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Summer In The Country

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Title: Summer in the Country

Type of story – Short/Medium Fic

starring: Most of the characters on the show mainly Jack and Martha

Rating: A To be safe (SC, L)

Spoilers: no

Proofread: No

Summary: Instead of being a beach side town summer bay is a small rural farming community. The characters will be mostly the same as those currently featured on the show but the ages will be different for some characters but for others they will remain around the same as on the show.

“Hey there Missy, where do you think you’re going looking like that,” The stern voice enquired as the young girl bolted out the door, “You won’t be going to school dressed like that, wipe that eye gunk off and unroll that skirt, and if it was meant to be that short it would have been made short.”

“But Grandad… it’s not even that short,” Martha pleaded with her grandfather, “Everyone else wears theirs like this.”

“Well,” said he said now getting cross at his granddaughter, “Since when has my granddaughter been everyone?”

Martha reluctantly unrolled her skirt and removed her make-up much to her own displeasure.

“That’s better,” Alf said as she walked out the door.

“Bye Grandad,” Martha said rolling her skirt back up once she was out of view from his eyes.

“Hey guys,” she said when she arrived at the bus stop, her presence though on this occasion seemed to go unnoticed, everyone was too interested in catching up on the gossip from the weekend’s party.

When they finally got on the bus Martha took her usual spot next to one of the farm kids Jack Holden on the back seat. Bus king and queen they were jokingly known as. Everyone else knew not to touch the back seat after all it was Jack and Martha’s seat.

“So, did you go to party on the weekend?” Jack asked Martha, knowing already that her grandad wouldn’t have let her go.

“Nope, wasn’t allowed, shame though sounds like everyone had fun though,” Martha said in glum manner, “I’m not even allowed to wear make-up to school and roll my skirt, do you really think I’m going to be allowed to go to a party with guys and alcohol, sometimes, I just wish my I lived with someone more like your parents, someone who I can actually call cool not an old fart.”

“So how’s your little brat of a brother,” Martha asked Jack, “Still think he’s cool?” she asked as Lucas made his way to the back of the bus venturing beyond where primary schooler’s went without being bullied by the “Rough, tough, high schoolers” as they like to think themselves.

“Jack,” the blonde haired squeaked at his brother, “I forgot my lunch money and…”

Before Lucas could continue Jack cut him of. “Do you really think I am going to give you any of mine, Dad gave you 5 bucks yesterday.”

Lucas feeling embarrassed turned away before he felt Martha’s hand on his shoulder, “Here, spend it wisely,” she said handing over a $5 note.

Before Jack could say anything to Martha, the bus stopped outside an old run down dairy farm and one of Jack’s mates Aden hopped on.

“Hey man,” he said making room for Aden on the other side of Martha, “Been up to much, Mother Theresa here’s been handing out money to my dweeb of a brother.”

“Hey,” Martha said playfully punching Jack, do you think Mother Theresa kicked guys where it hurts, cause if you don’t shut up my foot will be somewhere where it’s gunna’ make three little things very unhappy.”

Aden couldn’t stop laughing, at Jack and Martha as their fight continued, it was an everyday occurrence, in fact it happened more then once a day, normally once on the way and again on the way home from school.

“Shut-up you to and kiss and make up.” Aden said wanting the pair to stop fighting, “Now, tomorrow cause it’s a public holiday, do youse want to come over and ride the quads then swim in the dam?”

“Well…” Jack said, “I was going to help out with the harvest but Dad said that if I don’t help Beth can cause she’s go the day off, but if Martha goes I refuse to, a whole day with the devil herself.”

“Hey,” Martha said, “First you call me Mother Theresa now you call me the devil, there really is no in between,” she said pouting at her friend. “Well then Jacky boy it takes two to tango, I’d love to come Aden, now Aden remember what Jack said, he can’t come now I’m going as much as he wants to.”

“I meant I’ll go if Martha goes,” Jack said flirting with Martha.

As the bus pulled up almost an hour after Martha hoped on, Martha began to day dream as to what tomorrow would, bring, that was if her Granddad let her.

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Thanks for all the comments, here's chapter two.

Chapter 2

“Hey Sal,” Martha said waltzing into the house feeling on top of the world. “Where’s Grandad?” she asked needing to enquire as to whether or not she could go to Aden’s the next day.

“He went out to see Morag, unexpectedly, won’t be back for a few weeks.” Sally said lifting her eyes from the assignment she was marking.

“So,” Martha replied cunningly, “That means you’re like my guardian then.”

“I suppose...” Sally said curious where all this was going.

“Well I was wondering whether I could go out to the Jeffery’s farm tomorrow, just to hang out with Jack and Aden.” Martha asked pleadingly.

Sally was unsure what to say, imagine the state of shock that Alf would be in if she let her go considering if he had one, Aden would be on his hit list, but then again, it was one of those things that could remain a secret, Martha was responsible, she wasn’t the sort to go get herself into any trouble.

After a good deal of deliberation Sally finally gave Martha the word’s she’d been dying to hear, “Of course you can, but just remember Aden spells trouble.”

“Huh…” Martha said having a slightly out of it moment. “A...D...E…N… that doesn’t spell trouble.”

“No but he is trouble.” Sally said shaking her head at the tall figure standing in her kitchen.

“Oh, thanks.” she replied hugging Sally and running upstairs to her room to ring Jack to tell him the great news.


As the sun rose and the rooster crowed the following morning Martha jumped out of bed eagerly. She didn’t know why she was so excited, she’d done this a heap of times, but now it was different, for her any way, not that she had told anyone but Martha had feelings for Jack. She didn’t know how but she had feelings for her best friend, lately she had started to see a different side to him, one that appealed to her. Every time Aden told them kiss she wanted to, but she couldn’t and she had to keep her secret to herself, after all she normally shared them with Jack, this one though, was one she couldn’t.


“Hey Sexy,” Jack said when she arrived at Aden’s with his arms open.

“Shut your mouth or I’ll shut it for you,” Martha said “And what makes you think I want to hug you?”

“It was worth a try wasn’t it though?” he asked.

“Well let me see,” Martha thought out loud “Nope, Jack it wasn’t worth it for you, but it was for me to see your poor rejected little face.”

“Well come on then, I hope you’re wearing a sexy bikini for me.” He asked his eyes lighting up waiting for her answer.

“Hmm… It’s my full piece if you swim in just your board shorts or my bikini if you go nude.”

“Hey, that’s not fair on my behalf,” Jack said thinking about the deal.

“Well looks like its Granny’s togs then,” Martha retorted cheekily.

“Hey I wanted to see the Bikini,” Aden said as he added his two cents worth into the conversation.


Jack and Martha pilled on to the same quad bike, Martha clinging for dear life onto Jack’s waist as they went over the grid and left the home paddock.

“Hey Martha, move your hands a little lower.” Jack said over the noise of the bikes engine.

“I’d move ‘em higher to slap you over the head, Jack, but I have myself to worry about and I don’t want to run into a cow or something and ruin my beautiful looks.”

The two continued bickering until they got to the dam. As Jack turned the engine off Martha issued him a challenge, “Last One there is a rotten egg, and Aden seeing as he’s not here yet doesn’t count.”

The two raced to edge of the dam, Martha was a metre or so in front, only for Jack to reach out and lift her up, and swing her round. “Put me down Jack, put me down.” Martha screamed beginning to feel sick, Aden who had since arrived once again found the pairs immature actions hilarious.

“Tell me you love me Martha.” Jack said waiting for a response.

The words though that came out of his best friends mouth though caused chills of terror to run down all their spines. “S***, Jack, Aden, over in the hills, it’s the first fire of the season, it looks like it’s in the direction of your property Jack.” Martha said quickly with her feet finally touching the ground and her body overcome with shakes.


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Thanks for all the reviews. Sorry it took so long to update!

Chapter 3

The heat was unbearable, Tony was sweltering, and he had to keep the fire under control until help arrived. As he sprayed the grass with the little water that was left in his tanks, he was devastated to think of the mess that would be left behind, the ruin his family would be in, his Lucerne paddock was already destroyed and he was fighting hard to save the dairy shed. His livelihood was about to be destroyed by one vicious act of nature. As the Rural fire brigade truck rolled in Tony collapsed into a heap of exhaustion.


“Calm down Jack,” Martha said, as Jack over revved the bike for a least the tenth time, “Let me drive, we’ll get back much quicker if the last 5 minutes is anything to go by.”

Reluctantly Jack hoped off the bike, at the same time he was praying it wouldn’t be his families farm, but in the pit of his stomach he had a sickening feeling that it was.

“Jack,” Martha said as flying around the corner, almost tipping the bike, “How are you getting home?” her voice filled with concern.

Jack who had not thought about, that suddenly came up with an idea, “Aden,” Jack yelled over the noise of the two competing engines, “Can I borrow your Ute?” Legally Jack couldn’t drive, but ever since he was nine he had been able to drive, it was all apart of living on the farm, he’d drive and his dad would feed up despite this he’d never driven on the road. In Jack’s opinion though there was no time like the present to start.

“Sure,” Aden said without hesitation.


As they arrived back in the Jeffery’s home paddock, Jack jumped in the old one tonner and started it up, before Martha jumped in.

“I’m coming with,” she said, “I’ll be no use at home on my own; the least I can do is come with.”

Half-heartedly Jack let out a small grunt, and Martha buckled up. “You know, Jack,” she said soothingly, it might not be your property.”

By the look in Jack’s eyes Martha knew that it was his place, she knew that he could feel it, as silly as it sounded. “Even when everything we have is gone, the most important thing will always be there,” she said, Jack now attentively listening, “Love is always there, even when times are tough and everything else familiar has disappeared, once we lose love the game is over, and we only lose love when we let ourselves do so, and I know you Jack, you aren’t the sort of guy to let it happen.” Martha gently placed her hand on Jack’s knee. “Trust me I should know.”

The rest of the drive back was silent, not the awkward silence that weighs down on your shoulders, but the silence that warms you up and makes you feel good, the silence in which you still know what the other is thinking, and you don’t have to force yourself to say anything, because it’s better as it is.

When they reached the driveway both could see a raging wall of fire, so enormous that they felt like they were looking at a tidal wave in the distance although it was still a few kilometres away, as Jack hopped out of the Ute to get the gate Martha followed, Jack’s eyes welled up with tears as he unlatched the gate, as he was about to collapse to the ground, she caught him and held him tight for what seemed like eternity for both, where all the bad thought’s were replaced with exultant ones. “Martha,” his voice said, a shadow of it’s self, “I Love you.”

“I love you too,” she said placing her hand on her best friends shoulder.


“Oh, my” Colleen said putting down the phone.

“Do you have yesterday’s paper?” Rachel asked Colleen who was in a daze.

“Sure love,” she said, “It’s out back I’ll just go get it.” As Colleen moved to the back of the general store she began to yell, “Did you hear Dr. Armstrong, Holter is on fire.”

“I didn’t,” Rachel said, “You mean Tony and Beth’s property?”

“Yes,” Colleen said “Bushfire, they’re saying, but, you never know, it could be arson, in our little town. What a scandal that would be.”

Colleen returned to the front counter with the paper in hand. “Can I get you anything else?” she enquired.

“No, thanks Colleen,” Rachel said pulling out her purse and handing over the dollar.


Soon the whole town knew, about the fire at Tony and Beth’s and they turned out to help in their own ways, some brought food, others supplies for the firies and Sally offered accommodation at the B&B for until they were ready to wake up to a blackened mess.

Finally, as the sun set over the mountain the last flame was put out and Tony and Beth were left to examine the mess, a burnt crop and a gutted dairy shed, was nothing in the big picture after all as Martha had told Jack, everything is ok as long as you have love. Tony and Beth had that, they had their family and that was what counted most.

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Chapter 4

The sound of cars rushing out of town awoke Jack; he was not used to hearing them in the mornings. When he got up and walked outside to get breakfast from the main house he literally ran right into Martha who was getting her uniform off the clothesline.

“I’m so, so, sorry.” Jack said, offering his hand to Martha, as Lucas came rushing by.

“Ewwweeyy,” Lucas said standing near the pair. “Jacky is going to get cooties!” His voice chirped over and over again.

“Shut-up, you little runt,” Jack said annoyed with his brother as well as slightly embarrassed. “Anyway,” he continued, “You’re my best friend and it would be an honour if you would come to the formal with me.”

Martha’s face broke out in a grin. “I thought you’d never ask!” she said excitedly jumping up and down.


6 Months Later

As Martha walked down the stairs her whole family gasped. She looked absolutely stunning in a caramel and beige dress that sat just below her knees.

“You look gorgeous,” Jack whispered in her ear. “Are you ready to go?” he asked.

“I sure am Mr Holden.” Martha replied cheekily, flicking her long wavy hair that was loosely tied back into a bun.

As the pair rode along in a Cinderella style coach through the main street of town where they had spent 5 years in high school Martha felt like she was part of a fairy tale, a fairy tale in which a new chapter would be beginning tomorrow when she graduated from High School and moved onto bigger and better things.

Martha awoke from her day dream to the sound of Jack’s voice. “Are you ready?” he asked her.

“I sure am,” Martha replied straightening up the tie she had brought him to match her dress.


Soon enough the formalities were over and it was time to have some fun.

I've been alone with you inside my mind

And in my dreams I've kissed your lips a thousand times

I sometimes see you pass outside my door

Hello, is it me you're looking for?

“Can, I have this dance?” Jack asked Martha putting on his poshest accent.

“Of course you can.” Martha said mimicking her.

I can see it in your eyes

I can see it in your smile

You're all I've ever wanted, and my arms are open wide

'Cause you know just what to say

And you know just what to do

And I want to tell you so much, I love you ...

Martha nestled her head in Jack’s neck. She thought he was unusually nervous but she didn’t want to say anything, she didn’t want to ruin this dance, and next to Jack she felt invincible, like she didn’t have a trouble in the whole entire world.

I long to see the sunlight in your hair

And tell you time and time again how much I care

Sometimes I feel my heart will overflow

Hello, I've just got to let you know

Martha could feel, Jack’s hand moving further down the skin on her back. She wasn’t at all uncomfortable though, she wanted Jack.

'Cause I wonder where you are

And I wonder what you do

Are you somewhere feeling lonely, or is someone loving you?

Tell me how to win your heart

For I haven't got a clue

But let me start by saying, I love you ...

As the two bodies swayed as one, Martha listened to the lyrics, imagining it was Jack singing them to her. She was completely away in the land of fairy tales where she had been earlier that evening.

Hello, is it me you're looking for?

'Cause I wonder where you are

And I wonder what you do

Are you somewhere feeling lonely or is someone loving you?

Tell me how to win your heart

For I haven't got a clue

But let me start by saying ... I love you

Without realising it Martha answered one of the questions the song was asking.

“You’ve already won my heart.” She said before realising what she had said out loud.

“Can I kiss you?” Jack asked.

Before Jack knew it, and as the music came to a stand still, and the lights flickered off, he felt Martha’s lips pressing up against his.

Their lips remained together for what felt like forever.

“You don’t know how long I’ve wanted that.” Martha exclaimed.

“If it’s anywhere near as long as I have… A long time.” Jack said leaning in to kiss Martha again.


Lyrics- Lionel Ritchie Hello


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Thanks for all the reviews.

This chapter is really short but will lead into the next few!

Chapter 5

“When I was little I used to dream about leaving school and doing whatever my heart wanted. Don’t get me wrong. I still dream about it, yet it’s more of a nightmare.” She flicked her wavy hair out of her brown eyes and continued. “You may ask why it is a nightmare. The answer, well I’m scared of losing what I have known for the past 13 years.” Martha quivered realising she wasn’t practising her speech, that this was real. “What we’ve had for the last 13 years is the equivalent to prison with weekend visits tot eh outside world. Just like prison we got the new in mates and we lost some. But today… the key to the outside world is finally being given to us. Yet unlike what I assume getting out of prison would be like, this is going to be one of the saddest moments of our lives to date. When we walk through the school gates this afternoon, we’re saying goodbye to our friends, most will become distant memories along with life as we know it. But amongst the tears of sorrow there’ll be tears of joy freely flowing. So before we close a page of the book of life remember these words,

‘Cease the day, live neither for yesterday, nor tomorrow but today for the rest of our life starts here, today. We can not change that.’

Goodbye and good luck.” Martha said a tear rolling from her eye.

As the ceremony concluded and the graduating class walked down the aisle of the assembly hall one final time, Martha grabbed hold of Jack’s hand firmly. “You’ll never become a distant memory.” She whispered in his ear.

He leaned down and kissed her forehead gently. “You’re already one in my eyes,” he said, “Surfers Paradise, schoolies and super hot chicks, here comes Jack Holden.”

“Hey,” she said rolling her eyes and playfully slapping him. “Just as long as I’m one.”

“No way,” he said picking her up and carrying her through the doors. “I’ve got more of a thing for blondes.”

Martha just laughed.

“Since I realised what whingers brunettes were,” he exclaimed

Martha playfully placed her hand hands on her hips and pouted. “Men... Just like a good stiletto, great for a while but then they turn ugly and hurt.”

“But,” Jack said, “If I had to have any brunette, I’d have you.”

Martha hugged Jack and then left. “I’ve got to go; I’ll see you tomorrow for schoolies.” She said as she hoped into Sally’s car and drove through the school gates for the final time.



Please review!

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Thanks for the comments.

THis chapters really short

Chapter 6.

The pair danced together underneath the flashing lights. They were finally at schoolies, yet Jack wasn’t really enjoying it. He preferred the seclusion of his farm, where he could look out at the beauty of nature instead of all the high rises, which littered the landscape. Martha on the other hand loved it; there was something about her that couldn’t refuse a good party.

“I’m going to go to the toilet,” Martha said, walking off with one of her friends and leaving Jack in the middle of the dance floor. Jack waited for around 20 minutes for Martha returned before he got a text;

Meet ya at hotel room l8tr can tell ur not having fun

Love Martha xxoo

Jack lay on the bed listening to the music and the waves crashing into the sand. He loved the noise of the beach and listened to it until he was interrupted by a drunken Martha at the door.

“Jackkkyyy,” she said trying to finding her swipe card. “Can you let me in?”

He jumped off the bed and let her in.

“How much did you have to drink Martha?” he asked her as she giggled at his pyjama pants.

“Well, Grandad,” she spat. “No, you’re Jack, but you sound like Grandad.” She continued. “For you’re information, I’m not drunk.” Martha said as she fell onto the bed. “I’m just happy!”

“How’d you even get a drink, you’re underage?” He asked concerned.

Martha giggled, “For me to know and for you to find out.”

Jack went to the kitchen to make her a coffee, but by the time he came back she had already crashed across the bed leaving no room for him. Jack kissed her goodnight on the forehead and set up the sofa bed.

“I’m going to Marry you Jacky,” Martha said sleep talking. “Because I Love you.”

Jack laughed before turning the lights out and going to sleep.

The next day Martha had splitting headache, and Jack couldn’t help put make her feel worse by telling her what she had said last night in her sleep.

“Pleasant Dream?” Jack asked as he snuggled up next to her. “It must have been, because I was in it.”

“What now,” Martha asked slightly embarrassed.

“Well, you said you were going to marry me because you loved me.” He laughed.

“I’m sorry Jack, I love you but I can’t marry you.” She said laughing with him.

“Phew…” Jack said.

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Thanks for all the reviews, they're always wonderful :)

Chapter 7

4 years later

It had been a long time since the pair had shared their first kiss, so much had happened since then, together they had shared the up’s and the downs of their life, every moment they could they spent together and even to blind Freddy it was obvious they were madly in love.


“Thank-you,” Jack said to the limousine driver before helping a blindfolded Martha out of the car.

“May I help you sir?” the lady at the reception asked.

“Ah yes, reservation for Jack Holden, please.” He said looking at all the eyes on the blindfolded lady next to him.

“The Penthouse is ready for you sir.” The lady said handing over the card to the room.


As they walked through the door, Jack undid Martha’s blindfold.

“Oh, my Jack, it’s beautiful, but what is it all for?” she asked bewildered.

“Can’t a man do something for the woman he loves?” Jack asked.

“Well, yeah. Anyway Jacky,” she said hugging him. “Wrangler Butts drive me nuts just like the slogan, but what makes me even more nuts is when you go without them, what do you say, we try the hotel out.”

“Martha,” Jack said, laughing at how straight forward she was. “There’s no time for that, here put this dress on, we have dinner reservations.”

The evening gown Jack had chosen for Martha was stunning, it was a light blue beaded floor length strapless dress.

“It’s beautiful,” Martha said admiring the dress.

“It’s missing one thing though,” Jack said amazed at how beautiful she looked. “I was going to give this to you later, but I’d rather give it to you now.” He said handing her a small jewellery box.

“Martha Jane McKenzie, you complete me, you are like the other half of my soul, and will you join my soul for all of eternity.” Jack said. “In other words to cut the fancy crap, four words, yes or no answer, Will you marry me?” He asked waiting for her answer.

“Of course,” she said without thinking twice, “Of course I’ll marry you. It would make me the happiest woman in the world.”

“That’s what all my fiancés say.” Jack jokingly said.

“Just one question though, why this hotel?” Martha asked, “Why not in the middle of a paddock or somewhere at home, I know you hate these sort of places.”

“Well,” Jack said, “Before they did it up and changed the name, this was the place at schoolies where in your sleep you said you’ll marry me, and so I thought it might be a bit of good luck on my behalf.”

“You wouldn’t have needed it,” She said, “I’d say yes in the middle of a stinkin’ dead pit; I wouldn’t care where we were.”

“Come on.” Jack bossed, “We don’t want to be late.”

“I love you Jack Holden.”

“I love you to hunny.” He said as they walked out the door hand in hand.






Ok so i thought i'd finish this fic. with school starting again soon, i want to concertrate as much as i can on my school work. Thank you all my amazing readers for all your lovely reviews and just for reading it. I really didn't want to end it so abruptly just when the story line was picking up, so i felt this was the best ending i could give it. Thanks, i really hoped you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. PLEASE REVIEW and tell me what you thought.



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