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Forbidden Fruit

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Needless to say Belle had also had a pretty disturbed night in which she had battled with her conscience. The last thing she wanted to do was to hurt anyone but she could not deny her feelings for Peter. Before she fell asleep she came to the conclusion that it was only fair to everyone concerned to level with Drew and end the relationship. When she got up she was still determined to go through with it.

Soon Drew was home and the first thing he did was take Belle in his arms.

"Oh Belle can you ever forgive me for being such a jerk?" he said

Immediately all Belle's resolve crumbled

"Of course" she said kissing him and mentally cursing herself for being such a coward. His next words caught her completely off guard.

"I don't think I can stand waiting another 2 years before we marry. So how about we get married as soon as possible and move to the city?"

"What about your job?" asked Belle when she finally found her voice.

"I'll find another" Drew shrugged "the main thing is that you and I are together Taylor".

Belle knew this was the moment to tell the truth but she could not bring herself to break Drew's heart. Besides maybe marriage to him and a move to the city away from Peter was what she needed to get over her present insanity.

"Of course I'd love to!" she said telling herself all the time she was doing the right thing.

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Needless to say Drew was delighted with Belle's response and immediately got on the phone to his family.

"Belle and I have something wonderful to tell you all but we'd rather not do it on the phone so is it ok if we come over now?"

"Of course" Dan replied "in fact the sooner you arrive the better as you've got me intrigued now".

"I hope Belle isn't pregnant!"

He then turned to Leah and Peter

"Drew and Belle are coming over and they have some good news for us but Drew won't tell me on the phone".

"I wonder what it is?" said Peter, a sinking feeling in his stomach, "I guess we'll soon find out soon enough".


Shortly afterwards the young couple were over and Drew told everyone that he and Belle were planning to bring the wedding forward.

"We decided we didn't want to wait any longer so as soon as we can arrange a wedding and get our family and friends together we're going to tie the knot. Are you ok with Amanda returning for the wedding Dad?"

"Er - yes of course" replied Peter "I'm sure we can be civil to each other for one day".

Although he pretended to be happy for his son Peter felt totally crushed inside. He also felt betrayed by Belle. How could she go ahead and marry Drew after telling Peter she loved him?


Belle for her part smiled in all the right places and enthused about her forthcoming nuptials like any prospective bride who was about to marry the man of her dreams but inside she was screaming. She knew marrying Drew was not what she wanted. It was also tearing her apart to be in the same room as Peter knowing she could not be with him. She told herself that it would be madness to persue their relationship for a hundred reasons such as they would hurt too many people including her own mother and the age differences were too great for such a relationship to work. Perfectly sensible reasons but none of them rang true. After what seemed like an eternity she and Drew went back home.

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The next day was Monday so everyone was back at work. Peter was, of course, down at the station, Drew was in the garage at Yabbie Creek and Belle was back at her job in the Diner. Drew was living in a Fool's Paradise, totally unaware of what had happened between his fiancee and his father. Peter did his best to throw himself into his work in order to get his mind off the tumoil in his heart. As it was a quiet day with nothing but a few traffic offenses and a bit of downtown vandalism his efforts were generally unsuccessful. As soon as it was his lunch hour he made his way to the Diner hoping to confront Belle and talk to her in private. As she was already on her own lunch break when he arrived he bought himself a sandwich and a coffee to take out and decided to make his way to the beach as he knew she often spent lunchtimes there. Sure enough he saw her sitting on the rocks looking out to sea obviously deep in thought. He came and sat down beside her grabbing her arm.

"Belle what the h*ll do you think you are playing at?" he said "I thought you loved me!"

Belle was startled by Peter's touch and voice and turned on him angrily.

"What the h*ll do you think you are playing at sneaking up on me like that! You frightened me!"

"I'm sorry" said Peter, now chastened, "I just need to know where I stand with you?"

Belle sighed and swallowed back the tears.

"What we had was fun but I am going to marry Drew in a few weeks time so deal with it!" she said putting on her harshest tone of voice in order to disguise her feelings "there can never be anything between us - ever!"

Peter was crushed by her words

"Is that what you really want?" he asked quietly

"Yes of course it is!"

"Are you sure you are not just marrying Drew in the hope of getting me out of your system!"

Peter's words struck a chord with Belle but she was not going to admit that.

"Peter Baker you really are the most arrogant, conceited man I have ever met in my life!" she said angrily and then promptly burst into tears.

"I'm sorry for being mean to you" she sobbed "it's just you are right. I dolove you but can't you see we can never be together because it would destroy not only Drew but my Mum as well? She is still in love with you and since the divorce she has gone to pieces! If she found out about us Heaven knows what she would do!"

Peter hated seeing Belle so upset so he took her in his arms and held her. Soon they were making love again neither of them caring about the risk of being caught! Afterwards they both went back to work feeling guilty but elated. Neither wanted to think about the future as for now they were both happy just to sneak precious stolen moments together. Both of them knew what they were doing was very wrong and that one day soon there would be consequences but each of them felt powerless to get off the rollercoaster they were both on.

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Two weeks before the wedding Stacey Owens, Belle's best friend from university and soon-to-be bridesmaid arrived in Summer Bay. She rented out a place in the caravan park. The 2 girls decided to get together for a drink in the Surf club. They were having a good old chat about life in the city and the forthcoming wedding when Peter walked in on his own. Stacey caught sight of him at the same time as Belle did.

"Wow who is that gorgeous guy?" she said with a huge smile.

Belle immediately felt a pang of jealousy as Stacey was an outrageous flirt and with her long blonde hair, blue eyes and hourglass figure she always managed to get the guys' attention!

"Actually that's Peter my future father in law"

"I'll have to go check him out!" said Stacey and before Belle could say anything she walked straight up to Peter, who to Belle's dismay, had already noticed the pretty newcomer.

"Hi there" Stacey said "I'm Stacey, Belle's bridesmaid and I'm stopping in the Bay for a while".

"Pleased to meet you Stacey" said Peter taking in the girl's curvy figure in the low cut, tight fitting dress "what do you think of the Bay?"

"It's beautiful. So peaceful compared to the big city".

"Well I don't know about that" said Peter laughing "quite a few things have happened here over the years!"

"Tell me more!"

Peter had already had a few drinks and was enjoying the attention. Besides he could see Belle was not pleased with the goings on between him and Stacey and he thought it was the perfect opportunity to make her jealous!

A few minutes Belle saw Cassie and Matilda, her old school friends enter the club so she went and chatted to them determined to show Peter she did not care what he did. Eventually she left with them to go back to her place to catch up on old times.

Meanwhile Stacey and Peter were getting even closer and at the end of the evening he offered to walk her home to her caravan. Stacey gladly accepted and when they got there she asked him in for a coffee which he equally gladly accepted. Needless to say he ended up stopping the night.

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The next morning Peter woke up with a blinding headache and wondered where he was at first. Then he saw Stacey lying next to him and he was immediately filled with regret. He decided to get up and try to leave before she woke up but just as he was getting dressed she opened her eyes.

"Hey there" she said sleepily

"Oh - er -hey Stacey"

"Are you leaving already?"

"Yes I have to get home before Dan and Leah send a search party out looking for me" Peter said giving an awkward laugh.

"Well ok then, can we meet up again?"

"Er sure but I'm a bit busy at the moment".

"Here is my mobile number" said Stacey as she wrote a number down on a piece of paper and handed it to Peter.

"Thanks I'll give you a call sometime" Peter said as he finished getting dressed, took the piece of paper and left the caravan. He felt bad about the way he was treating Stacey but he realised their night together had been a mistake. He had accepted her invitation in the hope it would help him forget about Belle and move on but this morning the feelings were still there as strong as ever. What made it worse was that Drew had insisted that Peter walk Belle down the aisle as he was "the nearest thing to a father she had!" Peter laughed bitterly to himself. His feelings for Belle were anything but fatherly! Just then to his horror he noticed Belle walking along the road. He was going to hide in the hope she wouldn't see him but, judging from the expression on her face, it was too late for that!


Belle had been walking along beside the caravan park when she noticed the door of Stacey's caravan opening and Peter sneaking out looking rather sheepish. Immediately she felt her heart sink and her stomach churn.

"How could he?" she thought to herself although she knew she had no right to feel that way.

"I see you certainly enjoyed yourself last night!" she said angrily as she approached him

Peter was filled with shame and even more guilt. He felt like he'd betrayed Belle now as well as everyone else.

"Well you're in no position to tell me what to do Belle Taylor!" he said defensively "you're the one who told me there can be nothing between us!"

"It's not that!" lied Belle "Stacey is my friend and she doesn't deserve to be treated like a cheap t*rt!"

"Excuse me, but it was her that invited me to stay last night! Besides we are both single and consenting adults so what's the problem?"

Belle tried hard to keep back the tears but was unsuccessful.

"So I guess it's over between us now" she said "which I guess is for the best".

Peter sighed, his heart filled with pain.

"Oh Belle don't you see! I slept with Stacey in the hope of getting you out of my system. Not that it worked! All it did was make me realise I can't live without you!"

With that he took her in his arms and kissed her passionately. Belle responded to the kiss but pulled away before things could go too far.

"I feel the same too Peter" she said "when Drew and I make love I close my eyes and imagine it is you. I know I should be looking forward to my wedding day but I'm dreading it as I know it will finally have to end between us then".

"It doesn't have to, Belle, we can leave the Bay together. Just run away somewhere where no one knows us and we can live our own lives, maybe even change our names".

Belle longed to say "yes". She wanted to be with Peter so much but her conscience got the better of her.

"No we can't do that. It'll hurt too many people".

"Well we are only hurting each other now by playing these silly games!"

"I have an idea" said Belle "how about we make some excuse to our families and then spend a weekend together in a hotel in the city, just the 2 of us. Just as a way of saying 'goodbye' then we can get on with our lives and put this madness firmly in the past where it belongs".

"If that's what you want" sighed Peter.

"It is".

With that they kissed each other and went their seperate ways... at least until the next time.

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Two days later Belle was working in the diner when Stacey came in looking rather sad. Belle hoped it wasn't for the reason she suspected it was. Fortunately it was time for her break a few minutes later so she got herself a sandwich and a coffee and sat down next to her friend.

"You look a bit down today Stace" she asked gently "what's the matter?"

"Er - it's nothing really".

"It's got to be something Stacey!"

"Ok then" sighed Stacey "it's just I was hoping Peter would have contacted me by now".

Belle felt her heart sink and also felt a pang of guilt, knowing that Peter had slept with Stacey just to make her jealous.

"Well what do you expect. It was only a one night stand!"

Immediately she felt even more guilty for snapping at her friend

"Oh Stace I'm sorry I didn't mean to snap at you. It's just I've been run off my feet today and it's made me a bit crabby!"

"It's ok, Belle, you're probably right" Stacey said with a sigh "it's just ... I know this sounds stupid but I really liked Peter and thought he liked me. You know me I'm not the sort of girl who just jumps into bed with a man on the first night but Peter was different."

Belle's guilt then changed back to the jealousy that had tormented her since she had learned about Peter and Stacey's nigh together.

"I'll tell you this for nothing Stace" she began "but Peter Baker is the worst man you could have hooked up with. He has a track record of treating women like sh*t! In fact he broke my mother's heart at least twice! Thanks to him she is now on antidepressants, the main one being the grog! All because of that .... b*****d! I'm only sorry I didn't warn you about him as soon as I saw you eyeing him up that night!"

"Are you serious Belle?" he seemed so kind and sensitive when he was with me. Plus, no offence, but he did tell me his marriage broke up because your mother slept with someone else!"

"Only because he was so absorbed in his work that he totally neglected her!"

"Oh please Taylor, stop making excuses for her. It was obviously her fault the marriage broke up!"

"Believe what you want" Belle snorted "just don't come running to me when your heart has been broken into a hundred pieces by Peter Baker!"

With that she stormed off to eat her lunch elsewhere even though she no longer had the appetite for it.

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Needless to say Irene, who had been watching the goings on, was not very pleased with Belle for insulting a customer!

"What was all that about?" she asked

"Oh nothing" said Belle

"It certainly seemed like something!"

"It's just that Stacey is having boyfriend trouble and I gave her some advice she didn't appreciate!"

"Well in future perhaps you refrain from giving unwanted 'advice' in this establishment!" said Irene with exasperation "This is meant to be a place where people come for a bit of peace and quiet not to see flamin' World War 3 break out!"

"Sorry Irene it won't happen again"

"It better not do girlie" Irene said as Belle went back to her job.

Belle sighed sadly. She was very fond of Irene who had been like a second Mum to her since she first came to the Bay 4 years previously and she hated fighting with her. These days she seemed to be doing a lot of fighting with people close to her including Drew. She told everyone it was the stress of wedding preparations but Belle knew it was the strain of keeping secret her illicit relationship with Peter. Still, she told herself, as soon as she and Drew married they would both leave the Bay and she would not see Peter again - at least for a long time. Then she would concentrate on being a good wife to the young man she had been with since they were teenagers. It was not worth throwing 4 years of love and friendship away for a quick fling with man who was, in any case, totally unsuitable for her. Belle told herself all these things as she waited on tables and delivered orders but her heart was not convinced. In fact the thought of leaving Peter filled her with dread. She mentally scolded herself for being such an idiot. It was bad enough falling for another guy when she was engaged to Drew but falling for her future father in law was the height of stupidity! Just before she was about to go home for the day Stacey walked in. Her friend had obviously been crying as her eyes were red and puffy.

"Oh Belle I'm so sorry can you ever forgive me?"

"Of course I can" said Belle, hugging her friend "besides it was partly my fault for being such a b*tch. Me and my big mouth!"

Stacey returned the hug

"That's all forgotten now" she said "anyway it's to be expected with the stress of the wedding".

"Yeah I guess" she said "but that's no excuse".

"Like I said it's all in the past now".

Soon they left the diner together. Belle was relieved she and her friend had made up but she still felt bad about the way Peter had hurt Stacey. It was yet something else to feel guilty about. She was certainly paying the price for her treachery and something told her there would be an even greater price to pay before long.

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Just a week before the wedding Peter and Belle managed to get away from Summer Bay together. They booked into a 5 star hotel on the other side of the city from where Amanda lived (for obvious reasons). Belle had even bought some expensive, classy but sexy lingerie to wear. It had cost her almost a week's wages but to her mind it was worth it as she was determined to give Peter a weekend he would never forget! They spent most of the weekend making love and just enjoying their time together. Both of them tried to put the future out of their minds and enjoy the present but inevitably the subject arose in both their minds. At last Peter could stand it no more.

"You do realise you are breaking my heart Belle Taylor" he finally said on the Sunday afternoon just as they were due to return to the Bay.

Belle sighed

"Peter I thought we agreed we would forget all about that for this weekend".

"I've tried to, believe me I've tried" said Peter sadly "but I can't forget the fact that after next Saturday we' ll never be together again."

"I feel the same way too but trust me it is for the best. In a few weeks time you'll have forgotten all about me".

"That's not true! It will take me a lot longer than that to get you outside of my system Taylor!"

Hearing Peter call her by the pet name that Drew used was more than Belle could stand.

"Don't you dare call me that name!" she snapped and immediately regretted her harsh words when she saw Peter's hurt expression "Oh Peter I'm so sorry for snapping at you. It's just I'm finding it all as hard as you are! But we owe it to your son and my Mum to do the right thing!"

"Don't you think we owe each other the chance to have a future together? How do you think I will feel when I see you and Drew making your vows next Saturday in church? Hell I'm the one who's going to have to walk you up the aisle and give you away to my son! Plus don't you think you are being unfair to yourself by tying yourself for life to a guy you no longer love! Not to mention the fact you are deceiving Drew!"

"I do love Drew" said Belle defensively "not in the passionate way I love you but it is a more enduring, steady kind of love. I know we can make each other happy!"

"I think you are deceiving yourself" said Peter "Anyway, after Saturday, that will no longer be my problem . In fact if you marry Drew you will never see me again - ever so you have 6 days to make your final choice, Belle. If you choose Drew I'll do my duty at the wedding but after that I'm leaving Summer Bay for good!"

"Let's forget that for now " said Belle as she reached out and kissed him.

Peter returned the kiss and soon they were making love again. It was a bittersweet experience as both knew it would be for the last time. Afterwards they lay in each other's arms for a while just enjoying the closeness until they both had to go home their separate ways each with a heavy heart.

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At last Belle and Drew's wedding day dawned. Belle knew this should be the happiest day of her life but instead it was going to be just the opposite. It was the day she would lose the man she truly loved for good. She tried to put all these thoughts to the back of her mind as she allowed herself to be fussed over by her mother, Stacey, the beautician and the hairdresser. She wanted to cry as she put on her beautiful ivory satin dress with its pink sash round the waist and off the shoulder sleeves. Stacey also looked beautiful in her sky blue, strapless bridesmaid dress - also made of satin - which showed off her blonde hair and blue eyes to perfection.

"You look beautiful" said Amanda as she hugged her daughter "I'm so proud of you!"

"Thank you Mum" Belle said as she returned Amanda's hug

"Well let's get you married off to that handsome young hunk of yours!" teased Stacey.

Belle laughed at the joke although deep inside she was crying. She took a deep breath and got into the wedding car to make her way to the church pasting a fake smile on her face.


Meanwhile in the Baker household Drew was running around searching for his tie and shoes.

"What am I going to do? I can't find them!" he yelled as he rummaged in all the drawers.

"I just found them both in a bag at the bottom of your wardrobe" said Leah with a smile as she produced them and gave them to her nephew.

"Oh thanks Leah, you're an angel!" said Drew, giving his aunt an affectionate peck on the cheek. He then put on his shoes but had trouble knotting the tie.

"Hey Dad can you help me?" he called to Peter who was sitting alone in his bedroom in order to get away from the fuss for a few minutes. Soon he would have to walk the girl he loved down the aisle to marry his son and the thought of it was breaking his heart. At last he was pulled out of his reverie by Drew's voice.

"Earth to Peter Baker!" his son said playfully "can you help me with this tie?"

"Er- sure" said Peter getting up off his bed.

"You were miles away then!"

"Yes I was just thinking how lucky I am. I never thought I'd ever see my own son's wedding day!"

"I'm so glad you are here for it. It would not be the same without you!"

Peter felt yet another pang of guilt at his son's words and decided that, despite his feelings for Belle, Drew must never know of their treachery. His son deserved to be happy.

"Well you two better get a move on" said Dan as he came into the bedroom "after all it's the bride who's supposed to be late not the groom!"

"It's ok Dan, Dad is just helping me with this tie. Oh by the way Jules you have remembered the rings haven't you?"

"What rings?" joked Jules before producing the 2 wedding rings that were engraved with the words "Drew and Belle forever in love".

"You are such a joker!" laughed Drew as he playfully punched his best man on the arm.

Soon they were all ready to go. Peter took a deep breath and braced himself for what he knew would probably be the greatest ordeal of his life.


The church had been beautifully decorated with flowers of all sorts and soft organ music played as the guests arrived and took their seats for the service. The Baker children Dan and VJ were serving as ushers and really proud of having been picked for the job. Amanda and Irene were sitting together both dabbing at their eyes with hankies. Leah was doing the same in the other aisle where the groom's family and friends were. Soon Drew and his family arrived. Drew kept taking deep breaths in an unsuccessful effort to calm the butterflies in his stomach.

"I'm scared, Jules, what if she doesn't turn up?"

"She will" said Jules as he patted his friend's shouler reassuringly.

A few minutes later Belle arrived along with Stacey. Her stomach was also churning only for different reasons but she put on a brave face and told herself she was doing the right thing. Soon she was walking up the aisle on Peter's arm as the bridal march played. Neither of them wanted to think about what they were doing. It was easier that way. The ceremony passed in a daze until it was time for her and Drew to exchange vows.

"I, Andrew Curtis take you Belle Taylor to be my lawful, wedded wife......" he said as he looked straight into her eyes. Then it was Belle's turn to say the vows. Suddenly she felt like the whole world was caving in on her and she could not breathe. She knew she could not go through with this sham of a wedding when she loved another man!

"No! No!" she shouted.

"What's the matter Belle?" asked Drew gently putting his arm on her shoulder.

"I can't marry you I'm so sorry!" she said and then turned and ran out of the church as fast as she could!

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There was a gasp of shock from all in the church that was finally broken by Dan

"What the hell is going on here?" he said angrily

For his part Drew was in such deep shock that it took a while for it all to sink in. When it did he wanted to run out of the church after his would-be bride but Peter held him back.

"Just let her go son" he said.

"But why did she do this Dad?" asked Drew in desperation with tears in his eyes "I just want to know what I did wrong and then I can put it right!"

Peter sighed realising the time had come to tell his son the truth even though he knew Drew would be even more crushed and would probably never forgive him.

"Drew there is something I need to tell you in private"

"Whatever it is I think Leah and I need to know too"

"I guess you do" he said and then the 3 of them made their way into the vestry.

"I think we all need to sit down" began Peter

They all sat down.

"Go on Dad" said Drew

Peter took a deep breath

"There is no easy way to say this but Belle and I....we...have been seeing each other".

"What do you mean 'seeing each other'?" said Drew not wanting to believe his own ears.

"I mean we have been having an affair. I'm so sorry Drew" said Peter, tears in his own eyes "neither of us meant it to happen but we just couldn't help ourselves"

Drew sat there unable to speak for about 5 minutes till the bombshell finally sank in and then he got up and punched his father in the face hard!

"You b*****d!" he shouted

"You stupid idiot!" Dan also shouted "you always have to mess things up don't you?"

Just then the minister came in to see what the commotion was

"Do you mind? This is a house of God!"

"I don't care whose house it is!" snapped Drew "some people need teaching a lesson!"

"Maybe I can help?" asked the minister more gently this time.

"No offense but I don't think you can!" said Dan "this is family business"

"Alright, but if you change your mind I'll be out in the church. Meanwhile I'll pray for you all".

"For the amount of good it will do!" snapped Drew as the clergyman left the room

"I know you all hate me and I don't blame you" said Peter who was still in pain from the right hook his son had given him.

"Too right I do!" said Drew more quietly but still as angrily "In fact I rue the day I let you back into my life! I should have known you'd ruin it! You've never cared about me only about yourself!"

"That's not true" said Peter quietly

"Of course it is! You've always been more concerned about your own needs and agendas than about being my father! You didn't even stick around for my 18th birthday! Instead you left town to be with Amanda! You know what? I wish you had died in that explosion 4 years ago because as far as I'm concerned you are dead to me now! From this moment I do not have a father! Just get out of my sight before I do something that could land me in jail!"


Meanwhile Belle just ran and ran, tears running down her face till she fell over on her high heeled wedding shoes and tore her dress. She got up and made her way to her favourite place on the beach, the one that used to be her and Drew's special place in happier times and then became her and Peter's. Her mind was in a whirl with a mixture of guilt and relief mixed with sadness for what could have been. For a long time she just sat there looking out to sea and wondering what to do now. She knew she would have to face Drew and everyone else sometime but at the moment she just could not handle it and needed to be alone. Just then she heard voices coming from behind her and realised they belonged to her mother and Stacey.

"Belle what on earth happened back there?" asked Amanda, her voice filled with a mixture of concern and exasperation.

Belle groaned inwardly, not in the mood to talk to anyone

"Please Mum I need to be alone right now".

"I'm not going anywhere till you tell me what on earth is going on?" insisted Amanda "what did Drew do to make you run off like that?"

"It's not Drew, Mum, it's me" said Belle who then proceeded to tell Amanda and Stacey about her and Peter.

Needless to say both women were shocked and angry. Amanda was so enraged she slapped her daughter hard across the face

"You little wh*re!" she shouted

"So that is why you didn't want Peter and I together!" said Stacey quietly

"So he's been with you too?" she yelled turning on Stacey

"Yes, for one night only" said Stacey flinching under Amanda's glare.

"Well Detective Peter Baker certainly knows how to spread himself around! Seems he's slept with just about every little skank in the Bay including my own daughter!"

"It wasn't like that" said Belle "we love each other"

"You can just shut up too!" snapped Stacey "you've deceived me along with everyone else!"

"Well as far as I'm concerned you and Peter deserve each other!" snapped Amanda as she turned on her heels and walked away.

"Mum no" said Belle running after her mother "please don't treat me like this!"

Amanda kept walking, tears running down her face, ignoring her daughter's desperate cries until the girl finally got tired and gave up chasing her.

Stacey also turned and walked away in the opposite direction, back to the caravan park leaving Belle alone once again.

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