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Oh, Brother!

Guest aejdude

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Title: Oh, Brother!

Author: aejdude

Category: One Shot

Genre: ?

Main Characters: Jack, Lucas

Rating: T

Summary: Jack helps Lucas with his homework and realises how hard school work really is, afterwards he treats Lucas to a day of policing to see whether Lucas would like the job.


It was a sunny day in Summer Bay and Jack took the day off of work at the police force to spend some quality time with Lucas as he hadn't spent much time with Lucas as a brother for a while now so he realised that he should spend more time with him.

Lucas was currently doing his psychology project "Explain how it is easy to mix TV and reality together" was the title of his assignment. Basically, Lucas was confusing TV Shows with Reality and he was getting really confused.

"Is any of this real?" Lucas asks Jack.

"Bro, you know its real now stop being stupid and tell me more about this new girl of yours!" Jack says.

"Oh yeah, well she's really nice doesn't like to be horrible to people but at the end of the day you need to be firm with people if you want to get your point across." Lucas responds.

"Sounds like a right catch you've got there Bro!" Jack says.

"Yeah, she is great I couldn't have wished for a nicer person to have in my life." Lucas responds.

"I'm really happy for you, now where is Martha when you need her?" Jack says as if he is talking to thin air.

"Jack! You are supposed to be helping me with my homework." Lucas demands.

"Well bro, it's very easy to get mixed up sometimes in what you think is real in TV shows actually isn't in real life." Jack says.

"But what if you try and make the stuff in the TV Shows real?" Lucas says.

"Well then you are stupid, you can't do what they do in the TV Shows as it's very surreal and they use special effects to get the selected scene of action." Jack responds.

"What if someone starts acting like the person in the TV Show and doesn't want to accept it's "just a TV Show" Lucas asks.

"This just means that they are afraid to be their self but with time they will feel comfortable in their own skin I'm certain." Jack responds.

"That's what I'm feeling like at the moment; I hope I'll start to feel better." Lucas says.

"You will, give it time." Jack responds.


"Right Luke, you are going to come and spend a day with me at the police station." Jack says.

"Okay, sounds fun." Lucas responds.

Jack says "Hurry up, Hurry up!"

"I don't have all day" Jack adds.

"Now you are all dressed up in your smart uniform and ready to go and catch some criminals let's see what we can get you to do." Jack says.

"You can do this!" Jack points to the computer screen.

"What exactly is this, Jack?" Lucas asks.

"You read the information and enter it in the screen so that we have a database of criminals to refer back to." Jack says.

"Alright, I can do that!" Lucas responds, and goes to type in the information in the database.

"I know this kid at my school that is famous but he insists he wants to stay at school even though he could have so much more in his life, should I be suspicious that he has done something bad?" Lucas asks.

"No, you shouldn't. We police officers can sometimes want to believe people's phone calls about certain people as we have our suspicions too. However, the truth is if you know the person and have known what they have been like in the past you'd know that they are still the same person they were just acting differently because of the environment, situation and other people's expectations of them." Jack says.

"Okay Jack, I trust you as a police officer and I know you wouldn't lie to me because if you did then I'd know you would not be acting like a decent brother or a decent police officer for that matter." Lucas responds.

"Well you should know me by now Bro; I would never lie to you about something as serious as this." Jack says.

"Okay, this is quite boring for me really if I'm honest I need to be doing something more challenging to get my brain working." Lucas responds.


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