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Drunken Confessions

Guest Paige__

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Type of story: One Shot!

Rating: General/G/U

Main characters: Ric & Cassie

Genre: Romance

Warnings: May contain brief romance, but nothing overly sexual.

Is story being proof read: Not really…

Any spoilers included: No

Summary: Cassie’s fed up with life. She’s drinking and nobody knows, and this time Sally isn’t there to help her, being so caught up with Miles. Enter Ric. Is he just a shoulder to cry on, or something much more?


“What are you doing?”

The male voice made Cassie jump in surprise, as she whirled around, a little of the alcoholic liquid fell out of the bottle and onto her bedroom carpet, but she dismissed it with a wave. She didn’t care anymore.

“Drinking.” She slurred, giving a giddy smile to Ric, whose presence was one that was not expected, but in her drunken state she welcomed it with open arms.

“I can see that, Cassie.” Ric replied, looking her up and down and sighing.

“Well done!” Cassie giggled and clapped her hands, dancing on the stop before stopping and holding her head, a look of pain crossing her face. “Oww. Dizzy bad.” She mumbled, placing the bottle on the counter at such an angle that it toppled off, and would have crashed to the floor if not for Ric catching it rather expectedly in his hands, to which was awarded another round of clapping for the far from sober Cassie.

"Cassie, what's wrong?" Ric asked, watching her carefully.

"Nothing." She had always been stubborn - that was not about to change.

"Is it Sally?"










Ric opened his mouth to say something but closed it, pondered, though a bit, changed his mind and then spoke again, all in the space of a bare seconds.

“Cassie, you’re drunk. You need to sit down.” He said this slowly, as if this would make her understand more.

Cassie rolled her eyes. “Okay dad.” She giggled again, for no reason, and took a step towards the bed, missing her footing and tripping, falling. She closed her eyes and waited for the thud of the floor, but nothing came. She opened one eye and saw that she was being held tightly in two arms, and recognised them as Ric’s, Despite all her previous feelings, and her less-then-soberness, she felt a blush creeping up her cheeks.

“What happened, Ric?” She mumbled softly; a part of her regaining the sensible Cassie. The Cassie that hated to leave something unorganised, but whose bedroom was a complete mess; the Cassie that wanted to know the straight answer, and not ponder; the Cassie that gave up History because she simply wanted to ‘know the right answer’, and most importantly:

The Cassie that was now in love with Ric all over again.

“You fell.” Ric said, although they both knew what she really meant.

“No, I mean to us.” Cassie replied, not moving from the arms of Ric. The arms she felt safe in – the presence of safety which she hadn’t felt since Henk left her three months ago.

Ric said one word that made Cassie’s heart break, but her blood boil with anger at the same time. “Macca.”

“I didn’t love Macca.” She protested, turning to face him, a glare on her face.

“You did, Cass.” Ric took a step forward, his anger level rising.

“I don’t anymore.” She mimicked him and took a step forward to, her glare never ceasing.

“You still could.” Another step.

“I don’t.” A fourth step.

“How can I trust you?” A fifth.

“Because I love you.” The final step between them, and Cassie was now inches away from Ric, her eyes taking in every part of his face.

“I love you too.” The gap was closed. Two mouths met.

A kiss.


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