fun” Nicole asked when everyone had returned. That was not the word that came into everyone’s’ mind, but it had been an experience. They had to give her that; it had given them a night to forget all the other dramas occurring in their lives.

Nicole noticed the vibrant clock hanging on the wall behind the counter. She thought to herself, the entertainment isn’t over yet.

“Skinny dipping” Nicole announced, “I dare you.”


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