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Holly Toons Her Voice

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Holly toons in her voice

Herald Sun

April 10 2008

GETTING ready for work is a lot easier for Holly Brisley.

As one of the voices in a new cartoon for the ABC, her daily routine no longer includes getting hair and make-up done like it did when she was on Home and Away.

"It is tracksuit pants all the way for me," the blonde bombshell joked.

Brisley said she had always dreamed of working on a cartoon and was inspired by US actors who had lent their voices to animation.

"It is still acting, it is just a different genre," she said.

"I have to put more expression in my voice, and working out how to do that has been a good challenge."

Although Brisley was unable to give details of what the cartoon was about, she was sure it would be "good fun".

Brisley said she had always been known for her husky voice.

"I always get pulled up in the supermarket when people hear me speak," she said.

Brisley is one of four main characters in the cartoon, which she started recording last week.

Brisley will finish the last of the 52 episodes in December.

They will air next year.

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