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Lisa Origliasso and Dean Geyer announce engagement

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Lisa Origliasso and Dean Geyer announce engagement

Herald Sun

April 28, 2008

AUSTRALIA'S least-ugly rock couple are off the market, with news that Veronicas twin Lisa Origliasso and Neighbours star Dean Geyer have announced their engagement.

The pair got together in April last year and have enjoyed a long-distance relationship since.

Austrailan Idol graduate Geyer, 22, famously announced he was remaining a virgin until his wedding day, due to his religious beliefs.

Origliasso, 23, told the Herald Sun last year she supported his vow of chasity.

"I don't feel any pressure. I support him with all his decisions just as he supports mine, so it's all good. We're very secure in our relationship, we're very happy. I support all his choices.''

Geyer appears in the new Veronicas video This Love.

Origliasso previously dated fallen bad-boy DJ Craig "Lowie" Lowe and US singer Ryan Cabrera.

Origliasso said the couple made time to catch up during their busy schedules.

"I'm all over the place touring, so we catch up whenever we can,'' Origliasso said last year.

"The main thing is staying in touch. We understand the industry, each other's schedules, which is important.

"But we have huge phone bills, phone bills I could probably have bought a car with, but it's worth it."

Geyer's first scenes in Neighbours appeared last month, with insiders saying the soap hired a dialect coach to soften his strong South African accent.

He is expected to use his increased profile to re-start his solo career.

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