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Coast's new face at Summer Bay [SPOILER]

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Coast's new face at Summer Bay

The Sunshine Daily

23rd March 2008

His face might be familiar to some but Lachlan Buchanan is about to become a lot more recognisable.

The Caloundra resident has been carving his way through lead roles in film and TV for the past 18 months.

Now he is about to hit the big time with his work set to be splashed across television and silver screens.

The 20-year-old has just wrapped up filming a major role in the hit ABC television series Blue Water High.

Set at an elite surf academy, Lachlan plays the role of Charley, the junior prodigy of the group, and he said growing up on the Sunshine Coast certainly helped him get into character.

“I definitely have that more easy-going way about me,” he said. “Especially when I compare it to Sydney-siders...I definitely have that surf culture of the Sunshine Coast in me which can come in handy.”

The former Matthew Flinders student has spent the past six months filming the role in the award winning show.

He will now embark on his next project.

“I start filming three episodes of Home and Away tomorrow,” he said.

“My character’s name is Pat, he is a rough-around-the-edges 17-year-old who comes into Summer Bay with his girlfriend. So there is a little romance but then leaves after a few days.”

Even though those two roles are an exciting enough achievement for most 20-year-olds, the fun doesn’t stop there for Lachlan who is about to begin a promotional tour for his first feature film.

“I shot a film called Newcastle about a year ago,” he said. “It’s a drama/coming-of-age-story about this kid who has a chip on his shoulder and he is trying to get out of the working class town that he is in through surfing. That will be in the cinemas the mid to end of this year.”

And after returning home to the Coast for a few weeks following his Home and Away commitments, Lachlan will begin enjoying the jet setting life of a movie star.

“I will be back for a few weeks after shooting Home and Away but then I am being flown over to New York and LA towards the end of April to promote Newcastle,” he said.

While most young actors around his age need to supplement their income by having “in-between” jobs, Lachlan has had enough work to keep him busy.

“At this stage it has been very sustaining and hopefully get better after (the movie premieres),” he said.

“I have managed to avoid working in the hospitality industry for a while,” he said.


This was posted on haac and I looked though the topics here and was suprised to see that it wasn't already posted.

Anyway enjoy :)

EDIT - sorry about the spelling mistake in spoiler I guess I didn't check it properly. If a mod sees this can they change it. Thanks.

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