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Romance Hits the Bay

Guest J+M4EVA!

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Hey this s my first fan fiction so hope you like it:

Title: Romance hits the bay

Type of story: long fiction

Rating: G

Main Characters: Martha, Jack, Tony, Belle, Lucas, Drew, Ric and Aden and Geoff

Is Story being proof read: Nope

Summary: its about everyone brekaing up then getting back to gether and Belle having to pick out of three diffrent guys and makes a mistake and kisses someone who wasnt in her 3 choses.

Chapter 1

As Martha and Jack come back from their overseas honeymoon they return to Summer Bay Early

*Martha and Jack come to Jacks house in two seprate taxis*

*they get out of the car and as Tony and Lucas are there to great them"

"Jack Martha why cut the honeymoon short?"Tony asked Martha and Jack

" well Tony ask Jack" Martha repled angrily " uhm Tony an you give me a lift to the Diner apartment please" Martha asked nicely

"uhm first before i take you there Martha, what is going on with you and Jack?" Tony asked

"Jack you can answer your dad" Martha repled to Tony

"Dad not right now please" Jack Repled to Tony and Martha

"You cant even tell your own father what happend and why it is cut short" Martha said angrly to Jack

"Dad Just take Martha home please" Jack said to Tony

"Then why did the taxi come here?" Tony askes Martha

" Beccause i came to get all of my stuff" Martha replys to Tony

" your Breaking up?" Tony asked*shocked face*

" Yes Tony we are" Martha repled to TonyPacks all of her stuff

"Jack Please tell me why you and Martha are breaking up?" Tony had Asked Jack

" beccuase i so called Cheated so she tought revenage so she cheated back" Jack told Tony

*Martha screams out to Tony* " can you pelase take me now"


*Belle sits on the Beach thinking about with one to go with Ric, Aden or Drew*

*Lucas comes and sits next to Belle on the beach*"hey Belle" Lucas said to Belle

"Lucas what do you want" Belle replys to Lucas

"Belle i came to see how your doing from the picking of witch guy" Lucas tells Belle

"well Luc i havent so just go away please"Belle said to Lucas

"FINE Belle ill go" Lucas said to Belle

*starts to walk off*

*Drew Ric and Aden are watching Lucas and Belle*

"Lucas wait" Belle said to Lucas

*lucas stops and turns around to Belle*

"Yes Belle" Lucas said to Belle

*Belle gets up and goes to Lucas and kisses him*

*lucas kisses Belle back*

Belle wispers in Lucas ear"i wanna be with you not them"

*Belle runs down the beach*

*Ric was the only one who saw the kiss*

"Bye Belle"Lucas shouts out to Belle


Will Martha and Jack get Back toghter and what will Ric say to Lucas.

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