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Kid From The Past!

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As the last drop of sunlight leaked from the sky in summer bay Jack and Martha prepared to settle down for a good night's rest after the evnts of their day had been a sucess.

Unknown to both Jack and Martha deep in the heart of central London Rachel Stanford was waking her four year old daughter Jessica and preapring her for the eventful day ahead. At 6.30 Rachel and Jessica were due to fly from Heathrow to the tropical sands of Summer Bay in Australia. As Rachel finished off the remainder of her packing she rehearsed in her head what she planned to say. Little Jessica ran around, happily playing excited about what she thought was just a holiday. The time flew by and before both Rachel and Jessica knew it the taxi was pulling up outside their small house ready to take them to the airport.

At the opposite side of the earth the ringing of Jack and Martha's telephone could be heard echoing into the silence of the room.

(not finished!)

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