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Wishing You Weren't So Good

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Title: Wishing You Weren't So Good.

Rating: T

Type of story: One-shot.

Main Characters: Aden, Nicole, Belle, Geoff

Genre: Romance, Comedy

Does story include spoilers: For Uk viewers.

Warnings: Some curse words but nothing severe.

Summary: Aden and Nicole can't fight it, Belle and Geoff just make them go all crazy, do stupid things, like be...nice


“Let’s not be immature,” he drawled.

She snorted, “Says you,”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“It’s supposed to mean this was all your stupid idea, and why the hell am I suffering for it?”

“Excuse me!” he cried indignantly, “I was joking when I suggested hotwiring Bartlett’s car, you’re the one who proceeded to drive it right off the end of the jetty.”

Nicole shook her hand airily, “Details, details,” she chimed, “I’m a little hazy.”

They were the lone students left at the school, the home bell having rung almost two hours ago, it was an unfortunate mishap with a gear stick that had led to both of them being sentenced to a months worth of afternoon detentions and although Nicole had protested at the top of he lungs that “There was no proof, this was a violation of human rights and the sons of bitches could all go to hell,” there had been little that could have prevented Bartlett from making their punishment as painful as possible.

He was leaving them there, in a room, with only his after-hours intern secretary for company, and she was currently down the hall somewhere, transferring files from the old office into the new one.

Aden opened his mouth to shoot back a sarcastic reply when his back pocket vibrated, irritated at missing his opportunity for a witty comeback he withdrew the communications device with a grimace before seeing the caller I.D, he grinned like a kid on Christmas and Nicole rolled her eyes, three guess who the text was from.

Here I am, helping you through the terror that is detention with the fairy princess, you owe me; call me when you get out.

Love Belle.

“You are such a girl,” Nicole muttered, crossing her arms.

Aden glared, “Says the person dating BibleBoy, has he asked you to paint his toenails yet?” he asked sardonically.

“Oh yeah,” she said in mock seriousness, “ but he asked me to try it out on you first; apparently Belle could use some styling tips.” She smirked, sarcasm dripping from her words.

“Sure Princess,” Aden rolled his eyes, “as long as she doesn’t get them from you, I rather like Belle not looking like a Christmas tree half-the time.”

“Hmm,” she mummed unfazed, “the red power ranger called, he wants his boots back.”

“Shut up princess.” He snapped.

“Is that the best you’ve got?” she asked smugly, “Wow, TinkerBelle must really be rubbing off on you, not even a decent comeback these days. You’re turning into such a good boy,” she said in a drippy baby voice just to irk him.

Aden rolled his eyes, crossing his arms and trying not to pout, “I am not a good boy.” He muttered darkly.

Nicole scoffed, “Please, you’ll be selling cookie’s for charity any day now. That girl’s got you totally whipped.”

Aden snorted, doubtfully, trying to salvage his pride, “She does not.” He lied, “I’m still a total player.”

“When’s the last time you hit on a teacher?” she asked doubtfully.

Aden paused for thought, there was an awkward silence before he realised he couldn’t remember. Nicole laughed.

“Well when’s the last time you got in a scrag fight with Danielle Hay?” he spat back defensively.

Nicole stooped, she hesitated and again there was an awkward silence as they both thought.

At the same time they cursed. “Damn.”

“We are so whipped.”


“Damn him.”

“Damn her.”

“We’re in serious danger of loosing out status.”

The pair again lapsed into thoughtful silence, cursing respective partners and their darn cuteness, Aden spoke first, “Worth it?” he asked with a daring grin at Nicole.

“Totally.” Nicole sighed.

“Defiantly.” He grinned.

“This sucks.” She mused. “I so don’t want you to turn into Belle’s handbag.”

“Yeah,” he said defensively, “well I don’t want you to turn into BibleGirl.”

They looked at each other.

“We’re doomed.”


At some point, minutes later, after the former rebels of the school had lapsed into another silence, goofy grins on their faces a late bell went and they were permitted to leave.

Walking down the hall with visions of kissing their respective significant other’s stupid, it was with a frown that they noted an odd sound reaching there ears.

“What is that?” Nicole asked cluelessly.

Aden didn’t answer; he only turned on his heel and followed the sound in search of answers, Nicole eventually following after him.

They reached the main office door, it was closed and a set of messy manila folders were arranged on wheelie carts, a voice was coming from behind the door, a very angry voice. Bartlett’s part time secretary was cursing her head off, screaming to hell and back the fact she had just locked herself inside.

While Aden leaned closer the door, hoping to hear more colourful language Nicole inspected the folders that were left outside, a second later her eyes lit up.

“Aden you got to see this.”

“What is it?” he asked moving over to her, she handed him a folder with a wicked grin.

He spied the folder for a few moments before he too grinned mischievously, “Permanent files.”

“For the whole school.” She added.

They looked at each other, the cogs in their dastardly minds turning, they smirked at one another. “I think I just found a way for us to get our reputations back.”

“I like how you think princess.”

“Back at you handsome.”

Belle and Geoff would give them an earful later, but they both decided it was worth it, they’d just have to make it up to them later, who knows, maybe they could sell some cookies or something.



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