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Better Be Home Soon: The Sally Fletcher Farewell Mix

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This is a mix I made for Sally's last days in the Bay. Titled "Better Be Home Soon", simply because I thought the title was poignant and fitting, given that Sally's going travelling. All of these songs are available via iTunes, even the Home & Away theme by The Robertson Brothers.

I deliberately chose to make most of the artists Australian and some songs which have been featured. Unfortunately, I could not track down Lost Horizon - Sally & Flynn's wedding song. These were chosen with Sally in mind, the person she is, her relationship with Flynn and her forthcoming departure. I hope you enjoy if you decide to take a listen. :)

The mix is available to download at iTunes: http://phobos.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore...ix?id=277264611

1. Home 4:16 Daughtry

2. Bubbly 3:16 Colbie Caillat

3. Life is Better with You 4:41 Eskimo Joe

4. You Only Hide... 3:55 Something For Kate

5. Fix You 4:37 Coldplay

6. Light Surrounding You 3:51 Evermore

7. Like Only a Woman Can 3:52 Brian McFadden

8. One Crowded Hour 4:50 Augie March

9. From the Sea 3:23 Eskimo Joe

10. Asleep On the Lawn 4:06 The Hampdens

11. The Guide 3:35 Borne

12. Tomorrow's Gone 4:09 Motor Ace

13. Is This Life? 4:30 Small Mercies

14. Opportunity 3:37 Pete Murray

15. Less Than Perfect 3:39 Belinda Emmett

16. Going North 2:49 Missy Higgins

17. Better Be Home Soon 3:10 Crowded House

18. Home and Away Theme (2000) 3:05 The Robertson Brothers

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