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Computer CD drive isn't working

Guest WillowsTara

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I am going to repost what I posted at another forum, since I posted there this morning and now its almost 6 and nobody posted, I am hoping I will get a faster response elsewhere.

Hi, a while ago I posted in a thread that was talking about how Freetime suddenly stopped working for them, and that a message comes up that keeps saying Wrong disk for FT Insert disk 1 and so on.

When I asked for help, they suggested I post a new thread about it since it seems to be unrelated (ALL my other games are working), I thought well I can survive without FT..

But now Bon Voyage has been hit and I refuse to go back to Seasons! That message about the wrong disk kept coming up for Bon Voyage but after taking the disk out and then back in (The same one) or restarting the computer, the game worked again.

But now it stopped working, the message keeps coming up "Wrong Disk, please insert disk 1" despite the fact I have NOT changed the disks in a while and I was only playing The Sims 2 just last night (I was making my neighbourhood with houses/community lots made by me).

I have no idea what is going on, and I can't find that other thread either to refence it back or even have another read. I know they told me to make another thread but I still want to reread it.

While FT and now BV aren't working, all my other computer games do work. Oblivion, Dungeon keeper, even tried this game I haven't played in a couple of years. All worked. All music cds work as well. Misc. Disks work as well so I don't know what is wrong.

Maybe it has to do with the computer being moved? A couple of weeks ago my oldest brother took my computer so he could wipe it for me, he had to take it to his house which is like half an hour from mine, he said he had it on for three days straight to clear the computer up.

Here's the things I remeber from the other thread:

Laser out of place- I don't think it is, but I don't know what laser they are talking about

Clean Disks- I am too afraid to use water with it because I might ruin it even more.

I don't know what other suggegtions were.

So can anyone help please? I do not want to back to Seasons. Since my computer was taken at Easter, and I installed FT sometime the week after. And BV stopped working now April 30th...Well I don't want to play Seasons only to go back to Pets/OFB a month later, so that's why I am pleading for help. I can survive without FT but not BV.

Edit: I just remebered something, is it possible for this to happen if the computer if left on for too long with the game running?

Let me explain, occasionally like once a month or something I used to leave my game running all night because I was doing a Free Will Challenge to see who survives by the time I wake up. But when I got FT I did this more, kept doing it.

Now sure if I was doing it from 3pm-9am it might be okay...But I am literally talking about like it been left on for two days and half two nights. Like take the other day for instance, I was on the computer from 9am to 5am playing the Sims 2 (You heard me) and then I went to sleep, woke up at 10am in the morning and kept playing The Sims 2 until like 10:30pm that night. Which was only two night ago. On Bon Voyage...

And I been doing this alot more lately, leaving the game running while I go to sleep, and even when it's been on all day that day and more likely to be on all day the next morning.

SO could FT and BV have stopped working for this reason? Could they have become overheated or something. And if so what do I do! Do I need a new BV or FT Disk? Because I will go out right now and buy it if I need to.

Please reply, I am so desperately trying to find out why it isn't working.

Edit 2: Oh no, it isn't working at all, and I mean the CD harddrive, nothing working, I have tried all disks:

Everybody Loves Raymond

Avril Lavgine Album

Hilary Duff's newest albume which I got in Janaury this year.

TES IV: Oblivion

GTA: Vice City

Dungeon Keeper (Last three are games)

And this writeable disk which had my stories on it.

NONE of them are working on it, now I believe it's the matter of the CD drive itself, what is going on!

So any ideas on what's happening and what is the most quickest way to fix it?

Oh here's a bit of additional information that might fix, when I tried going into Powercinema to see if ELR would load, I clicked on DVD and it said it couldn't detect a disk or a DVD-rom in it. Also said check to see if your windows device manager is enabled. I went to check it and it is. But tell me how to check it just incase I did it wrong. (BTW I did nothing last night execpt play The Sims 2, turned it off when I went to bed and turned it back on this morning to discover all this)

Edit: I didn't know where to put this, so I thought this would be the righr place.

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