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neighbours fanfic: baby cammeniti

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wot life would be like if the baby was marco's not oliver's

chapter 1 = sexy business partner

Rosie and Carmella eating lunch at Charlie's bar

Rosie: "OMG"

Carmella: "what?"

Rosie: "don't look, i think the most beautiful man i have ever seen in the world just entered"

Carmella turns around

Rosie: "i said don't look"

Carmella waves at the guy

Carmella: "hey"

Rosie: "you know him?

Carmella: "oh yeah, that is just Marco"

Rosie: "and who is this just Marco?"

Carmella: one of my suppliers

Rosie: "is he married?"

Carmella: "like you?"

Marco walks over

Marco: "hey"

Carmella: "this is my sister rosie"

Marco: "hey Rosie"

he sees some paperwork in carmella's hands

Marco: "what you got there?"

Carmella: "the pricing to put celestial fruits online, i need to get together $10,000"

Marco: "i'll help you"

Carmella: "no, i couldn't take your cash"

Rosie: "how about if you invest in celestial fruits kinda like a business deal?"

Carmella: "that could work, if your ok with it Marco"

Marco: "i'm more than fine with it, i got to go now but can we meet for dinner today to dicuss it further?"

Carmella: "sure, is 5 o'clock ok for you?"

Marco: "perfect"

Marco leaves Charlie's

Rosie: "he was soo flirty with you"

Carmella: "no he wasn't"

Marco at Charlie's bar waiting for Carmella

Steph: "would you like a drink?"

Marco: "i'll have a coke please and what do you think Carmella would like?"

Steph: "ummm...i reckon lemonade is a safe bet, is it all you would like?"

Marco: "at the moment yes, thanks steph"

Rosie and Carmella at Carmella's apartment

Rosie: "i reckon you should wear the red dress"

Carmella: "no, it's too..."

Rosie: "you sure you don't have it hot for Marco?"

Carmella: "it is only business"

Rosie: "and that is why it has taken you over an hour to get ready"

Carmella: "he is gonna invest alot of cash in my company, pass me the red dress, i'll wear that"

Rosie: "you sure?"

Carmella: "...yes"

Marco at charlie's bar, Carmella enters

Carmella: "hey Marco"

Marco: "hey Carm"

Carmella sits down at the table opposite Marco

Marco: "i ordered you a lemonade, is that ok?"

Carmella: "that is great, thanks"

Steph walks over carrying a tray of drinks

Steph: "one coke and one lemonade, would you like a menu?"

Carmella: "yes please"

Steph gives them both a menu and goes back to the bar

Carmella: "you sure you want to invest in my company?"

Marco: "i'm sure, i have the cash and the skills, and i love celestial fruits"

Carmella: "how will this arrangement work?"

Marco: "i'll invest a 40% share in celestial fruits and get 40% of the profits monthly, in return i'll help you run and manage

your company but you'll have final say on all business deals"

Carmella: "sounds good to me"

Marco: passes Carmella a piece of paper and a pen

Marco: "i'll need your bank account details"

Carmella writes them down and Marco puts the piece of paper in his jacket pocket

Marco: "ok, i'll transfer $10,000 into your account dinner, it all be in there first thing in the morning"

Carmella: "thank you, i'll pay it back, i promise"

Marco: "no need to, it is my pleasure"

Steph walks up to the table

Steph: "you ready to order guys?"

Marco: "i'll have a steak and chips please"

Carmella: "i'll have the chicken in white wine sauce please"

After Carmella and Marco have finished eating

Carmella: "i better get going, it's getting late"

Marco: "i'll give you a ride home"

Carmella: "you don't have to i live just around the corner"

Marco: "i know but i want to"

They get up and walk to the bar to buy

Steph: "that is $128, who is paying?"

Carmella: "i am"

Marco: "no, i am"

Steph: "how about you both pay 50/50?"

Marco: "i'll get this one Carm you can pay next time"

Carmella gives in and let's Marco pay

Outside Carmella's front door

Carmella: "thanks for a great evening"

Marco takes Carmella left hand and kisses it softly

Marco: "i'll see you tommorrow morning at the market"

Marco walks back to his car leaving Carmella in with a fuzzy feelings inside.


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