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Love Conquers All

Guest baymaniac

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Type of story: Short/Medium Fic

Rating: T

Main characters: Matilda Hunter, Ric Dalby, Cassie Turner, Roman Harris

Genre: Romance

Warnings: May contain brief mentions of sex/nudity

Is story being proof read: No

Any spoilers included: May contain spoilers for UK viewers, and also as to new locations for Australian viewers.

Summary: Six weeks have passed since Ric and Maddie broke up and the latter desperately wants to move on with her life. After a failed fling with Aden's brother, Simon, she is swept off her feet by Roman. However it looks like a doomed romance, Roman is hiding a nasty secret and Maddie is struggling to shake off the attentions of Ric. When Roman's truth comes out, the question will be, does Maddie stick with him or will she go back to Ric?



Matilda finshes chatting to Roman when she sees Ric on the beach. Since it was revealed that Ric got Viv pregnant, life has been a nightmare for him, he's been fired from the garage, Viv and Noel decided to raise his baby on their own and worst, he's been disowned by his family and friends resulting in him having to take residency in one of the caravans.

Seeing his chance, he goes over to Maddie who tries to get away from him.

RIC: Maddie...

MATILDA: Not intrested before you say anything.

RIC: I just want to talk.

MATILDA: Let me guess, it's about Viv and how you miss her, isn't it.

RIC: No it isn't. I just wanted to know what's going on in your life.

MATILDA: Well before you ask, it has nothing to do with you.

And she storms off before Ric can say another word.


Later on that day, Matilda and Cassie are having a friendly conversation when Cassie (who's is charge of the bar) suddenly spots Ric. Realising that Maddie can't stand being in the same place as Ric, Cassie goes over to Ric.

CASSIE: What are doing here?

RIC: What does it look like?

CASSIE: You do know you're banned from here.

RIC: Well I'm sorry but I need some places around town to go.

CASSIE: Sorry, but it's company policy, customers who are banned must not be on the premises.

RIC: This is Maddie's doing, isn't it. She asked you to get rid of me.

CASSIE: OK, yes but for a very good reason.

RIC: Which is?

CASSIE: Why should I tell you. Now go before I call the police.

Reluctanly, Ric leaves as Maddie sighs in relief. She thanks Cassie.

Coming Up in Chapter 2

Things start to get passionate between Maddie and Roman

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Ric is walking past when he suddenly notices that the motor scooter that he bought Matilda is missing. Shortly, Matilda notices Ric.

MATILDA: What are you doing now?

RIC: Just answer this question and I'll go. What happened to the scooter?

Matilda realises she has to tell Ric.

MATILDA: I was actually going to come and tell you. (long pause) I sold the scooter.


MATILDA: For $300.

RIC: Maddie, why did you do it? That cost me at least five times more than that.

MATILDA: I assure you, I sold it for all the right reasons.

RIC: I never thought I'd say this. You hate me to your guts.

MATILDA: That's not true

RIC: It is. Just leave me alone.

Shortly after, Roman arrives to find Maddie sobbing. Roman tells her just to forget about her ex and it results in them kissing.

Two weeks later, things were starting to get better for Ric in the form that his family and friends were starting to forgive him and accept him back. But he can't shake off the feeling that Matilda is falling fast for Roman.

And sure enough, when he and Lucas return from a surf they burst into Lucas's bedroom to find Matilda and Roman in his bed.


RIC: How could you do this Maddie?

MATILDA: Ric it's not what it looks like and it dosen't make any sense. We've broken up.

RIC: Yeah but then jumping into bed with another guy. This is an all-time low.

ROMAN: Mate, just stop having a go at us.

RIC: No and I'm not your mate.

MATILDA: Just go, Ric.

RIC: (to Maddie) You're an idiot.

Coming Up in Chapter 3

Roman's secret is out and his revenge act goes horribly wrong, as Ric makes a shock decision about his future.

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Ric is alone, struggling to accept the fact that Matilda loves Roman. Then Matilda arrives.

RIC: What do you want?

MATILDA: I'm sorry. I didn't mean for you to find out this way.

RIC: You love him more than you ever did with me.

MATILDA: Sorry, Ric, I do.

RIC: Well from now on, just do one thing, stay out of my life.

He leaves.


Later that night, Roman is closing up the Diner when someone comes in. To his horror, it's his wife, Nikki.


Meanwhile, Cassie comforts Ric over what he saw and try convince him to get over it. Then...

CASSIE: I don't think you understand. Maddie has moved on, maybe you should too.

RIC: That's the thing, I can't. Maddie's with Roman, I'm unemployed, Sal's gone, Luc's going to Uni, You hate me after what I did with Viv. There's just no place for me here anymore.

CASSIE: So what are you saying?

RIC: I'm leaving Summer Bay.

Quickly, Cassie tries to talk him out of it but with little success.

The next day, relations between Maddie and Roman have ended after she runs into Nikki in the Surf Club and learns that Nikki is Roman's wife. Maddie is furious and tells Roman, their fling is over but promises not to tell Nikki.

Despondant, before he knows what he's doing, Roman is in the Caravan Park tampering a convoy, little does he know it's Ric's convoy. And Cassie secretly sees everything.

That night, Ric is ready to leave. Cassie is about to tell him what happened with his convoy but before she can, he's out of house and gone.

About 5 minutes later, Maddie arrives and Cassie immediantly tells her that Ric is danger.

MATILDA: Why didn't you tell him!

CASSIE: I was going to but he just went.

MATILDA: Right, well someone's gotta tell him. I'm going out there.

CASSIE: Then I'm coming with you.

MATILDA: No you stay and I'll let you know what's going on.

Matilda rushes out of the house. But it's clear she won't get there by foot. Fortunately, she notices the scooter she sold and without anyone looking she sets off on it.

Hence, it begins a high-speed chase as Ric is having problems with the convoy, still unware it's been tampered with and that his ex is speeding along on the scooter trying to save Ric from a nasty accident.

However, it's clear that Maddie can't catch up to him in time. She soon arrives at a crash scene.


Without wasting any time, she turns back on the scooter to tell Cassie what has happened.

Coming Up in Chapter 4

Will Ric survive? And if he does, is he set to reunite with Maddie?

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The doors of the hospital swing open and after a short check-up, Ric is immediantly rushed into operating theatre. For hours, surgeons attempt to save his life but things look bleak, during surgery, he goes into cardiac arrest and at one stage is pronounced dead, however they suddenly manage to find a pulse and his life is saved for now. But Ric is now in a deep coma and it could take days before he wakes up.

Matilda and Cassie are at the hospital, having both travelled on Maddie's scooter. Alf has also arrived, after having been told of the accident by Jack at the Surf Club.

Next morning arrives and it becomes clear that Maddie is worried about Ric. In fact all that she's been doing is being by his bedside, wanting him to wake up.

Suddenly, Ric starts to wake up from his coma. She, Cassie and Alf are relieved.

Later on, Ric speaks about the crash when the truth comes out.

RIC: All I remember is I swerved off the road and into the ditch.

ALF: It was very serious mate, it's good to have you back though.

Jack then comes in with some distubing news

JACK: Sorry to interrupt but I though you might like to know that we finished our investigation into the accident.

ALF: So what caused it?

JACK: Well, we discovered that the where your grandson crashed his convoy, he went straight on into the ditch and left no skidmarks at all. So we've come to the conclusion that the brakes on the convoy were tampered.

Ric feels like an idiot that he didn't know about this and wasn't given any warning. Then, Maddie buts in saying she tried to chase him on the scooter to let him know. She also apologises to him for ignoring his pleas not to trust Roman. Ric is clearly touched by her bravery.

In the ensuring weeks that follow, Ric and Maddie begin to spend more time together. This obiviously begins to get Cassie suspicious that they are together again but both of them constantly tell her they are just friends and thats all.

However one night at Summer Bay House it's clear they can't keep hold of their growing feelings for one another anymore and they share a kiss. And it is witnessed by Cassie.

Coming Up in Chapter 5

Matilda receives devasting news that is sure to bring her world crashing down whilst her and Ric continue their romance. Then after she passes her HSC exams, Ric has a massive surprise for her.

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Ric and Maddie were back together and hoping to make their relationship last this time. However, things haven't gone Maddie's way recently. Firstly she going to lose Cassie who was going University in a week's time and now had another crisis.

For the last few days, she had been throwing up in the mornings. She thinks that she is coming down with some sort of stomach bug but it became more serious at school. Just after coming out of a lesson, SHE COLLAPSES and is rushed to hospital.


Matilda is awaiting the result of why she collapsed at school.

MATILDA: Please tell me this is good news.

RACHEL: Sorry Matilda, it isn't, you're pregnant.

Matilda is shocked but then when she expriences a flashback of her and Roman in bed together, the terrible realisation dawns, Matilda is pregnant with Roman's baby.

She later tells Cassie about it and knows she can't tell Ric otherwise it will wreck their relationship again. Cassie says just to try and cope with it but Maddie decides to have an abortion and never mention anything of it to Ric.

Two weeks later and with Cassie now gone, Matilda was pratically now all alone, especially with the HSC exams looming. Ric decides to try and take her mind of the recent events by taking her camping for the weekend.

But there was another twist, he had also arranged for them to go horse riding together. Both Ric and especially Matilda were enjoying it until disaster struck when Maddie's horse bolted into the forest. Fortunately she escaped unhurt.

Two months later, the day HSC results arrived and Ric had prepared two surprises for Matilda, firstly he used the remainder of his insurance money from his damaged convoy to buy Matilda a new scooter to replace the old one and also planned a secret surprise for a romantic dinner that night. Matilda had put the hard work in and passed the majority of them. She was thrilled when saw the new scooter Ric had bought her. Then after the romantic meal, Ric revealed his second surprise...


RIC: Listen, If we want to be still together, we've got to do it right.

MATILDA: What does that mean?

Ric's answer is presenting her with a ring.

MATILDA: Ric, it's beautiful

RIC: I know you might think this is too early in our relationship but I think I'm ready.

Ric gets down on one knee, and pops the question

RIC: Matilda Hunter, will you do the honour of becoming my wife? Will you marry me?

Matilda is stunned.

Coming Up in Chapter 6

Will Matilda say yes?

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Matilda is spechless after Ric's marriage proposal

MATILDA: Ric, are you sure you want to do this now?

RIC: Of course. But I don't mind if you want to yet.

MATILDA: I'm just not sure but I do love you.

RIC: Just say what your heart says


RIC: Yes what?

MATILDA: Yes Ric Dalby, I want to marry you

They seal the moment with a kiss.

One week later, they hold a surprise party at the Surf Club and claim it's to celebrate Maddie's exam results, then they reveal that they are engaged to the entire town.

Of course, not everyone is happy, Roman has a fierce chat with Maddie the next day


ROMAN: Why did you choose to marry him?

MATILDA: Excuse me, Ric loves me and I love him

ROMAN: Even though you're carrying my baby

MATILDA: There is no baby. I got rid of it.

ROMAN: How could you?

MATILDA: You know how Ric would feel if I kept it.

ROMAN: Right then I'm giving you a choice. Either you tell Ric before or I will tell all on your wedding day.

MATILDA: Well you won't. Because you're not invited.

Coming Up in Chapter 7

It's Ric and Maddie's wedding day, but will everything run smoothly?

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(Note: this is very short chapter because I want to build some suspense into this fan fic)


The majority of Summer Bay turns up at a wedding and this one is no exception, yes, today, Ric and Matilda's wedding. Cassie has returned from university to be a bridesmaid along with Belle, whilst Lucas also returns to join Drew as best man. Also, Sally has returned to the bay specially for the wedding.

With all of the guests in the church, the proceedings began

VICAR: Dear family and friends, we are all gathered here today to join Matilda Hunter and Eric Dalby in holy matrimony.

Meanwhile, Roman was waiting outside the church, so he could burst in at the right time. He clearly didn't want this wedding to go ahead and now wants Maddie to pay for this, Ric must know about the abortion.

VICAR: Before we begin, if anyone in the congregation today feels that these two should not be wed, may they speak now or forever hold their peace.


Roman bursted through the church doors


Everyone is in shock

ROMAN: Matilda, please, you can't marry him.

Coming Up in Chapter 8

Has Roman ruined the wedding?

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Just when Ric and Maddie were getting married, Roman has interrupted the service.

MATILDA: What are you doing here?

ROMAN: Matilda, you can't marry him.


ROMAN: Because I love you.

MATILDA: What, like the cheat you are.

ROMAN: And your carrying my baby.

MATILDA: What baby?

ROMAN: You told me you were pregnant.

MATILDA: That's a lie. (to Ric) Don't believe him Ric, I was never pregnant.

RIC: (to Roman) Mate, she made it quite clear. This wedding is going ahead whether you like or not. Now go.

ROMAN: Never

Jack and Tony manhandle Roman out of the church

VICAR: Can we now continue?

RIC: Yes

After exchanging vows and wedding rings, the moment that everyone wanted finally came.

VICAR: Matilda and Ric, in spite that the two of you have agreed to live together in matrimony and have promised to love each other by the exchanging of vows and wedding rings and by the power of vestimony, I now declare you to be husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride.

They kiss and everyone stands and applauds.

VICAR: And now ladies and gentleman, it gives me great pleasure in being the first person to present to you, Mr. and Mrs. Eric Dalby.

So despite a massive encounter with Roman, Ric and Matilda were now a married couple.


If you've read this fanfic, I would appreiciate it if you leave a comment.


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