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Anything At All

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Name: Anything At All


Main Characters: Martha but contains Corey, Jack and Rachel at the end

BTTB Rating: G/A

Genre: Sadness, Drama, A bit of swearing and violence

Any Warnings: Contains swering (little) and violence (aftermath)

Spoilers: No none

Summary: Martha has to deal with the outcome of what she is going through, she cant do it alone and is terrified about the outcome of Life . . . Or her Death!

Anything At All

I hide in the wardrobe and pull my knees up to my chest as I feel an excruciating pain sores through my body as my ribs scream out in pain and my nose bleeds. I can hear him screaming, muffled words that don’t sink into my head and can hear things being thrown across the room and him stomping around looking for me.

I can tell by the tone of your voice,

that this Isn't working out

I can tell by the look in your eyes,

you've made up your mind you haven't got a doubt

I remember when I first saw you

I wince as he screams my name and I close my eyes and try not to listen to him. Tears run down my cheeks as I remember the first time we met, he was so sweet, so innocent, so kind, loving and intelligent.

“Hi!” He say’s as he walks up to me, smiling a sweet, caring smile and looking at me with those big blue eyes.

“Hi!” I reply back awkwardly, no know whether to turn around and run the other way or to listen to what he has to say.

“The name is Cory!” He say’s pulling his hand toward, waiting for me to shake it. He’s wearing a Yabbie Creek Police uniform so I know he’s no stalker.

“Martha!” I say shaking his hand.

“Martha Mackenzie!”

I jump slightly as I hear the front door slam shut, finally I push the wardrobe door open and crawl out, ignoring the searing pain screaming at me from my ribs and my nose. I force myself to stand up and almost double back over in pain again as the tears fall down my cheeks.

remember the way I felt

and now your breaking me to pieces,

I don't know how I'll deal with this.

I look in the mirror and gasp at the sight staring back at me. I have a black eye which goes down to my cheek bone and up to my eye brow and a cut on my forehead. I have a split lip which is starting to puff out, making one side of my face look bigger than the other.

Wincing in pain, I look at my neck which is covered in small finger sized bruises. Pulling up my shirt I look at the purple and black bruises across my ribcage and watch the tears fill up in my eyes as I press one hand up against them.

I think they’re broken.

but If I...

learned anything at all

it was to always be true to yourself and

I know that this isn't the end of it all

and I will fall...

I remember the last time this happened, he said he was sorry, that he loved me, that I made him do it, that I pushed his buttons. I wanted to leave that day but he sent me roses, chocolates and jewelry.

I didn’t leave the house for days, I basically slept with one eye open, I didn’t want to sleep on my side for fear that he would stab me with something, but I was scared to sleep on my back for fear that he would think he could have me, do what he wanted with me.

been thinking for days,

been sleepless for nights

but it all came to me,

driving home crying my eyes out

I slowly make my way out to the lounge and look around, table are upturned, chairs were over the other end of the room, cup, plates and knives and forks were broken and everywhere and the couch had been upturned.

“No, you promised me you wouldn’t do this anymore!” I scream as tears weep down my cheeks opening the white contents in the bag in my hands and tipping it all over the floor.

“No!” he screams running toward me and slapping me hard across the face. I scream as I clutch the side of my face, feeling the stinging sensation tingle right through my body.

“You bastard!” I scream picking up the closest thing, being an ash tray and throwing it at his head.

I find my phone lodged between the wall and the fridge where I had thrown it at him and double over in pain as I fall to my legs and then to my side.

My eye lids are heavy . . . I think I have concussion and my head is throbbing, as is the rest of my body.

I reach for the phone and scream out in pain because it hurts so much but finally I grab the phone and pull it towards me, crawling up in a ball to try and stop the pain from overtaking me and knocking me out.

I press call on the first number in my call list and sob slowly, also trying to catch my breath as every breath I take hurts my lungs.

The person on the end picks up and I sob into the phone and struggle to breathe as I start to lose consciousness.

and if I...

learned anything at all it was too

never give up

cause I see all my dreams laid out in front of me

and for once it doesn't seem so tough

I open my eyes and see the phone lying beside me with someone on the screen. I don’t move but can only just figure out what the text say’s and read aloud the words ‘Call ended’.

I slowly move my hand up to my nose and touch it, it is soft and I instantly feel the tears surface from my eyes . . . I’m sure its broken too.

I look up and see him standing in the door way and whimper a simple ‘No’ as he starts moving toward me …

I start to panic.

Suddenly I see another person standing in the door way, another male. I weep as I see the horror on his face and reach out an arm so he can help me. I scream out in pain as my arm falls to my side and he sees me …

He sees Corey.

I watch on, feeling some what relieved when he tackles Corey to the ground and start pounding away at his face. I know I’m safe now, I know Corey wont be able to hurt me again.

He stops after 5 minutes of pounding at him, blood now covering his hands he gets to his feet as Corey lay there, motionless.

He walks toward me.

“Jack!” I whimper as he pulls out a walky talky and leans down beside me.

“Ok!” Is all he say’s into it and then another two police officers walk in the front door along with Rachel Armstrong. . . The doctor.

“Martha!” She say’s and I try to look up at her but cant so she bends down next to Jack.

“Can you move at all?”

I nod and remove myself from the curled up ball that I was in, screaming and wincing in pain as Jack and Rachel help me up, I double over in pain again but this time I fall into Jack who keeps me up.

I smile weakly as Rachel puts on gloves and looks me over.

“He hit me, my face and ribs!” I struggle to breathe as Rachel slowly pulls my top up.

“Broken nose and ribs!” she say’s simply and then she notices something, yellow bruising near the new bruising.

“He’s hit you before, hasn’t he?’ she ask’s.

I nod and break down as Jack wraps his arms around me and comforts me.

no, it doesn't seem so tough....

He pulls back and lifts my chin gently so Im now looking into his eyes, he leans down and kisses me gently on the lips as all the pain from my body suddenly rushes away and then I know . . .

It’s not my fault!

Song: Anything at all

By: Tristan Prettyman

Hope you all like, please comment ! !


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