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Fighting Fit

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Story Title: Fighting Fit.

Type of story: One-shot

Main Characters: Aden, Nicole, Geoff, Ruby, Annie, Jai, Belle. Adelle Geoff/Nicole, Jannie.

BTTB rating: A (V/D)

Genre: Action.

Does story include spoilers: For Uk viwers, maybe.

Any warnings: Some violence, Nothing graphic, but its there.

Summary: A fight breaks out at the school, Aden starts it and of course the others just have to help, its a free-for-all.


It was one ill inappropriate comment that started it, something about Axel, and a small mention of Belle, and it took Aden less then a second to swing around, fists raised, and slam his closed knuckles into the brutish face of Matthew Lyons.

The bully must have been ticked that Aden was no longer on his side, unlucky for him that the former badboy turned good guy with a wild streak wasn’t averse to hitting people who deserved it.

Matthew deserved it.

But apparently his five or six cronies didn’t agree, it didn’t take them a moment to jump Aden, he took three of them down before they managed to pin him.

He looked up with a smirk into the face of the boy he had hit; Matthew wiped his dripping nose with the back on his hand, trying to smirk.

“Get ready to die Jeffries.” The bully snarled.

“You first.” Aden smirked.


As the torrential downpour of gossip flooded the halls, Nicole’s ears pricked up when she head of the tussle involving her almost brother, she gave Geoff a bored look, and turned on her heel and left. He watched her go with a puppy-dog look before turning to Annie with a silent question.

His sister shrugged, before following her.

Jai and Geoff matched looks before doing the same.


“You first.”

Matthew hesitated, confused before he shook it off and swung his fist forward, he fell a few inches short. For that moment, he’d been grabbed by the collar and hurled backwards, with a chocking cry he was tossed backwards, slamming into the lockers lining the walls with a satisfying Clang!

Aden grinned, he had seen what Matthew hadn’t, Nicole looked down at him sceptically, “This is so like you,” she said sarcastically. A moment before one of the goons holding Aden pounced at her, she ducked his arm and brought her elbow up, it collided with his nose, a sickening sound of crunching bone sounding.

Letting one of Aden’s arms free had been the big mistake, he swung his body around and smashed his legs into those of the boy still holding him, the bully fell awkwardly and Aden sprung to his feet, adrenalin pumping he struggled to keep the grin off his face, the several of Matthews friends who had rebooted themselves after he had knocked them down earlier, looked at him and charged.

He smirked wider.


Nicole ducked, side stepped an outlandish punch and only just avoided getting her knee smashed in, she turned, facing them now, never seeing Matthew rise behind her from his dazed spot on the ground, he grabbed her, pinning her arms to her side. With a cry she tried to struggle free, the two goons in front of her advanced, one with his arms swinging.


Bursts of colour marred her visions and everything went fuzzy, she heard Matthew laugh and the guy in front of her raise his fist again, a second before he came crashing down.


By the time Geoff, Ruby, Jai and Annie had caught up to Nicole, there was a crowd of kids surrounding the fight and blocking their path, the others struggled with finding a way in before with a roll of her eyes, Ruby lifted the folder in her arms, fresh from geometry two and started using it like a battering ram.

She knocked the students aside lazily, stepping on toes if they didn’t move initially, parting like the red sea eventually the small troupe made their way into the centre of the buzzing students.

Just in time to see Aden grab some guy in a head lock and Nicole get her face smacked

The crowd winced, but Ruby stepped aside hastily, for all of a sudden Geoff’s eyes had darkened and his hands formed fists, it took him less then a second and in that time bibleboy was gone.


Nicole’s second assailant went down like a lead balloon; she stared at her hero, a grin creeping across her face, “Honey,” she drawled, “I didn’t know you had it in you.” She said cheekily.

Geoff was fuming and his face was enough of a distraction, Matthew let his hold on Nicole slip for a second and she took advantage, in one move swinging her head back and into his face.

The crowd groaned

As Matthew squealed, stumbling back, his nose broken in several places.

It was only now Nicole realised, that they were fighting more then they had started with, apparently Matthew had a whole gang at his disposal, Aden was now holding off four attackers, two of them turned when Matthew fell, Nicole smirked at Geoff, “Reckon we can take ‘em?” she quipped.

Geoff shook his head sheepishly, “I don’t condone this.” He said

Nicole rolled her eyes, “’Course you don’t.”

The next second they were at it again.


Jai and Ruby looked at each other, and backed away, for Annie had just transformed in front of them, someone had successfully landed a shot on her brother.

She looked like a harpy, eyes wild like that, “Uh oh.” Ruby whispered a second before the christian girl launched herself into the fray, hair flying, arms flapping. Anyone in her way be damned, she couldn’t even see who it was she was hitting.

Jai groaned, he shifted his weight, realised there was no getting out off it and shuffled forward, half-heartedly swinging at one of Matthews goons, a second later the goon swung back and Jai was forced to run for his life.

Ruby watched, curious and mildly interested, a few of some new students appeared at her shoulder, it was clear by their posture whose side they were on.

Ruby thought about it for a moment looked down at the folder in her hand and grinned brightly, “That looks fun.”




“A little help here would be appreciated.” Aden looked over in mild concern to see Nicole holding two guys off at once, she had one on his knee’s, his arm twisted behind his back painfully, the other she was holding by the throat, barely managing to duck his swinging arms, only the pressure on his larynx kept him at bay.

Aden grinned and sauntered over, easily dispatching the standing guy with a toss of his shoulder, “You got that one?” he asked conversationally gesturing with his head to the boy she still held.

Nicole winced, as he tried to struggle free, “Just a second.” From the melee that was Annie, Jai vs. half the senior form, stumbled one of the bad guys, he saw Nicole and Aden relatively unmanned at bolted at them, Aden stepped out of the way with a smirk.

“Perfect.” Nicole chimed, Pulling her guy to his feet, aiming him and eventually launching him at their knew attacker, the boys collided with a nasty clash of heads.

“Ooh,” the pair winced.

“What the heck is going on here!” the voice turned the whole hall quiet and everyone froze, Nicole and Aden turned painfully slow, Bartlett was standing behind them, his face flaming red, his eyes raging.

Kirsty and Miles stood on either side of him trying not to laugh and look mortified at the same time.

Aden and Nicole looked at each other, “See you in WA.” The first chimed.

“Meet you there.” She winced in reply.

They tried to turn away and make a run for it a second before they were both grabbed by the back of the neck. “Mister Jefferies! Miss Franklin, my office now!”

The foundation shook with the sound of his voice.


They stood in the office, all of them, with their respective parents and guardians behind them, Irene was staring at the Campbell kids with a mix of shock and horror, Miles was just plain shocked. Jai and Annie had escaped relatively unharmed; apparently both had reflexes like cats. Geoff was sporting two black eyes and a nasty bump to the head.

Nicole had quipped “Chicks dig scars.” And he had suddenly been a lot happier about the situation.

Roman stood behind his daughter and his as-good-as son, his arms folded, trying to hide the prideful smile from his face, and he was doing a lousy job. Aden was grinning through a gash over his eye and a bloody nose, Nicole had a swollen, bruised cheek and a wicked looking black eye. They were both supremely happy with themselves.

Charlie had rolled her eyes at Ruby who had beamingly told her, of the massive split along the back of her head. The cop had done a double take before promising her sister a “Grounding worse then death.” While trying her best to look angry instead of concerned.

“Detention for three moths will be mandatory, we’ll be putting certain people on certain days so as to have no more incidents,” Bartlett said firmly, looking like an authority figure in his high backed chair.

Irene shook he head desperately, waving her hands, “Wait just a tick, let me get this straight,” she pointed at Aden, “You started this, defending Axel and Belle?”

Aden nodded.

She pointed at Nicole, “You got involved defending Aden.

Then at Geoff, more sternly this time, “You were defending Nicole.

“You Geoff?”

Annie nodded.

“And then you had to help Annie?”

Jai murmured something.

“And you…” she trailed off looking at Ruby, “Hey I was just being helpful in general,” she said with her hands up, as Charlie applied a cloth to the back of her head.

Irene looked bowled over, “I’m sorry, but can we actually punish them for that?” all the adults in the room hesitated.

“Um…” Roman hesitated.

“Good question.” Miles answered.

The teens looked at each other and grinned wickedly.


It was four days later, Matthew Lyons and a few of his mates had their first day of afternoon detention, many of them limping, they crossed the parking lot, intending to car pool home, the boys stopped when they noticed a figure leaning against Matt’s vehicle. A woman, tall, with brown hair.

She stood straighter, “Your Matthew Lyons right?” trying to keep the nervousness out of his voice Matthew called loudly, “Yeah, what’s it to you?”

The women smirked coldly and the boys knew they were in danger. “I’m Aden Jefferies girlfriend.”

The boy’s hesitated like deers in the headlights.

“Call me over protective,” The women drawled, stepping closer to them, she smirked coldly, “But I don’t like it when people mess with my man…especially his face.”

The boys could do nothing about it, they gulped, and shifted their weight, breathing heavily.

Belle stepped closer to them, Matthew gulped, “What-what do you want?” he asked.

Belle grinned cheerfully, “Run fast.” She said dangerously.

They didn’t need telling twice, the boys took off a second before she pounced, they’d be lucky to make it back alive.



This is kind of a thanks to all thsoe who read and reviwed 'wish you wern't so good', i hope you like it. :)


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