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A New Life

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Story Title: A new life

Type of story: long fic

Main Characters: ric,cassie,sally,matilda,belle and drew but will have others every now and then

BTTB rating: A

Genre: drama

Does story include spoilers: no

Any warnings: Sexual content, violence, language

Summary: Teenager cassie trying to deal with the past abuse and also finding hope love and family after bein place in the care of sally.

Chapter 1

The sun had just came up and sally walked down the stairs put the kettle on and looked outside the kitchen window and paused to reflect on the amazing family and friends she had in her life.She was to busy reflecting to even notice Ric walking into the kitchen he opened the fridge "Morning sal" he said grabbing a bottle of orange juice.There was no reply from sally "you ok?" Ric asked Sally turned around "ohh sorry was in my own world then" Ric gave her a weird look "im fine"..The whistle from the kettle started to blow and sally walked over to make her coffee..Ric looks out the window "looks like another great day" ric said still peering out the window."Whats the plans for the day?" sally asked taking her first sip of her coffee."mmm im not sure meeting Lucas at the diner at 10am and then probably head down to the beach".."Ric don't forget im having that meeting with docs today about letting a teenager come and stay with us for awhile".."oh yeah i neally forgot about that do you know who they are?" "no" sally replied sitting down at the kitchen table "all i know is they have been through alot in the life and just need somewhere to stay" "well im sure after everything i've been through coming here to stay with you his the best thing for this person" sally looked at ric and smiled "i knew we would get you grounded you just needed to trust us a little and you eventully did" Ric just stared at the table " thank you for everything you have done for me i never would've been the person i am today without you sal" "Aww Ric i knew there was a better you inside" Ric looked at sal and then looked at his watch " oh it's neally 10am i gotta get ready" Ric jumped up and gave a sally a kiss on the cheek as he ran up the stairs to have a shower.


Ric and Lucas were sitting at the diner when Matilda,Drew and Belle walked in and sat down."So whats the plans?" ric said sipping on his chocolate milkshake."well i thought a game of volleyball on the beach followed by dvds"replied Drew "Game on" replied ric "yeah whatever ric us girls will beat you" said belle with a big smile on her face "ohh is that a challenge"ric said smiling even bigger "here we go" drew rolled his eyes knowing how competative both ric and belle were.The gang all got up and headed for the beach which surely would be an exciting time

Sally's meeting with docs"

Sally is sitting in the office with Graham Hills talking about the Teenager she might be welcoming into her home."She has been through alot and will need to be gradually adjusted to living in your home"Graham said to sally."For the first few weeks don't let people rush at her let her go to them give her time and im sure she will start to find herself now im sure with your history with us she will be really looked after and cared for and i can't think of anyone better to have in her life right now then you" "im just glad to have the opportunity to try and help her" "so does that mean you will take her in" "of course i will she is very welcome into my house" Graham smiled " im very happy to hear that sally Let's go and meet her" They get up and walk to meet the girl sally is going to be welcoming into her family.

Back at the beahc

They have been playing for 20mins and at the moment the girls are winning.The boys are getting really frustrated not to be shown up by the girls but the boys have nothing and the girls win. Belle runs around the beach laughing at Ric cause she beat him "i'll get you back" ric says as he sits down next to Drew."we goin to watch the dvds now" lucas asks "You know what guys i can't i gotta go back home sal should be back now and i want to be there for when sal brings back the person who will be staying with us."hope it's a good lookin guy" belle says laying down Ric laughs "well they won't be liking a girl who beats up the boys haha cya guys" ric says while running off home anticapiting the arrival of a new person.

caravan park house

"you can just put your bags down there..This is your home from now on i want you to treat it as your home your safe here and no one will hurt you" sally said to the scared and frightened teenager."have a seat im just going to go up stairs and put this washing away will you be ok here?" "yeah i think so" replied the teenager you can tell she was scared by the sound of her voice "i won't be long" sally said as she grabbed the washing and walked upstairs.The frightned and scared teenager looked around the room it looked like a lovely house and she thought to herself she will be safe here sally is so nice maybe this is the home she has been looking for.As she looks round the room ric bursts in the door he scares her and she has only one reaction to defend herself she grabs a remote control as that is the closest thing to her and has it up ready to hit ric."woah settle down im ric i live here im sorry i didn't mean to scare you" she slowly puts the remote down on the table still not taking her eyes off ric.Ric slowly moves forward "im not goin to hurt you im ric i live here with sally and you are?" not being able to say a word she screams.Sally comes flying down the stairs "what's going on?" "i don't know i just walked in and she freaked" Sally drops down and hugs her "it's ok this is ric he lives here he will not hurt you come on ill take you upstairs and show you to your room" sally helps her up and takes her to her room giving ric a wait here look.Ric now standing by himself takes in a deep breath wondering what just happened.Sally walks into the room "im so sorry ric i didn't think you would be home yet" "i came home to see if you needed any help..is she ok?" he asked with concern "That's cassie she is 16 and has had a bit of trouble in the past with her uncle her grandmother passed away and has no one else but her uncle that's why i was asked to give her a home just need to be patient with her give her time she does freak out heaps and at the moment has no trust in guys you will need to give her some space just until she settles in." "do you want me to stay somewhere else for a bit" ric says "no i want cassie to see that your not goin to hurt her just take it easy" "ok i will ric said wondering what on earth her uncle could've done to her.The night slowly drifted onto summer bay and another day was neally over Ric had stayed away from cassie for the afternoon by staying up in his room most of the night.Cassie was sitting on the lounge as Ric walks out to the kitchen to get a drink.A little startled cassie quickly looks up and see's ric "sorry im just gettin a drink then ill be out of your way" ric says to cassie.cassie calmly settles back down "im sorry for today" she said "No it's ok im sorry i shouldnt have bardged in like that" "If you ever need anything just ask and ill do whatever i can" "thank you"cassie smiled "well ill let you get back to the tv goodnight" "goodnight" cassie replied a little confused as she had never known a guy to be like that she sat and looked around and for the first time in her life she felt safe.

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